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The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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      1. So it’s the language and not the content? I can understand that, there was quite a bit discussion about this a while ago about whether it is appropriate to swear or not. I rarely do, I’ve just done so because of the expression that karma is a b*tch, but I tried to be sensitive and not include the whole word. i appreciate your feedback though, thank you.

      2. There’s an expression that is used in the UK – when somebody is seen to have got what they deserve people say, “Karma’s a bitch.” That’s why I used it.

    1. Well i found the post extremely interesting! i am from India and have a good knowledge of Karmic deeds that are mentioned in the vedas. Life as a cycle moves on , what good we do to others will be done to us. But the important thing here is does it even apply to people who don’t believe in this? How than people who have done bad deeds are leading more luxurious life than a honest poor person? Is Karma valid if we suffer for actions in future life when we enjoy this one? Is it worth?
      There are more questions than answers and i for one, tend to believe that Karma exists. It’s just what i feel.

    2. Suzie – We all just have to believe that right balances wrong. Who wants to live in a universe where it doesn’t. We can’t let the bad people get away with it. Silent

      1. Thank you very much – the length of my posts can vary depending on my mood – this was one of the longer ones. Thank you for your comment!

    3. No offensne but it seems like in my opinion you used a bad word in your blog post. LIke you know a little swear. Was there a reason you used that word. LIke if you were mad you could of explained it.

      1. Oh, sorry. Your blog other than that is quite interesting. Nice ideas… oh and you were talking to my sister Adshayah earlier. Now it’s my turn to go on the computer. Do you like my blog?

    4. Suzie18, that is a very well put set of thoughts you have in that post. I love it! And for your blog appearance I love the cleanliness without being too minimalist. Love it!

    5. YOUR POSTS ARE BEAUTIFUL! And I love the tips that you’ve given for blogging! You seem like a wonderful and experienced blogger, could you please see my posts and give some feedback, it would be appreciated x Thank you :D

    1. At first when I saw you blog I was thinking Oh, no a u tube blog. I have very slo………..w internet speed Although I have been known to put them on once in a while. So I scrolled down and read a few. I like your style. I also like the length of your blogs. They are not too long. I do not think most people like to read long blogs with the exception of some topics. Just be careful of giving space when you put in a photo/pictures. I have the same problem and try to be careful. Great job.!

      1. Okay….thank you so much for the feedback. I will put some space from now on. I try to keep my posts short and sweet. What do you mean a u tube blog???

    2. Well done, Adshayah, for such an enthusiastic introduction full of love, life and aspiration in your “About” page! Your blog is off to a festive start with the snow and Christmas red (but where is the green? ;) ).

      Indeed, you do Live, Learn, Laugh, Listen and Love!

      How nice it is to offer your readers some excellent quotes both in text and in a slideshow! A very nice touch from you there!

      Even nicer and rarer is the offer of “The Advice Colomn” on your blog! Please note that the correct spelling is “Column”. Your planning to acquire the BScED, MSc, and PhD degrees aside, you seem to be already on the path of becoming a consultant, advisor, mentor, councillor and so on . . . . .

      I have left more comments on your blog, and will be grateful if you could also kindly review my blog. The instructions are available in this community pool at

      Happy December to you! May you have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous Festive Season!

      1. Hello SoundEagle,

        Thank you so much for the time to give me some great feedback. I definitely do have to add the green…..completely forgot. I wanted to do the slideshow as it very much better for people who like visual detail more than written detail.

        I added the Advice Column because someone gave me the suggestion. Thanks for the encouragement to get my BScED, MSc and PhD. Also….thanks for the other comment on my About Me Page for future references. I really want to become a writer when I grow up but also do something in the Science field.

        Happy December to you too. May you have a good rest of your life. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year(Almost)


    3. What a fun looking blog! I smiled all through my little visit. Although it took me a couple of moments to find out that there are tabs of pages at the top. Perhaps you can fix it in photoshop and put a bit of semi-transparent white layer on top of your background image to make the top tabs more visible. Just an opinion :D
      Anyway nice blog. Very girly without being “hearts-and-glitters”. :)

    4. Your blog is so xmas and cute <3 I'd love it if you add some personality to your blog, seeing as how its difficult to understand you through your blog. Your posts are a lovely read though. Could you please see mine, and give some feedback? It would be appreciated. Thank you x

      1. Thanks for the comment. What do you mean by add personality??? I DON’T REALLY GET THAT.

        Ok…so I love your blog. Totally rocks….the writing style is awesome. I love the expression and tone. The About Me Page is really cool and I like it.

