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The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

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  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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    1. I actually didn’t think it was “funny” per se. I don’t mean that as a criticism. There was definitely a lighthearted tone, but the advice all seemed practical and straightforward. So, if you wanted to post something educated with a cheeky tone, I think you hit it.

    1. This was really nice. The only advice that I could give is that with a few exceptions (like your mother’s pie) all of these items could have come from anyone. They are very generic “nice things”, which may have been what you were going for. But I think there’s an opportunity to insert your own personality just a little more, which would not only let us know more about you but might give us ideas as well. (Would love that recipe!)

      1. I definitely take your point on this, thanks! However, these were pretty personal to me, but I think I could create another that includes more of a personal touch…

    2. I love this post. It’s very straightforward and nice to think about. Maybe add more of your opinion. It is one of my favourite posts on your blog.

    1. This was really good, but I kind of felt like I was reading two posts. The first was about judging others, the second was about your experience with a decision that you are still struggling with. I would like to know more about that, myself.

      1. I was worried about that. I just kinda ran with it as I was writing. It felt good to write about it so I did. Looking back it probably should be two posts.

    2. I like it. Your witing style is light-hearted, but still get’s your point across. And I agree with the person who posted directly in your blog, live your life for you. Make the choices that feel right for you and you alone.


      1. You are most welcome :)
        The biggest advantage of random topics is that it never gives the reader a sense of monotony. Every time you write something it’s like a new surprise. Wohooo Here I come again :P

    1. First off, “that’s what she said” (sorry, had too heh) and actually more firstly (and only) you seem to be doing a great job. I wouldn’t know what else to suggest other than keep doing what you’re doing. It’s all definitely humorous and interesting so yea, still a bit funny ;-) Your blog is what I expected mine to be because it’s who I am but it turned into something else, although I’m still proud of it. So I’m a bit envious.

      1. Well I mean I expected my blog to be based on my humorous and comical side and for it to have the personality like yours but it took a more serious tone.

      2. Oh I see! I try to stick to the comical tone of my blog… At one point I created a separate blog to vent out my serious tone. As long as you’re happy with what you’re writing, who cares! :)

    1. I’m actually fond of the design. I like the sticky nav particularly (would love to know how to do that for my blog!). Overall, the design does feel a little cluttered, though you do a good job of trying to soften that with the colors. Most of the time, I say that more images is good, but in this case you might want to throw in some text-only stuff to balance it out. Your content is VERY aggressive, which I think is a good idea if you feel you could keep it up. Overall, I really like it (and I do experience design for huge companies in the US).

      1. Thanks for your feedback! Have you got any advice on how I could get more traffic?
        If you’d like some help with getting the sticky navbar email me at:
        ridwan [at]

      2. I think the design is great. The photos are eye-catching and they are aligned properly on the page. I also really like what you did with your menu bar! Is that a feature of your theme to have a featured image appear beside the other posts in that category? I really would love to have something like that :D

        Also for traffic, I just wrote a post on Friday about how to get more traffic on your blog. You can have a look at it if you like:

      3. Do you mean the slideshow of refs in the sidebar? That’s actually a WordPress widget called Gallery which I think can be used in most templates. It’s really easy to set up, too.

    1. Um…I love it! I love your writing in the post. You have a very nice, very natural voice. I also think that your content is very unique and “you”, and the imagery with the hand drawn picture is very nice. In fact, I’d love to see you find a more “artistic” template that reflects that voice and uniqueness. The one you have now, particularly the nav with the black box nav, is a little utilitarian, even with the photo background. Overall, though, a very nice site.

      1. Well, I’ll tell you right now that my “day job” is as a user experience manager for the online properties of a large US bank. SO… ;) If you go to your upper nav, and scroll over your navigation (debate, etc.) you get these drop downs. They’re dark grey, basic and a little dull. A lot of this template is like this. Nothing wrong with it, but you’re such an artistic sort. I’d like to see something more … fluid. Does that make sense?

