Community Pool: Name that Blog

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

This weekend, we’ve carving out a place for those of you looking for help coming up with the perfect blog name. Tell us about your blog’s focus and what you’re considering as a title, and let your co-bloggers take a crack at it.

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
  • To keep from losing your place in the comment thread while you visit others’ blogs, right-click on a link to open it in a new tab or window.
  • No running on the deck.

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    1. Hey Suzie,
      I love your blog. It has such a homey and comfortable feel to it. The perfect companion to a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket!
      Great going!

      1. My blog or the comment?
        If its about the blog, well, THANKYOU.
        If its the comment, then i hope you’ll like the blog too. :D

      2. Five months and this level of popularity!
        I am awed,
        How did you manage the feat?
        My main purpose of getting into blogging is to show my writing credibility to a journalism school next year.
        Thanks for the link, reading it.

    2. I enjoy your blog and the lay out – I think with the featured piece I was a little distracted at the pictures that went a long with the blog – and the photos on the side bar – I am really curious to know what gets you all fired up or what your thoughts on different common topics are… do you ever get into that vein of writing?

      1. I generally write what I feel like at the time and the topics always vary… if you have a look through some of my posts you’ll see that it’s quite random. I have tons of interests…

        Thanks so much for your comment!

    3. Hey Suzie I love your blog. I’m just starting out have never blogged in my life. This is the first time for me. I have a lot to learn. After reading your blog I think I got the idea of how to do it now so will have to redo mine. Thank you.

    4. Hey Suzie,

      I have just read the on the edge:finding bliss entry and I loved it. I found it very inspirational and easy to connect with the content – I love the purity and how true it is to you as a person.

      Write from the heart, and that post has somewhat pointed me in the right direction.


      1. Thank you c: I started this blog thinking no one would like my stuff but you guys are all so generous. And the poem was an experiment. I’ve never written one before. I’m glad everyone liked it.

    1. It seems we are still searching for the ‘perfect theme’ :P
      If you haven’t yet done it, search for custom backgrounds in the theme finder and preview it out. I bet you could find some themes which would suit your blog perfectly.
      P.S. I’ve switched back to my original theme – Trvl :P

      Happy Sunday to you too.

      1. Hello again!
        I give up, really!
        I like the Theme I have now but I just could not find a free business card to match it! Of course, I could pay for either a Theme or a Business Card, but if you called me “cheap” it would not be an understatement. ;)
        How’s the blogging going? It is good to see you again!

      2. Hello!
        Haha :P
        There are some pretty Premium blogs. I scroll through some, preview it and then realise I have to purchase it -_-

        My blogging is going good, and I’m experimenting with widgets now. I hope your blogging is going good as well :)

      3. Oh yes, the widgets.
        You know, I picked up WordPress for Dummies from the library and there’s some stuff on widgets, but very vague. I’m thinking I need specifics!
        One day. One day… :)

    2. Hi – Love your dog pictures! About the business cards: I’ve used Vistaprint (different URLs according to which country you’re in – try for a few years now, they have always been reliable and have loads of free ones and templates to suit. (Type in ‘dogs’ in the theme chooser under Business Cards). When I couldn’t find one that suited my purpose, I uploaded a single image of my own – it was a few dollars only, plus postage – and i always choose the cheaper post, usually it gets here earlier than expected! Once I had my own image uploaded, I could use it again and again to design the cards on site. No complaints. That way you can use your theme to design your business card… Have a look and good luck with it!

      1. Thanks, Kay. :) That is exactly who I used. I just didn’t think about seeing if there was a search.

        Thanks for the compliment on the dog pictures! I just love my Pierre and his BFF Sasha. :)

        I will check out your blogs, too! I’m guessing I’ll love the one that ends in “yarn,” although I have yet to learn to use yarn myself. I can spin a yard, though. ;)

  1. My blog’s title is the name of the fantasy book series I am working on. Does it ring true as a fantasy name? If you are a fan of fantasy, would you come over and take a look at what it’s about. Thank you!

  2. As our blog grows bigger, we have to keep producing quality content fast. With that said, we were hoping for any type of feedback – whether it is about the name, the layout, or some posts. Thanks!
    xoxo Potpourri Daily

    1. I like it – I would love to see a theme as a post – maybe one object, person, pet in different locations … every picture is just one second of a life or a story – it is just not quite a complete experience I think, would you consider giving us some more glances into your art? Smiles, TT


    Hey all, my blog name is just my name. I believe it was from this blog that pointed out that it’s totally okay to go simple for a blog name. With that said, what would you name my blog, given that my goal for this is to blog about pop culture?

    I’ve only got two posts up so far, but I’d love for you to check them out and give me any and all feedback you’ve got.


