Community Pool

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

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  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
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    1. I love your Persist post! That poem is awesome! :) It helped me because I’m going through a difficult patch right now. I think I’m going to bookmark that poem and come back to it when I need to.

      I’m not a big fan of that particular theme; it’s a little too minimalist for me. Perhaps that was what you were going for, but I think another still minimal but slightly easier to see theme might be good. Maybe 2012 or 2011?

      1. Thank you :) Sad to know that difficult times haunt you. But then we all can persist, can’t we? And persist till we stand stronger than we did before :)
        I shall look into different theme and reconsider :)
        Thanks a lot :)

    2. Have you considered putting an “about” tab at the top? It appears that you are doing quite well, with over 1500 followers. How did you get so many followers so fast?

      1. Yes am working on it :P Well there is this thing called Publicise that lets you connect to your facebook and g+. So every time you post it automatically posts there :) But don’t worry every few of my real friends read it :P
        Thank you :)

    3. I like your post “The Tree” — although I didn’t read the title at first and I figured it out without needing the title. Maybe call it something else, and let the reader get there on their own.

      I also liked “The View.” These two had a solid flow and I felt reasonably well grounded and not dropped into the middle of the story. It was easy to follow the flow. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Thank you :) I shall give my titles more thought when i post from next time :) Well , i had felt that i need to have some attractive titles :P Your words sort of woke up that thought :P Thank you again :)

      1. I like the way you have presented that! True that we all miss him. December has been a sad year for a lot of people. First , Paul Walker. Next it was my favourite figure , my inspiration , Nelson Mandela. Then there was the death of a local comedian. Death. One thing no can escape from.

    1. I liked this post more than I thought I was going to! The title made it sound very blah, I thought “oh man, a trip to the mall? that sounds so banal.” But the actual post was fun and I liked the sense of humor! I would recommend coming up with more playful titles. And for a picture post, I always enjoy a fun introductory paragraph as well. As it’s the most consumerist time of the year, it’s the perfect season for posts like this.
      P.S. that Bebe jumpsuit is horrifying- did you try it on?? :)

      1. I meant Bold Captions after every photograph :P The one i can think of is for the two dogs :P Something like ” Brothers in Bond” :P

      2. Nice post! First of all I am not an expert and working on making mine better too. Title was good but to really draw in the viewers you might want to consider something that would draw in viewers. Most of the time I really do not use captions but when you are posting a lot of photos in your type of post it is better to. I agree with NADIG7 that bold captions would had really worked. You have a very good sense of humor. Keep working on that.

        Nice photo. You really got a cute facial expression on the one puppy. Try getting at their level for more cute photos.

      1. Well, I have an attribute that allows me to take pictures in almost all shops, which is that I don’t care if they’d rather I not take pictures, and I take them anyway. :)

        I should mention that I didn’t take pictures in a shop that specifically said not to on several signs, and I never got someone’s face in a photo.

    1. I’d say it’s user friendly! I would recommend a picture and little description about who you are and what you’re blogging about at the very top of the sidebar. It helps engage the reader, draw them in, and get to know you! I think you might also benefit from having categories listed as you seem to cover several topics regarding Healthy Living!

      1. I am still looking for that perfect picture. (I am a selfie queen.)What does the x indicate? Is it x=unknown variable from Algebra? I like your blog, because I taught high school (math) for nine years. This year, I’m at a middle school as a library media specialist. I will be following your blog because I like to know “what the young people are up to ” without following them on Twitter and such.

      2. I didnt think anyone would appreciate it on a blogging site, but hey, I’ll DEFINITELY upload one soon x
        oh, sorry, I keep forgetting a lot of people on here aren’t teenagers. Its a social symbol, it donates hugs and thank-yous. I SEE THE WORD LIBRARY AND I LIGHT UP.
        Thank you so much, hahaha I hope I’m able to represent my generation well
        ^__^ x
        Thanks so much, again.

