Community Pool

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
  • To keep from losing your place in the comment thread while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • No running on the deck.

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      1. Thank you for your reminder Timethief – I think what I was actually trying to find out was whether people had done so and how successful it was. Do you have any examples on your blog?

        Best wishes Linda

    1. Can’t pretend to be a design expert, but I do have a postgraduate degree in editing.
      Your title must be “lose”, not “loose”.

    2. I’m an artist, so I’d recommend making your blog more visually interesting. A nice header image and a nice profile/gravatar image would really help the look of your blog. Both should be interesting and relevant to the theme of your blog. They should also coordinate with each other and the color scheme of your blog. Eye-catchy is okay, just keep it professional looking. Ask/hire someone artistic for specific ideas if you are not sure what to use.

      Some blog themes allow you to change the background color into an image – you don’t necessarily need to do that since the blue symbolizes water, but if you do keep it simple and don’t let it distract from the text.

    1. Layout is good, visually attractive (I love your theme and colour scheme! :-D ) I’m really enjoying reading it, I think it’s a really appealing blog :-D Sorry about the lack of suggestions haha

      1. Haha…Thank you so much. Its only a lack of suggestion but a bundle of compliments. Thank you for taking time to go through my blog :)
        Now I’m off to check out your blog ! :D
        P.S sorry for replying this late, I’ve been really busy with my studies.

  1. I am just starting out with my blog. For privacy the privacy of my husband mostly (as a lot of stories involve him) I have chosen to use fake names or no names in my posts. This is also why, as of right now, I have chosen not to share my blog on my facebook because family and friends would then know who the stories are about. My question is what are some other ways to get my blog noticed, and for people to start following?

  2. I am the epitome of the blogger “newbie”. I have been doing intense reading about becoming a self published author and everything says you have to create your own blog…so here I am! I have so many wonderful visions about publishing my books, but man, what a process. I am really excited about it but can certainly use all the help I can get. I take constructive criticism very well, so, please, bring it on!

    1. May I suggest you read Catherine Ryan Howard’s wonderful book ‘The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-publishing’? She also blogs as ‘Catherine, Caffeinated’.
      all the best


    1. I’m liking this too, but I can’t put my finger on why….apart from the fact that it’s nicely written, intriguing, lyrical. Sorry not to be more specific or more helpful.

  3. I am new to blogging as well. My goal with my blog is to become a better writer, but also to get some awareness and information out there. I have not finished building my blog yet so I already know it has some work. However I did make my first post the other day called ‘180 Degrees’ just to get something down. I think it is a little bit rambly (yes, I made that word up) but I would like some feedback.

  4. Every day photographers post their photos in photo groups but it is impossible to look at all of them.
    My idea is that each blogger who is interested in photography periodically submits photos he selected in a post with numbers and a question “What is your favorite photo?”
    It will motivate people and prevent good photos from being missed by WP community.
    Today I made such a post and ask everybody to respond to it.

      1. Hi! Thank you very much for noticing and taking the time to look at it and comment! It’s actually the photography that made me start writing… ;-)
        Thanks for your positive feedback! (Of course now I’m curious about your favorite ;-))

  5. Thanks for the venue Daily Post!

    Like many who have commented before me I’m new to this blog thing and would love some feedback. I’m a photographer who wants to share their journey as well as photos!

    I’m looking in keeping to a very neat, ‘fine quality’ look in all my endeavors and websites, if anybody know of anything I can do that I have missed please let me know!

    1. To me I use wordpress as a writing blog. In regard to photography, I choose for more photography designed sites with more a site feel and add a blog there. This can be wordpress of course. It’s a design matter to me

    1. Hi Jill, in my case it is partly filled by daily experience, but mostly ideas that pop up in my mind or heart. Small emotions and observations already give me so much input ;-) (hope this helps?)

    2. Hi JIll
      I agree, daily experience is the best inspiration. Do you jot small things down when you think of them, creating short paragraphs that could develop into blogposts? Even if they don’t, just gettin things down leads to more and better writing.

    3. The best inspirations could be found in true stories you see everyday and interests you. What interests you will probably interest others, not necessarily a lot of people, but those who have things in common with you. At the end of the day all bloggers are looking for those who can feel what the hell they are talking about and why did they write their blog. You can simply find inspiration in people’s faces around you in your collage, work, street, bus, underground, etc…
      Finally what’s most important is that your subject should say something. Don’t create a blog that’s like a narration of your daily life. These blogs are disgusting. Try to transfer your experiences to others. Let them benefit from what you have been through.

    4. Things I see, things I hear – things that make me blow my top or want to share the pleasure…responses to blogs I enjoy – blogging is so much like a good conversation.

      1. Thank you for your responses. I agree that daily experiences and people are the best inspiration. Sometimes we have to find the balance betweens sharing and privacy.

  6. Self hosted vs. I am confused and know just enough to be dangerous. I am in love with my site. I love how easy it is. I love the dashboard and understand it, etc. But. I’m ready to make my blog do things that I don’t think it can do on What are the advantages/disadvantages to moving my blog to my own site and self-hosting. I don’t want to leave wordpress…just host it on the site I own. Does that make sense? Does the dashboard stay with it? Help. Clearly I need some guidance here. Thanks for any help you can offer. My site is

  7. What an awesome idea this is! I will definitely look through the comment list to see if I can contribute to someone. In the meantime for me I have just two favors to ask:
    1) as a freshman in writing I would be delighted by any feedback on my blog. Especially in my aim as a non-native English writer to find out if I am able to communicate the sentiment to you guys but at the same leave enough space for selfinterpretation.
    2) any advise on getting more exposure, communities, etc. is more than welcome.

