Community Pool

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment. Zero to Hero folks, head to today’s forum thread to chat about the assignment, but feel free to seek other feedback here!

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
  • To keep from losing your place in the comment thread while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • No running on the deck.

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    1. Hey guys. Just like to say that I’ve only been blogging since Christmas day but Suzie has been loads of help. Even advertising my blog on her page.

      I’m very grateful! :D

  1. Hello!

    Please review our blog and let us know what your feedback is- positive and negative! Any areas for improvement, areas to change?


  2. I just started a nutrition/fitness blog on New Years Day. Any constructive criticism or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks :)

  3. Hey guys, I’m still new and I’ve been writing about my personal story about being diagnosed with depression and what it’s like. I was just wondering whether me being so personal is good, on one hand I think it may make it endearing and create an intimacy to the relationship between me and the reader, but it may also alienate people who cant relate. If you have any time please can you check and see what you think

    1. I have shared my own struggles with depression and have received only positive and supportive feedback. My blog isn’t based only on that subject but I have definitely made connections because of it. I say do what feels right. Don’t worry about alienating people. If you focus on connecting with like minded people that is the result you will get.

    2. I think it’s really important to share what you can. You are offering support to those who are in similar situations. Also, people will be more likely to follow your blog if you content is authentic.

    3. It’s been my experience the more vulnerable you are, the better the writing. When your writing comes from a vulnerable, open and authentic place, even the readers who’ve never experienced depression will be touched by your story. That’s what’s cool about blogs – the ability to reach many people, illustrating your experience through words and connecting those who otherwise would not know.

  4. I’ve just passed the 10000 views mark this weekend since starting this blog in mid September. I never thought I would stick with it this long and achieve this so I’d just like to thank everyone who has stopped by and for all the new bloggers – keep with it! THANK YOU

  5. My biggest problem is I really want to design a graphic for my header but I have no talent with this – can anybody suggest a good graphics design program that’s free – does that even exist? I am finding the biggest problem design wise is that I can manipulate the theme great – but I want to add personal touches and I am not that creative – suggestions for a good graphics tool would be awesome – or if someone can associate me with a page that talks about it, would be great. I am new here and have only been blogging one week so I’m still learning the where’s and how to’s and where not to post things lol.

    1. I think that this idea is great. There’s nothing better than getting your readers involved in your blog. My advice is for you to keep the series going, even if it’s unsuccessful (the chances of this idea being unsuccessful are low). I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for your input. I’ve been doing the challenge for a few months now and been pretty successful with it so far, just these last few weeks have been a little slow. I want to continue as I enjoy it myself just hoping to get a few more responses.

    2. I keep meaning to take part in your challenges but haven’t managed….yet. Please don’t give up. I only get a few people in my music challenge but I still love doing it. If you take part in min, I’ll take part in yours ooooeeeer lol

    1. At the minute you have a single page – perhaps you could create a menu at the top of your blog in which you could put your posts into different categories which would allow readers to focus on topics that they are specifically interested in?

      1. Yes – you can do it by going into your ‘My Blog’ section and it’s easy – there’s always the wordpress forums that you can check out too…

  6. I need input on my blog. It’s for book review, author interviews and guest posts. If you are a reader, what is it missing? Is it eye appealing? Is there too little/too much information on each post? Should I categorize better? Should I upgrade my software? I’m trying to grow my reader base, but it doesn’t grow as quickly as I’d like? I would be most appreciative if you stop by and look at it, particularly if you are a reader and enjoy this type of blog.

    1. HI Eileen, the only thing I didnt like when I checked out your reviews was the lack of a “final score” is that an intentional omission? I like to see stars, or grades or something, just because it wraps up the whole thought, and gives a final impression. Good luck- I’ve subscribed!

      1. Thank Sarah. I’ve actually been thinking about scores. But scores are very subjective as you must know. If I read a fantasy and it just doesn’t hit the spot, but someone else absolutely loves it, how could I score it? I’ve thought seriously about scoring sensuality. Some books can be very erotic and some readers would like to avoid that sort of thing. I’ve resolved for 2014 to do something about scoring, so I appreciate the comment. Now I’ve just got to think how to do it. I may have to upgrade wordpress, or at the bottom of the post, place the scores. Thank you Sarah Mae for taking the time to stop by. Most appreciated!

      2. I think you’re doing such a great job at giving full reviews in your commentary that anyone who reads it should catch something they would dislike (sensuality, violence, etc.) or like (genre, theme, character type, etc.). A rating system (even if its a metric) will just wrap up the whole thing with your personal stamp. Remember people read your blog to hear your voice on the subject, so don’t be shy about sharing it authentically! I have utterly disagreed with some of my favorite reviewers on my favorite books, but as long as the review insightful the added insight allows the reader to make a more in-depth analysis on our own. The variety of opinions gives the community an opportunity to have complex conversations and engage with one another. Good luck perfecting your system- I’m working on that right now too!

  7. Hello, I’ve just recently switched from self-hosted to wordpress. Mostly, I felt as though I was on the outskirts of the blogging community. I would love any feedback – comments left on my actual blog – regarding the aesthetics (originality, and whether or not the blog reflects a “personality”)

    I appreciate any feedback.

  8. My page Gay Christians explains those texts in the Bible which have been used to attack LGBT folk, and shows how the correct interpretation does not condemn ordinary gay people. I have recently rewritten and reorganised it. I would love to hear from you how readable you find it, and how well organised.