    2. Very user friendly. Very nice blog. Adding categories listed they type of post would be an added plus.

    1. As SMARTSTUNNINGSEARCHING suggested you might want to let readers know what you theme is. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  1. Could someone please comment on my use of widgets and the general look of my blog? The posts are very long (and not broken by “click for more”) on purpose. There are lots of links also on purpose. My only questions are about widgets and general design. Please comment here and not on the blog. Thanks in advance!

    1. It has a clean look that makes it very easy to read. I like that you just have the one sidebar. I always like a widget that gives a little more info on what the blog is about. Also your Category widget with the title “Why Not?” was a bit confusing- I might recommend a more informative title.

      1. You’re absolutely right about the Category widget. And I hadn’t thought of putting an “about” widget in addition to the “about” page. Thanks for the ideas.

    2. Yeah, hi! You ought to consider finding a theme that perhaps has two columns for your widgets, that makes them more visible if I don’t feel like scrolling once I get to your blog. In terms of the length of your posts, you can shorten them (insert something called a “continue reading” sort of button) that will allow readers to click from your homepage to the actual post (drives up blog traffic). While editing your post, find a place where you want your writing to cut off on the front page and insert a “Insert-More-Tag” or just press Alt-Shift-T. Hope that helps!

      Also, check out my blog! I’d love feedback! – Catherine, from NeverStationary

      1. Thanks for the praise! What I like about your blog the most is the way your personality shines through and it’s positive and warm yet questioning. Never lose that positive, thoughtful attitude.

      2. Oh my goodness. Thank you so very very much.
        It means A LOT, coming that from you, because I feel that I can Convey my feelings

  2. Happy Sunday! I’ll dive in–

    I would love feedback on the 2 posts I wrote this week.
    The first was about my Thanksgiving spent in Washington DC. It was sort of a “This is what I did this weekend!” post and I’d love the hear if that sort of thing merits interest from readers.

    My second post captures a New York Minute, a brief fantasy from glancing at a stranger on the street. I’ve never written a post like it before. I’m considering perhaps making a serious of New York Minutes like this and I’d love feedback on that idea!

    Really any and all feedback is marvelous. Thanks much!

  3. Hi – I joined WordPress about six months ago, and made lots of changes on how my blog looks. Also, I’ve been trying to write better. I would really like your thoughts and suggestions Silent.

      1. Oh – now I get it. Some of you always put your most recent post at the top. I thought that was too messy, and was trying to use the About Page to tell about me and show people where to go to read my stories. I will need to think about that. Thank you for your help.

      2. Maybe try creating a new Custom Menu. From your Dashboard (, go into Appearance –> Menu and try clicking “create a new menu.” Then include Home and About (and anything else that you want to add), check the “Primary Menu” box, and click Save Menu. That should override the old menu with a new one that works properly. If this doesn’t work you should be able to revert to your original menu.

    1. I found it confusing that you first come to the about page and it you hit home you get the about page again. I load to the most recent blog and most bloggers do. Not sure if most people are willing to look for that. Nice writing!

  4. My current area of interest is to know what it takes to run my blog directly, without the “.wordpress” extention.
    Can I retain my followers?
    Would I be required to make technical adjustments by myself?
    What really does it take to have a blog that I can call my own?
    Please throw some light. Feel free to stop by at my blog too.

  5. thanks for the service, i have a very important image, that is real, a set of them, that proves, the real existence of God Most High, i was hoping to make as many people aware of this great event, as it has profound implications for all of us, how should i go about making people aware of all this. also, i’m not a programmer and my blog is basic looking, any advice would me most appreciated, thanks in anticipation, perhaps a user with media know how might be able to help, thanks again,

  6. I just completely changed the look of my blog! It’s more centered on the content, vs. the pictures that merely augmented the posts. I’d love feedback on that, or anything else, really! (my writing!) Thanks everyone!! – Catherine

    1. Hey there, your blog is simple, and its actually a bit TOO simple,
      Add a few patterns, a banner,
      give it a personal feel, and you’ll attract a lot of readers
      Plus, the two sidebars, are somewhat putting off
      So try and see if you can carry those links to other pages x
      Could you please have a look at mine?

    1. Hi – I love the pictures!!!!!! Your tenderness and love shine through. What a wonderful present for your child. Save the blog.