    2. Your blog is professional in appearance and easily navigated. As a book reviewer myself, I give you an “A” on your recent review! In fact, I’ve added the book to my to be read list. Thanks for the invitation to come check things out.

    3. I didn’t read the book review, sorry, but I have knowledge about writing book reviews. I did want to say I like your blog theme. I like the background images that kinda makes it seem more organic and down to earth. What I don’t like is your blog post titles, they seem huge and totally threw me off until I scrolled down. They seem out of place being that big, that font is very square, and the black on white was harsh. I don’t know if you can change that or not.

      I think you have a lot of stuff in your side bars. I recently read an article about things you don’t need on your blog, and too much stuff in the side bars was mentioned like 3 times. I’m trying to scale back on mine as well, its hard! But one thing you could do is to remove your archives or make it a drop down option; keep your categories but remove the tag cloud. I like your photo and about me on the side bar and your recent posts and photos look good. I also like your Menu format.

    1. WordPress has some great tutorials for those things under the “Help” tab that pops up when you hover over your user name. I think you can even search for what you’re looking for.

  1. Hey hey!!!

    I just wrote a post last night! About my Olympic dream and bad race this weekend. I would love input on shorting it if needed for next time or ways to
    make it look not as plain lol or just any indeas of what you all think!

    Also input of how to get more people to follow my blog as I try to reach my Olympic dream :)

    1. Tiffany, I think your voice and your subject matter is really unique. The critique I would have is that the post is a bit too long. I think when you haven’t written for a while, the temptation is to try and just spill everything. I think you actually have 2 or 3 posts within this one, and I for one would like to read in serial form about your (very interesting) life.

    1. I like your content. Personal yet you have news stories and so on. Nice one!
      P.S You’ve misspelt “exaggerations” in your heading thingy by the way!

    2. There is a LOT of great content here. I especially like the “positive” slant you take on the world (i was just wondering if there was a blog out there that aggregated “good” news). The one piece of advice I have for you is that your blog subhead really doesn’t tell me much about your content. I might rework that a bit to be more enticing and give readers a sense of what the content is about. Otherwise, I like the overall feel of your blog.

      1. Hmm .. You’ve got a point seriously. I never thought about it before but yeah you are so right. :)
        I am gonna the subhead right away.
        Thank you so much for popping by.

      1. I think the content is good, but it isn’t very scannable. I might even break this into a two-parter to give people a serial reason to keep coming back.

      2. I liked the content. And I agree to breaking it up more. But this is perfect for another Facebook group we are building our own “community” of support with others to support and we call it building our net. So I shared your post with our group.

      3. You’re welcome! I, too, glossed over the Reader’s potential until recently. When I started choosing interesting tags and engaging with the posts under those tags, I saw a dramatic increase in traffic to my blog :)

      4. I loved it. Nice job. I’d love more info (another blog post!) about how to use tags better. I try to write longer tags for Google searches, but when it comes to the Reader and tags, I’m sure I am missing followers that way.

    1. Absolutely great advice. I have focused less on the number of subscribers and more on their interactions. I also figured that if I wrote about something that inspired me, it will ring true with others from time to time. Being a good follower is the best way to get followers.

  2. Hi guys,

    I’ve just started this blog. It’s my first and 100% sure if I’m on the right track and if it’s entertaining to people outside my circle of friends? I’ve described it as a funny look through a father’s eyes and anecdotes. Any help, advice or feedback would be really appreciated and I’d be more than happy to return the favour :)


    1. I laughed at your Anyone Seen the Irish post. “Boo Hoo for the Irish” was great.

      One thing that I noticed is your header has a misspelled word (unless this was intentional?). It says “Older but Definately not Wiser” instead of “Definitely”.

      I overall liked the tone and the design is easy on the eyes :)

  3. I’m not getting the Pingback suggestions anymore. The ‘related’ posts that are below the ‘add new’ text box have disappeared. I have started writing again after a sabbatical so I’m not sure what happened! The suggested tags aren’t there anymore either!

    Any and all tips will be welcome!