      2. It means make it more personalised! when I come to your blog, the first impression is that its christmas-y! but it doesnt tell much about you!
        So maybe you wanna add a background or something like that!

        Thanks :D

  1. Hi there everyone! I’m new to the blogsphere and would appreciate feedback/suggestions on what I could write about. Thanks in advance!

    My blog is at:

      1. Wow…I love it. Very creative and I love the style you use. You could write about anything that comes to you…..maybe an interest of yours…..or about your life….and what comes to your mind when you think of life. Just write….you will get somewhere.

    1. Yeah, this is a good start. Very clear and easy to read. I would just be careful since your topic is so broad to keep it all connected somehow. Your personality could probably do that.

    2. I suggest adding a bit more personality to your blog, since it is going to be your personal blog. I like your writing style, and your posts would be more better, if you add some more matter to them x thats all, all the best x

    1. Wow…this is pretty expressive. Try to talk about things other people would be interested in. Also….use tags so people can find you. Wherever you go, tell people about your blog….maybe that will get you a follower?

      1. haha. Yeah, I tried to make a blog with little swearing and gave up after a week. I just assumed not everyone was going to enjoy my blog anyways, might as well be those that do not mind swearing.

      2. Blogs are supposed to be true to a person. I’m on here to be true to myself. Do I NEED to curse- no. But a well placed curse can sometimes get to the point. And honestly, who really cares?!

      3. Well… immature young adults, especially young men. Luckily for me, that is mostly who I expect to like my blog anyways. Swearing can be okay, but in the wrong setting, it can detract from overall experience. You just have to be aware of what your goal is with the blog (not everyone wants as many viewers as possible).

      4. My goal is to write about my life, while entertaining the few people who happen to read my posts. That is enough for me. I’m sure supperandjazz as well as other bloggers have their own goals in mind. And to supperandjazz, getting followers is about getting your blog seen. Just become a part of the community by liking, following, and commenting on other blogs. And tag appropriately to get it seen by those that might be interested.

      5. Yup….that’s a good goal. My goal is to get the message out. live your life the way you want. Don’t let others limit you. That’s what my goal would be. I hardly use tags so thanks for letting me know.

    2. Hi – Welcome to blogging. Getting started is so very exciting, especially the liberation. We look forward to reading about you in your ABOUT tab. I love the background as a color, because it is so pretty, but I wonder if there are other colors you might try. I wish my eyes could see the tabs better, but they seem lost in the background. I am so happy for your new blog – Silent.

    3. I agree see if you can come up word other than swear words. I do not like to read post with them myself. Your use of words was incredible other than the swear words.

    1. Hi, love the image, my only feedback would be to remove the background, or have a more simple one. I feel like the background is competing with your image.

    2. Hey x Since yours is a photography blog, I suggest having abstract background. But then again, it depends on your kind of photography. Your posts are FLAWLESS x All the best

      1. It seems to have a conflict with your posts,
        but once I get used to it, its rather appealing :D And also, if you could somehow highlight your tabs, because they’re to small
        Oh no, x is just a way of typing with teens nowadays, I’m guessing you’re not exactly 16 year old.

    1. Hey our theme is the same! Kudos to that!
      I’ll begin by saying that you should come up with more catchy headings for your posts! because the heading you do use, they fail to express the excitement that your actual posts have! :D
      So you should work on that
      Could you see my blog in the meantime, and give some feedback? :D

  2. I have recently moved from “anthem” theme for my photography blog to “visual”. Anthem is great, although it was starting to feel a bit boring, extremely simple. I’ve spent the entire weekend preparing featured images, changing the structure of some posts, etc… Now I’m not sure if its going in the opposite direction, and this theme is a bit more busy to the eyes. Any feedback is always welcome. What other themes are interesting for this kind of photoblogs?

      1. “ideation and Ident” looks a bit outdated. I don’t like it. Hatch looked promising, but there is something wrong with how the featured pictures appear in the post also,so you have a duplicated picture in each post. So far, gridspace is looking great. I might try also traveler.

    1. My eyes kind of get confused on the home page because the post entries aren’t all the same height. Is there a way to standardize that?

      As for other themes, I wonder if Fontfolio would work for you. There’s also a new theme called Spun that looked promising.