      Some thoughts: (a) Loved the use of MORE – good for you; (b) About Page – we want to know more about you; (c) Home Page – I think the About Page can be the Home Page; (d) Archive Page – you are going to have so many posts, so this would be a good place to put them; (e) Categories and Tags so you and the reader can sort through your wonderful posts.

      I love your blog. I hope your baby appreciates what you are doing – Silent

      1. Thank you. I do have the About, Archive & Categories but they are buried at the bottom of my blog. I am still trying to figure out how to navigate my own pages. I will definitely take your suggestion & make a separate page for that information, just as soon as I can figure out how to do it. I really appreciate the feedback.

      1. Thank you very much for your input. I will work on both of those things. I am still learning to navigate my page and am unsure of what I am doing. It is wonderful to receive honest advice.

  7. I am also a relatively new blogger and am looking to expand on my following and start really interacting with a community that shares some of the interests that I do. My blog is based on writing and self improvement and I feel like I a lot of high quality posts, but I am not getting great traffic. Any tips on what I could change (preferably on my writing style of the link I post and if you have a huge heart some of the other posts on my blog) to bring about more traffic would be wonderful. Thank you all in advance! :)

    1. The look of your blog is very sterile and lacking of personality. An instant turn off. This made me assume your posts were going to be that way, but they’re not! I would recommend a picture for your header that conveys personality. That quote is waaaay too long for anyone who is not already invested in your blog to read! I also recommend, I’m saying this a lot today- a picture and little description about who you are and what you’re blogging about at the very top of the sidebar. This allows an immediate connection with new readers!
      Hope that’s helpful!

    2. Hi – Isn’t it fun to start blogging? I love it. I used to wish I knew how to grow a site. You and I are reading the same “grow it” articles. Did you know your “Site Suggestions” is not working? I would love to see your name or nic in your About section? Happy blogging – Silent.

    3. I think you’re an excellent writer. There is nothing wrong with your writing style! What I’ve found helps me is getting to know other bloggers for the sake for getting to hear they’re stories. Write because you want to write and not for traffic.”If you build it, they will come.”

    4. I think a theme change could maybe help but isn’t paramount. Just add your own personal touches to the theme! I can tell your personality is fun from the way you write, visually representing that so it’s apparent from first glance, should help you out a lot. That’s why a good, unique header is so important.

  8. Hey everyone~

    I’ve been debating on having some sort of homepage for my blog. I initially used my “About” page as that, but I didn’t have a post page. Right now it’s just my recent posts that make up the homepage, but I would rather have a static page. Would it be a good idea to use my “About” page as a homepage, or should I do something different?

    Also feel free to poke around and let me know what you think of my content, layout, all that jazz.


    Hopefully the HTML coding worked; haven’t tried it in the comments yet ^^;

    1. Hi Ben,

      I thought about this a lot, too. I tried a HOME page. The posts pile up. It got messy, and I got lost. Then I tried the MORE tag, But, I could not find anything anymore.

      So, I turned my ABOUT page into my HOME page (somewhere in the settings), and made an ARCHIVE page where everything goes (with a MORE).

      But, I still couldn’t keep my stories straight, so I made an INDEX page to list my articles, and jumps to go to the articles. I don’t know if it works, but, at least I can find stuff now.

      Happy blogging – Silent

      1. Ok, I’ll try going back to using my “About” page as my homepage; though I’ll add an “Archive” or “Recent Posts” page.

        I already figured out how to get all my posts organized, and I’m quite happy with it so far.


    1. I really like your poem “Rain Rain Stay This Way”, it is very well written and I personally loved it. I’ve only taken a glance but from what I saw you should post a little bit more (in my opinion) because currently you are posting once a month (unless that’s what you’re going for). Just a small thing, I can’t view the picture on your “About me” page. I’m not sure if that’s on my end or yours. Also in my opinion your about me page should say more who you are and then how it applies to what your blog is about. You do a good job of explaining you, but i think you could take that to the next level. I also think you’re home button is not working. Overall good blog though! I followed, if you want to get in touch feel free to shoot me an email at



      1. Thank you so much for your advice! Ya suddenly I’m having some technical difficulties but I’ll try to fix the picture on the about page.
        Thanks again!