    1. So far so good, but be careful about what personal information you put on an “anonymous” blog. “Anonymous” bloggers don’t always stay entirely anonymous (and I say that as an anonymous blogger myself).

      1. Not specifically.

        However, I did once chat with another anonymous teenage blogger here and the email address attached to his blog turned out to not be anonymous. (He used my “contact me” form to ask for more ideas.)

        However, your IP address (and everyone else’s for that matter) is sometimes visible to other bloggers you communicate with. And if something big comes up, your internet service provider can be forced to turn over its records on your online activity.

        And I’ve seen someone screw up by using a non-anonymous email address for their blog registration.

        I just see an anonymous teenager and think that you might not have had the opportunity to hear these things because no one knows what you’re doing. (That’s nothing against teenagers. Adults mess things up in spite of having heard these things, which is far worse…)

    2. I like your blog a lot! Especially your recent post on “How to write…”. The thing is that I’d love to learn more about you but I couldn’t find an About page, which is a bit of a drawback to me…

    3. A small suggestion: Avoid superfluous lead-ins.
      Here’s an example from one of your posts:

      This is my first short story on my blog. Please let me know what you think.

      True or not, it’s irrelevant. Just write the post. Let your short story speak for itself. The superfluous lead-in does two things: First, it makes me as a reader want to skip over the story completely. It shows a lack of confidence in your own writing ability. Even if that lack of confidence is real, don’t let your audience know. Second, it begs for comments, which, again as a reader, is going to inspire me to move on without leaving comments and not come back.

    1. This looks like a great blog with a great idea behind it! Maybe it’s me, but for some posts no pictures show, which doesn’t look very good because your theme apparently shows a featured image for each post by default. What I see for some posts is en empty grey box instead of a featured image, which is discouraging.

      1. I added some pictures to the grey boxes, I’ll think about adding a few more. I didn’t put pictures on all of them because I thought that would be too much stimuli. Thoughts on this matter, as I am a new blogger and am still in the developmental stage as far as overal precensence in the blogshere.

    1. Well, I’m not sure about it, maybe it would be good to add some introductory sentences so that the reader would know what this is and what to expect from the post?

    2. I always find picture collections like this fun to read. A lot of chain emails and social media posts link to stuff like this on other websites that involve picture chains on a topic. I’d say even make a category of these (I would name this one Carrey Quotes because it sounds cool) if you plan on doing a bunch more and maybe add a category feed link somewhere. Like Mara said, maybe add a couple of sentences before just to set the tone of what we are about to look at.

    1. Not sure what kind of feedback you were hoping for, but I like your content overall. I think you picked a nice template, too. The only thing I saw was that I was expecting a pure bicycling blog, and yours is so much more than that. You might want to play with your subtitle or description to let people know you have deeper content.

      1. There’s nothing wrong with it. That said, you might just want to test a few new ones out. Be sure to actually test it with your content and not just look at it in the previewer. That’s how I found mine.

    1. The content is great. Really great. The one piece of advice I have is that it isn’t very scannable. I would use things like bolding the first sentence or adding spacing to make it a little easier to read. Otherwise, great content.

  4. I have a very specialized blogs (professional football/soccer referees), but I’d love feedback on the general look and feel, as well as the overall balance of content.

    1. I like the general look and feel of your blog. Specifically, I like the way your images look (eye catching, colorful, ties in with content) on you home page as well as when I click to a particular post. I also like all the resources you have on the sidebar, they all seem practical and necessary, I feel I could find what I need as far as resources go. A slight change that could be nice is having contact links for twitter and email in the header bar if possible since people need to scroll down a bit and look to the right to find that info. Also, at the top right it says “NEWS, UPDATES, AND PROFILES DEDICATED TO THE MEN IN THE MIDDLE: THE WORLD’S REFEREES”, that seemed wordy enough that I stopped reading, perhaps if you varied which parts were capitalized so that some of the words stood out more I would be more likely to read it. This is my first time giving feedback here, I hope it was helpful!