      1. The height depends on the picture ratio. Also, if there is a bit of text, that adds. I will have a look at Fontfolio and others to see what looks better. Thanks for your comment!

    2. Hi There. I like the content, some of those pictures are superb but as you say I think it now looks a little busy, especially with the banner, text down the side and the dark nature of the theme in general.

      The left hand menu extends way beyond the 6 pictures that you show in the main area too. As i say though I really like the images themselves.

    3. Sorry I just noticed that the main page shows more images the more you scroll down, I must have clicked into something. Once I sussed this out i took another look and clicked into “crooked houses”

      That looked like some houses near the Strand where I used to work, is that where it was taken?

    4. Going back to basic look, I’m trying Imbalance theme and liking it a lot. It is like anthem but with a grid in the home page. I think it fits quite well to my photoblog, and the white background is less tiring to look at than the black in the Visual theme, I think.

  3. Hello everyone!

    SoundEagle’s blog is more or less still quite new, since there were long periods of almost total neglect before August 2012. Nevertheless, it has gradually become a reasonably fertile and multidisciplinary playground. Hopefully, it will always remain varied but consistent enough to entice and satisfy those who are artful and perceptive, those who delight in detail and texture, and those who resonate with the philosophical underpinnings and aesthetic approaches.

    As far as I know, many other bloggers have been blogging much longer and some of them have published hundreds and even thousands of posts of varying length, with hundreds or thousands of followers.

    Therefore, SoundEagle is here to learn from the veterans and seasoned blogging experts. And even if any of you lack the longevity and/or consistency of the more avid and able bloggers among us, please feel free to guide me in improving SoundEagle’s multidisciplinary blog, and to share your ideas and quirks here on the daily post, or there at, where Art, Science, Poetry, Music & Ideas can be free to mingle and roam . . . .

    Thank you in anticipation!

  4. Hi, I entered a short story writing competition that I’d like the community’s feedback on. You also have an option to vote for the story if you do like it. More details on the post and background available here –

    To read and vote for my story, use this link –

    P.S. You may have to login using your Facebook account to vote; allowing the NotionPress app to display your vote on your wall is optional.

  5. Hi everyone!
    I did the Weekly Photo Challenge and the theme was “Community.” I thought it would be great for the Community Pool and find out what Community means to you. =)
    Also, any feedback on my blog would be helpful. I recently changed my About Me, the background, and little things and here there. Thank you! <3

    1. I love it. I really do. Continue with this blog. You will make great process. That’s an interesting picture for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I love the theme and the way the widgets are laid out.

  6. Hello everyone!
    I am very new to blogging. I just started my blog a few days ago actually. I have a passion for fitness and have so much to say about it so I just randomly decided to share my thoughts by starting a blog… If you have a chance, please check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions :)
    Happy blogging

    1. Be mindful that your “colorful” language may prevent your reader audience from being as wide as it could be. Someone told me to put more information about myself in the about page. As you get more comfortable blogging, I would encourage you do the same.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. As far as the colourful language, that is just part of my personality…I understand it may turn some people away but you can’t please everyone I suppose. But thank you for the suggestion regarding adding more info to the about page. I will definitely do that.

    2. I love the enthusiasm and structure of your blog posts. The posts are phrased naturally, not too technically, and they’re the right length. I’d say you’re off to a very, very good start.

    3. Christina! I just checked out your blog and i love the idea of having a countdown constantly heading towards and achievement. really engaging for a reader and a great conversation starter for new people too!

      Im running an experiment on my blog at the moment called ’20 hours to peak physical condition’ where ive researched exercise, nutrition and optimal sleeping to become as fit as possible in a month.

      Maybe w could pool our resources? you could be a guest blogger in the series (im currently on day 9) giving advice on exercises and nutrition and i would happily promote your blog and share links and such..

      take a look and see what you think..