      1. Thanks so much for the input! I just checked out your blog and I absolutely love it. Just followed. :)

    1. Hi, I liked the letter written to the protagonist in this story. One way to increase readership of long posts like this is to give them a paragraph that is in a graphic form, that looks like the back of an actual book– the preview that readers would have if it was a purchased book. It would help the reader get in the right mindset. I didn’t know if I should expect something funny, or serious or dramatic in the end until the story became very dark midway through. I like the theme of superpowers weaved in with life from a 20 year old.

  9. howdy! As I just joined wordpress I’m still new to a lot of it :) My blog is still undergoing a lot of changes but I would appreciate any opinions on the layout – I am using one of the defaults, I think it’s very smart and minimal, I wonder though if it’s good for a page that features a lot of visual content. Anyhow, hi all!

    1. hello there, I can see that your blog is under construction x and I’d love it if you finish fast, because if it isnt appealing to the eye, it might come across as rigid. Also I feel your blog lacks a theme, so I suggest you jot down the things you’re most likely to write about x Have tags to help you organise
      Could you give some feedback on mine, I’m quite new myself.

      1. Thanks for feedback! yup, I’m still trying to figure out which way to go and how much of a portfolio look I can get with the written entries along.
        I just had a look at yours, very thought provoking and versatile.I will try to follow :)

  10. <—————Same as above — new to the blogging world, fiance (big blog reader) suggested I try and put my thoughts and everything down for discussion, and I just started this thing today -so any suggestions?

    1. your url definitely caught my eye and well, The theme kinda caught me off guard! I suggest you make it a bit more nerdy, with a booky banner of some sort. Maybe I’m generalizing too much But I’d love to see the blog resonate with the URL x
      Could you see mine? Much of a nerd and book lover myself

  11. Hey ya momma’s. I am very new to blogging. Would be nice if all you ppl can take time to have a look, & let me know ways to improve my content writing. And ya, how to write the comical way !! Do post your comments.

  12. I have recently started my new blog I would love any feedback about content and grammar. I would hate to have bad grammar and not realize. Thanks in advance for any advice and your creative criticism.

  13. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year already. I will be posting some itunes playlists from years gone by. Does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with iTune like I do?

    1. I like your voice–very approachable and friendly and bubbly. However, I did notice a few spelling errors in your Christmas post (I’m a stickler about those, ask anyone).

      1. Hi, thanks for the positive feedback =) Is it my Christmas tag post?? Can you be more specific with which words I misspelled? I know Christmasy is wrong because I just made that up. lol.

  14. Hello,
    I have a new sports blog with no upgrades. Eventually, I will be upgrading because I wish to add paid sites, affiliate marketing, etc. I read where I would have to leave this platform but I wish to stay with WordPress. For now, since I am new to blogging and still learning, I wish to keep it simple.

    I invite everyone to come to my blog and tell me what you think. I welcome all criticisms. This is my first blog and I wish to make an income as a Sports Writer. I have followers so I believe I am on the right track and now I wish to take this to the next step.

    For the time being, can I add pics to my blog on a static page?


    1. Hi Stacy – I do not follow football, but your blog seems very professional, and your write like a sports writer. The purple and black hurt my eyes, but I finally got it (my football fan love Bronco orange and blue lol). I know it is scary for a girl to do, but I did not see an ABOUT page so I could know more about you. You have a lot of wonderful posts, but it I could not find an easy way to go back to the first one Have you thought about an ARCHIVE page? Keep going girl – Silent.

    1. I truly enjoyed your description, but I feel that the piece needed more cohesion. The part about the tree and tears at the end seemed to spring out of no where. Could you include language earlier in the piece to subtly create sad tension that climaxes with the tree?

      1. Thanks for the advice! I totally see where you’re coming from. I was sort of just free writing, and didn’t really think about the overall unity of it. Thanks for letting me know :)

      2. Yeah I understand! I’ve received similar critiques on my writing–to do more than describe. I’m trying to be a more critical reader and writer because of that. Glad I could help!