      1. Thanks so much. Believe it or not, that all caps bit in the sidebar is forced by the template…one of the few things about this template I don’t care for. I’ve struggled with getting something that says enough without being overwhelming because of the dumb caps. I’ll keep working!

      2. Is it a widget? Are you using a title? Perhaps splitting into two widgets? In general I kind of like the “shouty text” for a referee page :)

      3. It’s just a text widget. The problem is that the template doesn’t support a subtitle, so this is sort of standing in for that. And yes, shouty text is very ‘referee’. ;)

    2. I personally agree that the all caps thing works for the content of the site. The look & feel fits quite well. The only thing I seemed to have an issue with, and perhaps I am alone in this, the images at the top of the page when you go to individual posts seem to be entirely too large. Some of them are blown up so large they became blurry, and all of them were too big to fit in a maximized browser window without scrolling. If it was just that I had to scroll to see the text content, that would be fine, but the actual image won’t fit on the screen.

      1. Just out of curiosity, are you seeing the blurry images on all the photos? I’ve just scrolled through the top 10 or so and they’ll all completely sharp for me. Is it a specific photo or all of them?

      2. Okay, there’s a problem because it looks perfectly fine on my system and my other systems. It must be pixelating at higher resolutions or larger monitors. Shoot. I need to look into this, or change themes. THANK YOU for letting me know.

      3. You are welcome. I’ve done a lot of photo editing for personal use and made some terrible mistakes regarding cropping and final image resolution. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is that you can shrink photos all day long, but to expand them, especially to more than twice their native resolution, can have less than pleasing results, especially if the image has been optimized for online use in any manner.

      4. Yeah I get it. I actually do this for a living. This is a theme that expands the photos for me. I don’t have control over it, and I don’t have a problem. (In fact, what you sent is fine for me.) So, I don’t need your lesson

      5. Most of the pictures were quite good. Obviously the background is going to be out of focus, but the subject was always sharp. The ones I am referring to were a couple of extreme close-ups (associated with “This Weekend’s Referees: Premier League” & “Nicola Rizzoli’s Hair” specifically) that were pixelated and blurry from being shown at a larger size than their resolution would adequately support.

      1. I can sort of understand why you might say this, but to me, that seems fairly obvious. I’m not sure that is truly necessary. The content of the blog speaks for itself, in my opinion.

    1. I’m actually not a fan of this template. It’s super utilitarian and the grey doesn’t do anything to support your content. This looks like something that would support basic, technical docs rather than the unique essay content you have. It feels like you need something a bit more artistic…

      1. I’m not hugely familiar with WP’s templates, or what you’re hoping for. I do think I’d recommend a more muted color, maybe a font that is more handwritten or simple. I think the more photographic templates probably aren’t right for you because of the nature of your posts. Dig through the templates, but be sure and use the tools to try them out with your content instead of just reviewing them. That’s how I found mine.

    1. Violet, I love your blog and I’m not just saying that. You have a great voice, and a good sense of the balance of prose and length in blog posts. You have also managed to hit something a lot of personal bloggers completely miss: using your personal experiences in a way that gives the reader something important each time. Your balance of content is also very good, from personal stories about books, to your rings, to crepes. AND, you balance content and photos well. You have great potential. THAT SAID, you need a new template. Desperately. This is way too dull and doesn’t support your unique voice and vision very well. I’d look for something with more pizzazz. But keep blogging!

    1. You blog looks helpful! I only have one remark concerning your choice of theme – I love this theme, I actually wanted to use it too, but then I decided it was too depressive-looking – so, is this grungy grey theme a good idea for a blog dealing with depression (among other things, of course)? But maybe it’s a deliberate choice of yours, we depressed people tend to like depressive themes, I guess :-)

      1. Hi thanks for the feedback. I actually hadn’t thought about it like that, perhaps I was drawn to that theme as it’s dark etc like depression. Now you point it out, it kind of seems fitting for the posts. I initially just thought it was quite a quirky theme. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. I can’t judge the content as I don’t speak the language, but it would be a good idea to change your tagline from the default one into something that describes your blog. Have a happy blogging!