    1. Most people won’t comment if they have to submit their email and all that stuff. You can adjust that in your dashboard. Everything’s looking great so far, just checkout other blogs and comment on them there are many inviting personalities here at wordpress….. :)

  8. Hi! I’m so glad to have discovered this blog! :) please feel free to visit and leave some feedback at mine at thank you! :)

  9. I’ve got a bit of a thing against posts that have spelling mistakes, grammatical howlers, and uncorrected typos. My question: is it just pedantic old me, or do others think the same? By all means tell me to get a life if you disagree with me….

    1. I think that this depends on the blogger’s original language. Many bloggers whose original language is not English are trying to socialize with other cultures and benefit from this by improving their English. Consequently; their blogs have more mistakes than others.

      1. I have a saying which you will find on my blog and that is
        ‘My grammar is not 100% but neither is my maths, but I still count’
        Because of the way I was educated and the mild form of dyslexia and suffer and a form of Dyscalculia, I get criticised. It is not my fault that my education was shit and if your wondering Dyscalculia is a form of Dyslexia with numbers, so how fast are you going to criticise someone now without knowing their situation!!!!

        People like you really piss me off, they play the grammar almighty just because you can form a sentence quicker or better then someone else and you just love to make sure that you tell them.

        So I suggest you keep your grammar advise to yourself, because I bet your crap in the bedroom!!!! Oh sorry I surmised without knowing you.

    2. I kick myself when I see typos in my published posts….a question of more haste less speed.
      The blogs I enjoy are those that are well written, not only in terms of style but in accurate use of language.

      I take Seifsamakarem’s point about bloggers whose first language is not English…I shudder to think how many howlers I’d make writing in French or Spanish and have great admiration for those courageous enough to blog in a language not their own.

      1. Of course you really mean that as well, but I really hope you use the intelligence you obviously have before you try and criticise someone elses grammar.

      2. Sure thing, Pete. As I said elsewhere, it’s been instructive and I’m glad I asked what I thought might be a fatuous question.

      3. No Question is silly, but its the way its put forward. I have spent a life time of ridicule even being cane at school for not having the ability to write proper or able to add and subtract. Yet with all that I have spent years with children in school helping them to read, write and working on numbers. With the numbers know what to do and how to do it concerning numbers but I cannot get to an answer or it will take me a while. Yet in my training at college I taught those on my course who were just genuinely no good with numbers or been out of school a long time and never used complicated maths in their daily lives and we all had to pass the maths course before moving forward and I was the last on the course to pass the maths part of the course.

      4. Hi Pete. Sounds like that cane is stinging you still, despite all you’ve achieved in the years since then. Nope, no ridicule intended, at least not from me (hint hint). I do a lot of subbing and copy-editing and I’m genuinely interested in the answers I to my query, so thank you. I meant it!
        BTW if I don’t reply to any more posts tonight, it’s because I’m finishing off some work then crashing out.

      1. Absolutely. Thanks for making that point. I’m glad I raised this question and I’ve enjoyed learning from the answers. Must stop thinking like a copy-editor!

      2. well, Carol, in my case: if it distracts you from the poetry, then pls let me know, ok?! I’m never too old to learn and there’s always room for improvement in my book ;-) if I need, it better be now

      3. No need to worry, some are just have nothing better to do then pick up on non essential problems.

        If you think, in the 1960’s when I would fell the sting of a cane for not useing proper grammar, to the modern world and the internet, the world has become much smaller and with the use of the mobile phone and the internet, language has changed, even evolved to become something our forefathers would not recognise. Even regional dialects have changed, my two granddaughters both born in Scotland of English mother and Scottish father, their grandparents being my wife and I with me being English but have lived in Scotland twice as long then in England and my wife is Scottish and only lived out of Scotland for two years
        My grandchildren and their parents all live in Wales have done for three years now, the youngest one has partial deafness her language skills are slow in developing, her sister speaks Welsh and English with a Welsh accent.

        When my wife and I are together I speak to her using Scottish slang and vice versa and my English parents don’t understand me when I speak to my wife, they say I talk to fast and with a Scottish accent, but Scots can hear my English accent.
        I have to change the way I speak when speaking to my parents face to face or on the phone.
        When my grandchildren visit the eldest regresses to her native accent for the time she is here and returns back to the Welsh accent when returns home.

        I have spent many years working with children with additional support needs and I wrote a paper on groups of children who are autistic and how they have started to speak with an American accent and the concerns that will bring to their language development, they were picking up the Americanism from the Americanised TV programs and games they have watched and played.

        I believe within 50 years that the loss of regional accents and even national accents will have changed globally.

        But never apologise for the way you speak or write, you are a none English speaker :-)

  10. Evening y’all. Would love an overall appraisal of my posts in general…..i want U all to tell me what U think about my style…thnx………….the site is htttp://

  11. I would appreciate feedback on the design and content of my blog :) Is the content interesting and is the layout easy to navigate? Thank you in advance:

  12. I would be so happy to get some feedback. I’ve had a few readers, and have a few followers, but I’ve gotten no real feedback. If you could read just even a little bit and let me know how you think it’s going I’d be very greatful.

  13. questions from a fairly new blogger: 1. how do you put proprietary info over a photo? I’d like to put my blog name over photos in my posts. 2. Along the same line, should I be putting a proprietary tagline at the beginning or end of my posts, such as, “this post first seen on prayers and piazzas…” ? Is there a way to do this automatically or type it into each post? Thanks so much for your advice, everyone!