  15. Hi! I would really appreciate it if people could check out my blog as well. I would appreciate feedback on the layout; I just don’t know how to make it pretty.

    1. Hi Devina – I know how hard it is to ask for help. I have been afraid, too. Somehow, the background hurts my eyes, and the text is lost. Maybe it is the theme or something? Also, I would suggest an ABOUT page (because we want to know more about you, and an ARCHIVE page so we can find all your wonderful post. Happy blogging – Silent

    1. 1. The grey on peach and burgundy on peach is hard to read. I would choose colors that are easier on the eyes.
      2. Add some pictures!
      3. Categorize your posts so readers can find Haikus, “serious” posts, funny ones, etc.
      4. Love the haikus. I can totally relate as a fellow student.

    1. You’d benefit from a really critical university English teacher. You have lots of talent but some of your prose is what my 1st year teacher would have called ‘purple’ (too many adjectives) and some of the constructions are awkward. Some words seem to be used without awareness of their built-in connotations.

      Let’s look at a sentence about hummingbirds. “In their pulsating stillness, these fickle creatures seemed just like those moments that people always talk about; the moments when time moves so quickly yet seems like it has stopped.” A great comparison, slightly difficult because it relates the concrete to the abstract. I’d suggest editing it to “In their deceptive appearance of stillness, these pulsating creatures made me think of moments when time moves quickly, yet feels as if it has stopped.” If you’re fond of ‘pulsating stillness,’ you could get away with the less explanatory “In their pulsating stillness, these creatures made me think of moments when time moves quickly, yet feels as if it has stopped.”

      You can’t get away with calling the birds ‘fickle,’ though. That word has an indelible connotation of insincerity, and no one would understand why you are trash-talking the integrity of those nice birds.

      You don’t need to appeal to the crowd with “that people always talk about,” since your experience as an author is sufficient. The cliche about time moving quickly when it seems to move slowly is not so deadly that you need to bring in the crowd to indicate ‘they said it, not me.’

      “So quickly,” as any English teacher would tell you, is a use of the weakest possible type of emphatic. ‘Hand-waving’ is what theater people would call it.

      Using the most elementary sort of formula for similes, “seems like,” twice in the same sentence is awkward. It suggests, perhaps misleadingly, that you aren’t comfortable writing metaphors and similes. In my rewrite, all of the ‘seems’ have been unzipped from the sentence. To use ‘feels as if’ rather than ‘feels like’ is just one of those touches that says, “Even though I want to seem like an author who’s in touch with the people, I know I’m writing literary English now and not talking to my friend on my mobile phone.” It’s a class marker, and you can live without it, but most authors pay some heed to looking like masters of their language. If you plan to write everything in street dialogue, make it obvious. There are no ‘pulsating stillnesses’ in street dialogue unless the speaker is on an acid trip. English is an extremely class-conscious language. Know the literary level you’re pitching for.

    1. Your friends post was spot on–Amy Poheler gave some great advice about friendships that I think fits right in with what you were saying…She said that if they don’t make you feel included and a part of something good, tell them to beat it. And yes, boys and girls can be friends. I’m in college an my roommate next year is my best friend and a boy.

      1. Well I read stuff on your blog the last time we had a community pool. Keep writing about the moments that matter to you and make sure explain why they are so important. You can also give yourself challenges sometimes…maybe like “This week I am going to draw a cartoon and post it,” even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Or maybe “I am going to describe my favorite food and really push myself to use as many adjectives/senses as possible.” I know you are young, so I think the best thing would be to keep writing and reading. A lot.

      2. Oh….that’s a cool idea. I like it…..also anything that would help me drive attention to my blog…..please!!! I really would like feedback.

      3. I would keep telling your family and friends about it. I don’t know if you are too young to have a facebook or not, but I link my blog to my facebook. Also, keep asking for more critiques on Community Pools. (I get most of my views that way tehe). But remember, the only person you actually have to write for is yourself. If you like it, that is enough.

      4. Thanks for the help…..I really appreciate it. Also…..yeah, I am a little too young to have FaceBook. So….anything else I should know about blogging???