    1. It’s a very pretty title. That said, just by reading it I have no idea what to expect from your blog’s content. Your subtitle could be used to give people more detail about what you write about…

  5. I was just going to write about a topic that I was going to call ‘comparing faiths”..I encourage anyone else to compares there to others…the pro’s and cons basically about their faith and other peoples faiths. If they want…but I personally will write abut my own and what I believe it creates in my world that I live in and interact with… But people can of course write whatever they want about the topic, their is no laws in your perspective and how you express it…but the ones you set on it yourself….SO again the topic is “comparing faiths”( Faith being a belief that gives you hope and comfort)….what it does for not only ourselves, but more importantly the world around them, around us. 1world UP, I am starting my piece now. :)

      1. How do I do that? Make a blogging event? I just posted or published my writing about “comparing faiths” is that not enough o make it an event? I am not a very savvy with blogging, or wordpress really… I do my best managing my own account, but I just like writing about things, thinking about things and creating things. Then expressing them, So if you have any suggestions I am open to them. :)

    1. @cakapeace
      Some of the most distasteful blogs I have ever visited where the worst of all online behaviors are manifest are religious blogs. It’s not my experience which spans many years that religious blogs are ever a place where freedom of expression and clarity of thought prevails. It’s my experience that one doesn’t found a blog on such a theme unless they intend to use it as a soapbox to spiel their own beliefs from and/or to discredit the beliefs of others from.

      Unless you can elevate your own thought process, writing and your dialog to the level that Alan Wilson Watts could (see example below), then I suggest you find another topic to blog on because if you don’t you will risk developing a blog that may become a troll infested hive of nastiness.

      “Belief…is the insistence that the truth is what one would ‘lief’ or (will or) wish to be… Belief is fervent hope, and thus a cover-up for doubt and uncertainty. Faith is an unreserved opening of the mind to the truth, whatever it may turn out to be. Faith has no preconceptions; it is a plunge into the unknown. Belief clings, but faith let’s go…faith is the essential virtue of science, and likewise of any religion that is not self-deception. If we cling to belief in God, we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go.”

      1. Thanks for that response timethief, and I agree that Faith is letting go. Understanding we only know what we know now…but have the capability of learning much more…if only we can compare our views and come to a common understanding about those views.My blog is not about one corporations faith or laws, but my own beliefs and creations. The composition I wrote about” comparing faiths” is nothing more than comparing ideas and there is nothing wrong with that. Unless people are blinded by a faith and want to discriminative against others to prove they ERE the ALL MIGHTY or that their faith is the BEST. distasteful or not…there is something to be learned from those views and I have no problem with people being distasteful..I only care about how people treat each other physically. Ya know the old saying…”sticks and stones may break my bones…but WORDS can never hurt me”…Well I believe in that statement. I live by it in a way. It does not mean I do not find some things to be hurtful through those words…Because I do believe ” The pen is mightier than the sword!”but they do not discourage me to speak my mind and express what I feel is my right, to be me! :) I also believe that” Actions speak louder than words” Everyone has the right to their own belief…and no one has to believe in a religion to have a “faith” in something that’s for sure.That is what I wrote about in my resent piece. If we are scared to sidsicuss our beliefs together…how will we ever reach new heights of awareness. Just on our own. I do not think that would be beneficial to the world. It may be beneficial to ones self…but I am not afraid to discuses my beliefs with anyone and I am more than willing to listen to anyone’s because I learn from it… MY faith which has nothing to do with trying to control people. Or this world is something I do not feel is distasteful, but there is not much in this world I do not like, I find all life to have a flavor that is unique and maybe hoard to swallow and that is it…we all have different tastes and that is life, I like to at least see what there is out there.

    1. I like that you used a “story” to tell about yourself. That said, I’m not sure if the story you chose really connects enough to your subject matter. What I mean is, you have a very specialized subject matter (as do I), so your story needs to be more attached to that subject matter. If I put my hand over your title, I might think I was on a fitness blog. Obviously, this is a powerful inner shift…can you tell us a little more about that?