    I now have a large tag cloud of 200 tags. I hoped that as people read, their eyes would pass over the tag cloud and they might notice a tag they found interesting. What do you think? Do you ever click on tags? Does my tag cloud make you want to read more of my blog, even if you do not click them?

    1. Hi Clare, you might want to think about utilizing Categories too. I think big tag clouds sometimes become cumbersome, especially if you don’t know the verbiage being used. By being able to dig into an general idea with the Category, then clicking on interesting looking tags (I usually click on them at the bottom of a post, not from the cloud), it works more like a filing system than a fishing pond. I do love the concept of your blog though, its nice to have somewhere to point friend and family to when they are confused about the biblical prospect of sexuality.

      1. Many thanks. From my stats page, you were the only one to visit from the Community Pool. Too many of us are here only to ask.

        Mmm. The thing is, my blog is everything that takes my interest, and a lot of it is for me, for me to articulate and so get to know what I think, and my category headings are for me, too. Bringing people in through them will take some thought.

        Thank you.

  9. Hi there Readers
    I’ve signed up for WordPress for a while but feel i still need some help and I’ve got a lot of posts up already but it seems as if they’re not good enough. If anyone could give me some feedback that would be appreciated. Is the content engaging? I feel like blog is neither engaging readers nor drawing readers. Again, I’ll take all the help I can get.

    1. My advice is to keep blogging and writing good posts and comment on other blogs similar to yours. Commenting on others’ blogs is how you find more readers.

  10. Hi! I recently started blogging and joined the zerotohero challenge to improve my skills. Over the course of a few days I have made changes to my blog look and feel. Going through many other blogs, I saw many using a kind of three column look…some stuff/menus on first column, then the main post in second column then the widgets etc in the third. Can i do it for my blog too?…My theme is Visual.

  11. Hello everyone,

    I would greatly appreciate any general feedback you have on my site. I am currently stuck on how to kick off my blogging for 2014 as well, so if you have any topic/prompt selections, I would also love to hear those.

    Here is the link to my wordpress blog site:

    Thanks in advance. :)

  12. Hi all. I have been working diligently to build a following and have received some great feedback on my writing. However, I am receiving very little hits on a day to day basis. I am starting to get a little discouraged. This isn’t all about getting noticed for me but I can’t help but wonder why my stats are so low. I need advice on how to take it to the next level or make changes to what I’m already doing. Also, is it poor blogging etiquette to reblog earlier work that you feel has been over looked? Thanks … I know that was kind of a lot. ~Dawn

    1. I happened to comment right after you and it turns out we are both students in Nashville! I really like your blog (and I also watched way too many episodes of Modern Family over break).

      It’s hard to make suggestions for your about me since I don’t know all that much about you, but I like the one you have at the moment. If you wanted, you could add a sentence or two describing what you tend to write about, or a picture of yourself/something you like that describes you.

      Glad I stumbled upon your blog! :)

  13. I just started my blog and would really appreciate any feedback on my content! I’ve been trying to write about whatever strikes my fancy, but I’m nervous that my blog is too word-y (I’m working on adding photos to my posts!) and boring to read.

    (Thanks to anyone who views it, I really appreciate the feedback!)

    1. Hi Oliviare. Loved your writing. I myself think about my blog being too wordy. What you can do is try posting images in between the writing. For example you wrote a post on music albums and songs. In that you could have posted some cool cover arts in between easily available on the internet. (Just a thought, since I’m also new to the world of blogging.)
      Your blog is definitely not boring!
      - Your new follower. :)
      P.S. You can check mine out at

  14. Happy new year everyone!!! I have been writing my blog since September so still count myself as a beginner. For anyone who has the time to take a look at my blog. All feedback is welcome both positive and constructive criticism…

  15. Traffic has been satisfactory on but I’m concerned people may find the layout confusing or simply too much. Feedback on the content will also be appreciated. I try to post only my best work but the scope I tend to focus on (poems,art,introspective writing) strikes me as narrow. Any thoughts?

      1. Thanks. I like your work as well. The minimalist feel of your blog along with the wording of the poems is very simplistic and inviting. Glad to have found it.

      2. I suppose it is advantageous that visual and literary art go hand in hand so well. Where I lack the capacity for expression in one, I compensate with the other. Drawing for me is a means by which I let myself be interpreted while writing is my vocal platform. You do well in your written word. Looking forward to more.

    1. Include information about the program you went in to, what motived you to go into that program instead of another; how useful (or useless) the advice you were given was in regards to choosing a program/school/life-path.

  16. Hello everyone! I have been blogging for just under two weeks now! I have been wondering about two things: 1) about my blog theme, whether it’s too dull, whether I should put more pictures in, etc., and 2) about the ‘Related Content’ and the automatic tagging gadgets – they’ve both disappeared and I can’t find help on the official WordPress site! Any help/opinions on these two things would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :-D

    1. Hi there! At first glance I really like your photos, especially the window, fire, and the bluest sky post. I just wish some of your other pictures were a bit more vibrant and had more contrast in the colors. I think it would pull my eye to them more. I’m just one person though and I think you have a great eye for photography!

      1. Thanks for the feedback! :) I agree! But at this time of year It seems to be a tad harder to find the vibrant colours that are usually all around. If you go further down my Blog there are quite a few colourful posts, especially from the autumn season! I will try to improve on that a bit! Thanks again for the feedback! Appreciated :D