      5. Hahaha–my blog only has four posts so far. I’m still a newbie too. I think you should just keep trying to be creative, trying new things with words as you are growing up and figuring out the person you want to be.

      6. Ok….thanks so much….I will keep doing that. Any feedback you need??? Also….I’m always here so if you never need help….come over and ask.

      7. well I’m over at I am just trying to relate the observations I make to the world. But you are more than welcome to look at it and tell me what you think. I kinda want your opinion, mostly because your blog sounds like you and I had a lot in common when I was your age (I’m now 20 years old). I’m curious what my younger self would think of me.

      8. Wow…..I just looked at your blog. It is amazing. OMG, I just got an idea….I should keep a notebook with all the observations I make in life….maybe in the end I can write a post all about it, thank you for the inspiration. I really like your latest post All or Nothing. I’m curious to know what you had in mind when you wrote that post….what message were you trying to get out??? PLEASE REPLY ASAP.

      9. Actually yeah, I keep old journals and I write down all the odd things that happen. And I reread them, years after the fact. I also keep a list of potential topics on my computer, and a lot of them have simply taken years of life experience for things to line up and be something meaningful.

        As for all or nothing, its kinda a funny story. I did have an art teacher named Mrs. Kranz who taught me about mixing colors. I did have a high school physics teacher who taught me about light and wavelengths and all that. But one day, in my senior year of high school, my friends and I just wanted to be silly and have a “Rainbow Friday.” So each of us picked a different color, and I had black because that was my favorite color. And it was when all of us had dressed up in our favorite color that it just occurred to me that black is somehow all or nothing at the same time. So then I get to my sophomore year of college, and I hear that lyric from Macklemore. And I was like, well I’m an all or nothing kind of person. And I just kinda went “Huh.” And after that, everything just synthesized.

        So the message is that color isn’t actually pigments or wavelengths of light. It’s your aura that comes from within. The difference is that I talk about people having auras in a completely new way, not a cliched one.

      10. Wow….that’s so cool. I have a blog notebook……full of ideas for blogging….I have around 500 at the moment…me and my best friend always share ideas and we run a writing club at school. I wanted to know… inspire me a lot and I love the meaning of the All or Nothing Post so I wanted to ask is there any chance you could post a guest blog post on my blog please???

      11. Well I would have to think of a good topic. I would probably want to re-read one of my old diaries and just see what happens. I can’t force any of my writing topics, if that makes sense. I won’t make any promises, but if I come up with something I will let you know. I followed your blog, so I can find you again. :)

      12. Ok….thanks… much. Ok…..please tell me when you do…..BTW, this benefits me and you…..You because you’ll get more followers and I have 43 followers……so be sure to consider that. I would be really happy if you could so please let me know…..DESPERATE!

    1. Your post is timely, and your points are very clear. I can’t believe they killed off hershel either. And, if you are going to kill off Brian, at least do something epic around it. I always say, you can kill the characters, but NOT the dog. The fact that I want to share this with you–a perfect stranger, means you are doing something right with your Blog. Cheers!

    2. I enjoyed reading your post. Even though I haven’t watched any of the shows you mentioned (except Family Guy), you have written it in a way that anyone can understand it.

  16. I’ve decided to start a blog after years of contemplating if I should. I would love some feedback on the site! I’ve decided to go with a mix between a fashion and everyday life blog. I would really appreciate the feedback :)

    1. Don’t just tell us what you are wearing, tell us why you are wearing it. There is that one quote–I forget who said it–”When a woman says she has nothing to wear she really means she has nothing to wear for who she is supposed to be that day.” Give me more context to your thoughts.

      –Fellow fashion lover

  17. Sci-fi ideas blog

    I’m writing a blog in the voice of a fictional character, the 17-year-old narrator of a geek sci-fi book I wrote. In this story line, he lives on another planet, after being rescued from a suicide attempt on Earth. Most of his blog comments are about interesting or inspiring philosophical insights he has encountered on his new planet. The book itself has a whole adventure plot line, but I’m not attempting to post the whole thing on the blog.