    1. Hey Jill – I like your vibe on your blog – since your resume is on there – if you are using it professionally, a name is prob best – can you elaborate on the context of your pop culture writes?

      1. It’s kind of strange. I studied journalism so to some extent I’d like to use it professionally, however I am planning on returning to grad school for social work, in which case I’ll probably remove/privatize the resume and clips. Part of me still dreams of working for an entertainment site (i.e. Entertainment, People) as a writer/social media person… but my heart is in working with children. Was that over-sharing? Haha.

        Anyway, my pop culture stuff is going to be commentary on concerts I go to, TV shows that I watch, music I listen to. There are some old dailypost prompts that are entertainment related I’d like to use, also.

      1. thank you for the feedback-

        I am using little or nothing for my photo editing. At most, I crop and do quick adjustments of exposure, saturation, and contrast in iPhoto. I own Lightroom and unfortunately have no idea how to use it.

    1. Misleading … your blog is not Mindless… I find it to be mindful. The photography is awesome. Do you do your own photos? and What layout are you using? I’m following! Love it! Good Job!

      1. yes, some of them are edited on my iPhone and some are directly from my Nikon camera. If I edit iPhone pics I usually use this app called vscocam and also phonto is good for adding words.

  4. Hey guys. Im looking for any advise, feedback or suggestions on my poetry blog, the layout, the content or anything else. also any advise for a web address

    1. Saw your blog.
      Its great, Even i used the Balloons theme when i started. :D
      I wish you would WRITE more because whatever you have written is so amazing!
      P.S: Never had tequila.

      1. OH my the sad balloons – yes well – I would have spent a year trying to pick out something else. I need something with a table of contents?! Can you help me figure out where to get one of those!? TY so much. I do need to WRITE more. This has been one of the most joyful sinfully delicious experiences ever!

        You do not need Tequila for a tequilatude – it’s just that place where the filters come off and your opinion – is “coaster-less” lol


      2. Going and seeing.
        I must say, you have commented and offered great advice to everyone.
        Patience and dedication. Hats off!

    1. Hi Billie,
      Your blog has a lot of good info on it.
      I think many of your posts have to do with harder subjects to discuss and have an emotional element to them. Perhaps your theme should be less whimsical and perhaps more edgy? I don’t know if the theme “matches” the content.
      Other than that, I think you are doing a great job in tackling such a difficult subject. Kudos to you!

      1. Thank you so much for your nice comment Vanessa! Totally appreciated!

        I get what you mean about whimsical theme. I used it because of the green colour (representing Ireland) and the image because I don’t want to have an overly stern layout because I approach life in a positive way and wanted the theme to represent that. I will keep the theme until next month as I’ve been shortlisted in the Ireland Blog Awards for best personal blog, and I don’t want to make drastic changes now. I will however think about it until after the finalists have been chosen :)

      2. Good idea to wait until after the awards. Good luck to you!
        The green makes sense, as well as wanting to maintain positivity. I think it’s the flower (doilies?) that make it very “light.”
        I know when I was looking for a theme last month, I noticed many allow for changing the background color.
        Then, the “perfect” Theme is my downfall so heck, don’t listen to me too much. :D

      3. Thank you Vanessa! Fingers crossed now! :)

        I know what you mean, so many different kind of colour schemes you can use in WordPress. I used to change themes regularly last year but stopped doing so because I didn’t want to lose any followers and other readers. Right now I am just looking to improve where I can but am already looking forward to playing around with themes again :D

      4. Good point – who wants to lose readers because the theme changed? People get used to what they see.
        I just wish the themes were listed in subcategories. There are so many! It took me hours to find the one I’m using now. I liked the first one I was using, but it didn’t match my blog.
        I’m sure this won’t be my last theme, though. :D

  5. Hey guys, I’ve been blogging since 2005 and writing since I was a child. However, I’ve only recently started to focus on improving my blogging skills and would actually like to take the next step to monetize my blog. However, right now I just write what seems to me to be a random assortment of articles and so I’m finding it difficult to actually go forward and purchase a domain becuase I have no idea what to call my blog. If you could be kind enough, please check out my blog in its present state ( and let me know if you see a common thread throughout my posts and also any names you think may be suited to my page I would truly appreciate it. Thanks!!

    1. The layout is fascinating to me Lots of Options! That’s awesome! The Header and the artwork is captivating. I’m not sure if the background color and the photos used to “caption” your blog pieces really work well together as a whole when looking at the first page… The elements are fantastic – but I wonder if they are all working the best they could for you.