      1. Hi! Thank you for the kind words.
        I read your 20 hours posts and I was very intrigued. It is a very interesting and inspirational concept and I look forward to seeing how your journey progresses. I would love to be involved in whatever capacity I can. Let me know what I can do :)

    4. I enjoyed reading through your blog. As someone new to running I appreciate passion for ANYTHING! Your passion shines throughout your blog. I love that you include fantastic information as well. Not my hobby, but helpful to anyone looking to build muscle – and be inspired :)

      1. Thank you so much :)
        I know that I take a slightly different approach than other fitness blogs but that is just my personality. It’s nice to see that I’m not making a total fool of myself haha

    5. I too love to be physically active. I love all aspects of lifting and cycling. As far as your blog, I think the layout is good, and I think you have the knowledge to give good advice to your followers who are interested in this. BUTT . . . (yes, the misspell was intended) your blog is heavy in “gym talk.” Opening a can of nuts with your butt is . . . I don’t know, but I would suggest that you take your knowledge and guide people on how to get where you are. Most people won’t read a blog that is loaded with “hey look at how awesome I am.” People can celebrate your successes, but help others and it will come to you also. :)

      1. Thanks you for the reply! To be honest, the whole butt thing I did to set me apart. I don’t know of anyone else who talks about their butt in a blog. I do want to provide helpful content to anyone who is interested in reading my stories, I just feel that I go about it at a slightly unique way. I am a odd and sarcastic kind of person and I think it really comes out in my writing. I am not opposed to being more traditional in my approach, it just seems like a lot of people do that and I like to be different :)

      2. Oh absolutely! I could not agree more, like a cool dude once wrote . . .
        Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
        - Dr. Seuss
        I was just throwing in what I thought. :)

    1. I love the poem. Don’t worry…’s really good. The last part is especially the best. There’s nothing to improve about poetry. Just write from your heart.

      1. Thanks very much! I just find it so hard to make my poetry not sound like its been written by a six year old. It’s weird though because i love writing prose! Thanks for the advice :-)

    1. teenager myself, so i LOVE YOUR BLOG! its absolutely amazing <3 I suggest adding a little personality x you'll attract a lot of readers :D
      could you see mine and give some feedback?

  7. Into the community pool
    jumped the community fool.
    The water froze his rear
    but he saved a happiness engineer.
    (he, he, her)

  8. So, i have content up, i have good content up really.

    But my blog is very much in its infancy. I have a handful of followers and a few friends on facebook bringing traffic levels in daily but the numbers are in the tens not hundreds.

    I’ve recently started a new experiment called ’20 hours’ where i apply myself fully to a specific task, in this case, becoming healthy.

    It involves daily updates and charts and humour and advice and everything nice like that.

    I need advice on how to write for this type of article.

    My blog isn’t a Healthy fitness only type of place but to a new visitor its the impression they might get…

    I need to be engaging the audience in a fun and friendly way and not putting off people. I want to encourage more people to look at other areas of the site before they choose whether I’m worth their time or not.

    I currently seem to get more traffic by doing the daily prompts which take 5minutes whereas the time and effort i put into the ’20 hours’ series is huge.

    share the wisdom with me!

      1. Genuinely, I personally don’t think you need to improve anything. In fact, I’m jealous of your layout.

        I like to read about anything and everything, as long as it is well written and keeps me entertained.

        Write about whatever you want to – your enthusiasm for a subject will draw people in.

    1. I think you’re getting article quality and traffic mixed up. A page hit generally reflects someone wanting to visit, not whether they found it worthwhile to visit. (The exception is when a visitor browses multiple posts.)

      The daily prompts get more traffic because a lot of participants want to read what everyone else did for that prompt. It doesn’t mean those posts are better or were viewed more favorably by the people who visited your blog.

      Getting tens of visitors is good, especially in your first half-month. I think the WordPress blog gets traffic in the hundreds per day. (They published their stat graph one time…)

      So… it just takes time and a lot of it. I once did a guest post on one of the most highly trafficked blogs at WordPress and it netted 200-250 views, so your expectations for traffic are definitely on the high side.

      1. Thank you for the information, i guess my expectations are very high.

        I feel as if, if i can just reach the right few people, then the growth will become exponential.

        I read that the most successful blogs didn’t gradually become thrust into greatness – instead they grew way beyond all the normal expectations and were hitting hundreds of views daily within a month. Then thousands within a year…

        Im not as concerned with the amount of traffic i get though. Sure stats look lovely. But i want to know how to improve the quality for the individual. I don’t want to alienate people when I’m running a specific series of blogs in rapid succession.

        For example. since I’ve posted daily on fitness, clicks on my Photos page have dropped considerably. Yet when i went live, the pages were almost evenly clicked.

    2. My experience writing a blog that is about a personal project (the way your 20 hours posts are) is that it inherently doesn’t attract many readers. You’re doing great by intermixing the daily prompts, because people want to see how others reacted to the same prompts… and then once they see your 20 hrs posts maybe they will go and read them. In other words I think you are doing the right thing already.