      1. Thanks so much for that input. I really wanted to use a story yet I was definitely feeling a disconnect with my about page content and the blog content. I don’t always blog about this inner shift of faith so I didn’t want to make it ALL about that and wanted to express the other parts of who I am as well. I will do some thinking and try to share more about that inner shift. Thanks again!

    1. If I were you, I’d either change your theme or add a custom background.

      Your title is “rose-colored.” Your tagline is “rose-colored.” And the top of your blog is dusk-colored. One of these things does not fit.

      That’s not to say you have to go with red or pink, but the really dark look you have now seems off. (And yes, I know the background on that theme lightens up as you scroll down. Nevertheless, first impressions matter.)

    1. This is FANTASTIC content. Interesting subject matter, great photos, good supporting content. That said, I think you might want to look for a new template. Your photos aren’t really supported well in this template, and there are some photojournalism based templates with featured images and such that might work better. The color scheme does make it tough to read, as well. You have such great content and I think it would work well with a more “artistic” theme.

      1. Go to “Change Theme” and check out those themes that are more picture-based. Some of them aren’t free, sadly, but ones like “Motif” “Twenty fourteen” etc. might work. (I like Moka, but it’s $18.) Also, check out my blog; it uses the Untitled template which features large featured images.

    2. I actually love both your content and your theme, but it’s true, as Jenna says, that for a photography-based blog, a different theme might work even better. Happy blogging!

  6. Very unique and specialized content! (I am all for specialized blogs; I have one myself.) The one thing I’d like to see is a template that supports a little more information about each post. Right now, I see the post title and the tags, but I’d love a sentence or two about what each post is about. Make sense?

    1. I think your blog is very well written and you have clearly taken the time to analyze people and their behaviors. I would say good recon work but maybe you should focus on more positive areas of the metro system. Just a thought!

  7. I’m new here and my reader stream is pretty slow… so not looking for any advise – but looking for blogs to follow! I don’t really care what you enjoy blogging about, I enjoy reading about most subjects (and seeing most pictures) – but I want people I can follow where I can read their full posts from the reader… when I want to visit a blog site I will, I don’t like being forced to visit one just to read a post.

    1. @cathylass
      “but I want people I can follow where I can read their full posts from the reader… when I want to visit a blog site I will, I don’t like being forced to visit one just to read a post. ”

      LOL :D.

      Then don’t click my username and visit my blog because I wouldn’t want to risk you learning anything about blogging from me by clicking in and reading a full post. lol :D

      I’m laughing because I’m a blogging tips blogger and my material is popular enough to be stolen regularly by content thieves. When my content is stolen I have devote my time to filing DMCA takedown notices to get it removed form their monetized splogs, rather than creating and publishing new content for my target audience, who are those who want to learn how to blog effectively. So I don’t pander to the I want to read it all in the Reader crowd, because they aren’t my target audience.

      I don’t blog to provide articles to so they can use it in the Reader to create a magazine. magazine. I do not allow my full posts to appear in the Reader because I want to reduce content theft and compel visitors to come to my blog.

      I provide a descriptive post titles and a strong introduction. After the first 55 words I purposefully insert the more tag followed by my copyright notice. That compels bloggers to click in for the full blog experience. It means they experience my theme and customizations and my featured content. It means they have access to my nearly 1000 related posts. It also means that I have reduced not only content thieves, but also the number of visitors who aren’t interested in entering discussion on the ways and means of becoming better bloggers.

      1. Thank you for the tip about not visiting your blog to learn about blogging. :) Good tip, as not interested in that – just interested in being able to read peoples different views on various stuff – from my reader. I’ve found a few I’ve followed don’t allow that, and will go through them and delete. Not that I don’t visit peoples blogs, if I find someone that’s posting good posts I will by my own accord go and visit their blogs… without being forced.