    I can see that the most successful WordPress blogs feature first-person commentary on everyday life, and I’m not aiming for that niche at all. For all those people who like reading about ideas as ideas, though – my fellow geeks, nerds, or whatever – do you find my format ‘too far off the beaten track’ or otherwise not credible? Would more attention to visual design make a big difference? Any other suggestions or critique?

  18. This is the first time I’ve read the “Community Pool” post and I am thankful that I did. It is inspirational checking out these new blogs that I haven’t yet seen… and also reading the thoughtful comments and suggestions of the veteran bloggers. That being said, do y’all have any suggestions for me. I usually write in a long/bureaucratic style, so I am trying to stretch my writing abilities by writing in a completely different style. Sometimes it is a little too choppy, but I want it to be honest and direct. It is:

    1. I LOVE THIS. I love the clipped one-line paragraphs. Very different from how I write. If anything though, I feel like your posts about dates or different guys need just a few more lines. Drive home how you really feel and maybe try invigorating your adjective choice. I am just left wanting a tiny bit more.

      1. Thank you! I appreciate this….. I’m writing in a texting format. I consciously and constantly try to eliminate extra words. I was keeping it short to promote comments, but acknowledge that the brevity might be extreme at times. I didn’t want to give too much away. I’ll add more emotion and details (while retaining the clipped style).

      2. Yes! Push yourself to make every word as impactful as possible. I think this is a style that works for my vision of “LA dating,” as someone who has never been there and is from the Midwest.

      3. HAHAHA you describe my life! I always detail new romantic prospects that aren’t even founded in reality to my friends and I get all these butterflies. And then there is this moment when I’m like “you are studying abroad right now, so much can change in the next two months before you get back.” But I’m still weirdly giddy.

      4. I’m heading out on a date right now… going to a farmers market and then some neighborhood strolling if I want to learn more about the guy. We will see.

        I’m just deciding what to wear. Casual, non-hipster.

        Sooo, if you could please take a look at this post. I was more than irritated when I wrote it, but does it have type of details you think folks would enjoy?

      5. I think you could tighten it up even a bit more. I think a few of the lines are repetitive of each other, which takes away from the suspense you are building with this awful date story. But yes, I would read more of this.

      6. I posted that one before I settled in to the new format. I see what you mean though. I need to find a happy medium between the two. And improve my adj.

      1. I’d like to add photos, but it compromises the anonymous nature of the blog. I cannot use a photo from the blog in any other place. You can just do a Google URL image search and they’ll be linked together. I like the idea though.

  19. My blog is related to supporting other blogs etc.. I LOVE LOVE meeting new people and spying and most importantly having an open journal on my thoughts as writing is a passion. Do you all think I am on the right track.

  20. Hey guys, just started my blog (literally within the past 3 days) and I’m looking for feedback, not fussed for what you comment on but any feedback I would greatly appreciate!

    1. I just started my blog this past week as well. So I am right there with you when it comes with feedback and coaching.
      I’ll give feedback on your blog and you can give me feedback on mine.

      I really the way you started off your blog. The posts are great. I haven’t really started on writing any posts yet… I’m not sure what direction to take.
      For me, I would reccommend you change the colors on your website… I’m not a fan of the black background. I can live with the teal, more than the black background.

      Just some friendly advice :)

      1. Thanks for the feedback, haven’t really decided which theme I’m going for yet, the black and teal is just a stop for just now until I find one that suits me!

        Really liked the first post, although I wasn’t really sure what it was about, but that might just be me. Having a clear and definitive idea in each post will make it a lot easier to read for all your readers!

        Hope this is of help!

      2. Lol, it was just a bunch of rambling, really. I was just writing what came to mind.

        I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind. It sounds like each post should follow a topic, vs go on rambling. Thanks for the help.

        Good Luck!

  21. Hi. I would love feedback on my blog and any suggestions for new articles or posts that I should create to keep it consistent yet fresh?
    Thank you in advance xx

      1. Hi, thanks for taking a look and your suggestions. I’m actually on my second pregnancy but those are still brilliant ideas thanks so much xx

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