      1. Thank you, that was my thinking too, I don’t want people to come to me and see a one trick pony. My next stage is to incorporate new images on that feed too, so they get one daily prompt, one series update and one visual stimulus to work with.

        Is this wise? or am i over crowding with new content?

      2. To be honest, beyond the first post which was very inviting with the “Continue Reading,” I found the front page a bit overwhelming and wasn’t sure which post to choose next or which one stood out to me. Maybe tweak the layout to open the door a bit more to readers. Some links also brought back “Not Found” when I clicked on them.

    3. My suspicion is that it’s a lot of new content, because a lot of readers are following many blogs and don’t have enough time to read even what they are following. So maybe one picture and one daily on one day, then the next day a series update, alternating like that.

    4. Oh my x YOUR LAYOUT IS FABULOUS! And your posts have such an appeal, Its like I cannot stop reading! you actually hardly have anything to improve. All the best x Following :D

    1. I think your blog has an identity; each post just needs more structure. A lot of times you seem to assume that people know more about your life than they actually do. So your posts tend to come across almost as if you’re jotting them to yourself. You may want to take some time to stop and plan out a post, what you intend to say, before you write it. Just my impression.

    2. your blog is actually too personalised, although its a good read every now and then, an overdose isnt good. I suggest you become a bit more reader friendly :D Other than that, Your blog is AMAZING. All the best.
      Mind seeing mine and giving a feedback?

    1. although your posts are interesting, your blog layout is off putting!
      I suggest adding a bit more colour and personality x
      could you see mine and give some feedback?

    1. Your theme is BEAUTIFUL <3
      And your poems are EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL <3
      Folllowing x
      I look forward to better reads x
      Could you see mine and give a feedback?

      1. Hi Almaas!thanks a lot.Well your articles are fabulous and hilarious!I found myself enjoying especially “high school ones”…goodluck!

      2. Hi Almaas!thanks a lot.Well your articles are fabulous and hilarious!I found myself enjoying especially “high school ones”…goodluck!

    1. I love it. You are so brave to tell people what you are doing before you do it. I hope to see how this all turns out. And I hope to read your other posts. Thank you – Silent

    2. your theme completely matches to your URL, I dont know how, but it does! :D
      I’d love some varieties in your writing style, and some more perk ups in your theme :D
      could you please see mine and give some feedback? Much appreciated x

      1. Thanks so much for the feedback! What kind of perk ups would you recommend? Your blog is very nice. I loved the background image and the posts were interesting to read. Especially the post on atheism. I would recommend using the ‘more” feature to give a snippet of each post instead of showing the whole post. It would make it easy on the eyes when I scroll down :) congratulations on your nomination as well!

      2. Probably having a picture as a background! :D That would be a good place to begin with! I dont know if your theme will allow it or not :)

        Thank you so much :D
        Oh yes, I’ll do that!
        Um, do you know how I can do that?
        Add the more feature?

        Thanks so much! :D

    1. Visually, it’s stunning. Love the photos you have used. Overall there’s a gentle tone and evokes in me an emotional response, one that takes me back to being carefree as a child. There is a freshness to it all… well done.

    2. I think your blog is one of the few who can manage to look attractive even after being so simple! Its very appealing to the eyes. I’m following because your posts are too cute
      I’d love some feedback from you for my blog, since I’m quite new.
      Thanks a lot

    1. Nice work. Your work is well said. Let your words pour out and don’t worry about us. The professionals say to keep the audience in mind, but Steinbeck would disagree and I think you should too. :)

      1. Wow. So very nicely said …and that needed to be said I do believe so. It’s difficult to not get distracted by thinking about how others will perceive your words. I should remember that isn’t really the goal for me. Thank you.

      1. Thanks a lot for saying that. I don’t even really understand why I was never mad at her. I was quite bitter when I was younger but never at her. I’m sure there is more to that.

    2. your blog seems very peaceful, and exciting at the same time :D
      Following because I wanna learn your writing style :D

      Could you please see mine and give feedback?
      Thanks so much

    1. These are really lovely Dina. I’ve found it useful to post consistently and as often as is realistic for you. If you wanted to add a sentence or two to each post you might be able to engage your readers on another level.