      2. @cathylass
        Thanks for being such a good sport and inspiring a new post too. As you don’t want to feel “forced” to read it I won’t bother backlinking to your blog from it. ;)

  8. I’m here looking for tips on how to promote my posts and how to keep constant content on my blogs. My original idea was to set aside a day where i write up multiple blogs, and then have them to post on different days when I don’t have time to write a post. Any thoughts or ideas would be really helpful.

    If this helps, I have a blog about movies, TV, gaming, that sort of stuff: The Paradoxical Paradigm. My other blog is about literature and writing: A Cavalcade of Literature.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Oh, I love Eurovision! I like the idea of going “back in time” to review past contests. It gives that sense of history that I think a lot of Americans especially don’t understand about Eurovision.

    1. The way the text is formatted is bunched up together which may make people not want to read it. Consider messing around with the layout as well because other people are using this same template too and it can come off as uninteresting visually.

    2. There is a good vibe, and I’m interested to see where you take things. I agree that you probably should make the content a bit more scannable with a few more spaces, etc. (I know that the “big chunk” is one style, and is a personal choice, but it is a bit hard to read…) Keep adding content! You’re writing about my area of the country, so I’d love to see what’s next.

  9. Relationships, human psychology, mortality are some of the topics that fascinates me. I mix my posts up with a few quotes and photographs. Any comments & feedback is welcome. :)

      1. This looks interesting! Though the static front page confused me at first and it took me a while to get at the actual content. I’m not sure if the static front page is a good choice for your blog?

      2. Thanks for your feedback.
        And yes I’m trying and experimenting a few looks for my blog including the static home page. Would look into making my home page more user friendly.

  10. Last one from me today. I’ve not really changed much about my blog since I started and and just want to know if it still looks okay. My posts are very varied also and just wondered if the variety was too much?

    Thanks for looking :)

    1. Hi Steve. While the things you write about have personality, I sort of wish the layout had some of “you” in it. Maybe choose another template and consider creating your own image header/banner? I’d be interested in seeing what you come up with and I think it would draw more readers in.

  11. I have formatted the content of my blog to chronicle the people/places/things that I find inspiring, mostly through celebrating their birthdays/anniversaries on the that specific day. I enjoy that sort of structure and randomization of subject matter. On Sundays, for the last eight or so months, I have done a weekly roundup of the subjects that I chronicled earlier that week, as well as what I have been tweeting and posting on tumblr/instagram and included a random interest that I found that week. I think that I have found the structure and schedule that I like that is fun and not too challenging. I am interested in learning if anyone else has found other ways to digest what they have blogged the week before. Here is mine:

    1. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but when I saw your title, I was expecting your typical “mommy blog” (i.e., mostly about the kids). Your content is very heavy, and very diverse, and I don’t think that comes across in the title. I was a little taken aback to land on a very heavy post about abortion. There’s nothing at all wrong with the content, it just seems a little incongruous with my expectation based on your title.

    1. So, I’m going to put on my fiction editor hat instead of my blogger hat. ;) It is good writing. I like the flow of it, and I don’t even mind the first person present tense. You do build up tension throughout the piece, which is good. The only thing is that I didn’t know who “he” was until I got to the end. I thought it was a lover or a sibling. You might want to introduce the person earlier, as part of the story, instead of leaving it to the postscript as backstory. Does that make sense? Overall, though, it’s a beautiful, emotional piece.

      1. Thank you, both for reading and for the wonderful constructive criticism! I thought that leaving out who “he” was until the end would make it more intriguing and thought provoking, but perhaps it’s just confusing… Thank you so much for the feedback!

    1. GREAT title and subtitle! One of the best I’ve seen, to be honest. They really help establish your voice right from the start. I love the balance and mix of your posts, and the warmth of your voice. Really good start…can’t wait to see what else you’ve got.

    1. I actually think this is really clever. it’s well written, not too long, and utilizes multimedia well. I think it’s a great idea for a semi-regular column, particularly since you clear know a lot about the subject matter.

      1. Thanks, to be honest part of my info does come from my wife (a music teacher) but on occasion I know or dig up something she doesn’t know. This post for example.