      Your theme is gorgeous!
      I suggest you put some more meaning into your posts by adding more matter

      Could you see mine and give some feedback?

    1. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong; I haven’t gotten comments since the early days of my blog a few months ago. Your blog comes across like a journal; maybe people don’t know what to say perhaps because you are not indicating what you would like them to comment about. A therapist once told me that people would like to be guided in how I want them to react to me, which totally stunned me at the time but was a very useful concept. What would you like people to say to you? And about what?

    1. Love the blog. Love the frequency of your posts. My only advice (and one I’ve got to give myself too) is don’t add a picture just to have a picture. Sometimes a less than great picture can take away from a great post. It’s a sin I know I commit time and again.

      1. P.s.- since you wrote this as feedback, I purchased a camera! Waiting for it in the mail and hopefully I’ll be able to get on here and post some real photos. Once again, I thank you for your honest response!

        Best, Talia

    2. I really like your writing style, and the way you include pictures. In a couple of posts they might be a little superfluous but sometimes you need a picture to properly portray what you’re thinking or feeling. You have a very admirable blog there!

      1. considering I received that comment before I’m absolutely going to take your advice! Thank you for your response, it’s appreciated. Also, after reading through some of your posts I have some feedback as well. I love the title of your blog- your posts truly reflect that life can at time be a climb, but that it’s worth it in the end. I love the honesty of your blog as well. You will help a lot of people through your writing, more than you may ever know, and more importantly, I believe writing helps us heal ourselves. Keep up the good work and once again, thank you :)

  9. Hi Community, I started using WordPress as a platform of my autobiography and now my blog is more than just writing my life story. I take part in Weekly Photo Challenges and sometimes Daily Prompt and love it. I found that I tend to get a lot more likes when posting on those challenges but when I write a standard post, I do not get as many likes or comments. I would love to hear from you about my blog in general.

    And for new bloggers, I created a special page where you can post your blog for feedback and comments. Please check this out.

    1. It’s very much like a diary, i.e., a typical blog, certanly no worse than average, maybe significantly better. But typical blogs don’t draw much readership. Your layout is quite workable, for now. The content is okay, but if it were my blog, I’d add a wider spectrum of content: what worked, what were the positives among all the negatives, what did I get out of it, what did I learn, what would I do to help others if THEY were in this situation. Balance, basically. Good luck and congratulations!

    1. The content of this blog is great. This post is very honest and quite true. I enjoyed reading the post; it gives the impression the creator likes thinking, which seems to be a target in your blog. Your follow button is slightly confusing though.

      1. Thanks, appreciate the comment. I’ll have a think about that follow button; I can see your point… I could kid myself and cite that as a reason for not having quite so many followers…

  10. I would appreciate some feedback on my two and half week old blog — specifically, I would like to know which of my posts are good and which are not. This will help me focus on the desirable features in later posts. The blog is meant to be humorous and uses some vulgar language in some of the more recent posts (If you do not like this, you can leave a comment, but do mention something else on the page you preferred). Thanks

    1. Hi Camjo3,

      Your new blog is already off to a very good start with interesting contents about your life in the college/dormitory and about your family and certain friends.

      Your “About” page sets up a good tone and is adequately reflexive regarding what and how others should make of your intentions and purposes behind your published posts. It would be even better to give an account of what stream, course or discipline of tertiary study you are undertaking, considering that many of your posts concern your life in college.

      I have left more comments on your blog, and will be grateful if you could also kindly review my blog. The instructions are available in this community pool at

      May you enjoy your long holiday after all of the exams are over with flying colours!

      1. Thank you, I appreciate you saying that :D
        I do like the content of your blog, but all the seemingly randomly placed upper-case makes it seem like you’re shouting at me, and as you’ve probably gathered my brain is a bit picky so it decided an anxious response was the best approach. For this reason I will not be following you, but I do like your chosen blog topics.

  11. I’m trying very hard to get more people to see my blogs, as are all of us, but I’d like to know how. I’ve tagged various blogs with different tags for a wider audience, and I guess the idea of being “freshly pressed” is kind of hard. Advice?

    1. Your layout looks good, but your content seems sad and self-deprecating. Don’t be so “whoa is me.” Just blog about what inspires you. Connect with the world, where you are a foreigner, by finding people who have similar interests.

    1. I don’t think it looks empty, I think there are too many images, and for me that’s what doesn’t flow… My only suggestion would be to reduce the number of images… or a different template…