      1. Thanks! I really love the Triton Lite theme because of the appearance and layout so glad to see someone else loves it too :). I’ve tried to change the background but the free version of the template doesnt allow for that so hopefully when I upgrade I’ll be able to make that change. As for the pics, guess I can try to find some new ones that work better with the xurrent background. Thanks a mil for your feedback!!

      2. It’s so difficult to be involved in the creation of something that is “quilted” together in pieces – and see it as one work all the time – I am under that guise myself with my blog – hard to renovate and keep plugging away …. #balance

      1. Your writing style seems to be very poetic and free flowing which is good. I also like your mix of quotes and tweets while still taking time out to do full-length posts. My only recommendation would be to proofread as much as possible because you want to make sure that the quality of the post isnt messed up by a simple typo. Overall, good job!

      2. I agree – Like Hunter S Thompson had the lawyer, I need an editor on the front party lines with me covering the latest story.

        It’s pathetic really – I can edit anything – as long as I didn’t write it.


      3. Lol good one. Dont say that though, you CAN edit your work, you already have good content so that’s a start. Editing your own work is harder for anyone, including myself, because you may end up reading what you INTEND to write without noticing the error, so get some friends involved… that’s what I did til I got the hang of things.

  6. I’m getting ready to open a new blog focused on helping people who just lost their job to prioritize their job search activities. I was thinking about calling it “Oh $#!t I Just Lost My Job”, in recognition of the panic that I know they are feeling at that moment, but I am concerned about being offensive and about seachability. Any suggestions about alternative titles that may have less potential to offend but still get across the feeling of panic?

    1. Hey Jim – what if we worked backwards? Oh Sh*t I lost my job means…( fill in the blank) Change of life? Uncertainty of money? Moving in with Mom ? Reinventing yourself? Facing “feelings of failure”? Aristotle had a Cave theory… could you be working on a Cube theory? ( or rather, life outside it)? *** just brain storming… :)

    1. I’m following you because I love the concept and I really want to see how it unfolds!

      I agree, the Hello Mother, Hello Daughter title doesn’t ‘flow’…I’m not all that helpful though as I’ve wracked my brains for a title and have come up with zilch so far…sorry :-(

      Mrs ASU

    1. I have enjoyed the poetry I have read so far – beautifully written. I feel your blog title isn’t doing you justice…

      I know it’s a sing title but, how about Poetry in Motion?

      Followed, for sure.

      Mrs ASU

  7. Hey all, my blog’s name is “America’s Finest Tiger.” The blog is best described by my headline: “Looking towards the future, caught up in the present, reflecting on the past: post-grad edition”, with a little sports, TV, and everything else mixed in. I’d love some feedback on the name, any posts, or the blog in general. Thanks!

  8. Hi All!

    I’m Sharon from Indonesia. I started writing a travel & culinary blog last year.
    And currently, the title of my blog is “My Travel Journal” but the domain name itself is SharonTravelogue. This is kinda confusing sometimes. I can’t find a perfect name for it. And I think ‘My Travel Journal’ is somewhat cheesy.

    So….. any idea or suggestions? It will mean a lot for me!

    1. I’ve followed your blog! I really liked Jazz Market by the Sea – Bali…so much so I liked the post and commented too! Damn, I want to go to Bali…

      Really like your blog!

      Now, if you could just go to the Seychelles for me please… ;-)

      Mrs ASU

      1. Heyyy again Mrs All Screwed Up! ;) Thanks for following and even reading my blog! Means a lot to me.

        Wow is that in Africa (or not?)? I’ve always wanted to go there!!! I’ve never been out of Asia, you know….

        Sharon Loh

      1. Hey.
        I read your blog as well, followed it after seeing that you listen to AWOLNATION.
        Where do i comment?
        I could not locate that.
        Or do you not want that option?

      2. There’s a little speech bubble thingumy at the top of the post – it’s not all that clear and I can’t find a way of making it any more obvious…it opens up the comment box though it seems. Thanks for highlighting it – I didn’t know this was happening!

      1. I just read your story, A certain Romance!
        WOW. WOW.
        I have been smiling like crazy!
        Thank you for being so creative. Following your blog, keep writing!

      2. You better! :D
        Where are you from?
        I would love to write stories too but i am so caught up in my own life!

      3. I’m from Vadodara :)
        Short Story writing is a hard thing to do, but once when I’m on it, I can never stop. Haha, and well, in my situation, I do have the time to write, and its a thing I enjoy doing everyday.

      4. Ooh. Nice.
        I am here in Delhi.
        I love writing but mostly random thoughts in y head, poetry or/and national issues.
        Namaste to you with firang accent! :D

    1. I like your style, plus the fact that you can HTML properly. Which I can’t. Not always anyway. I like B&O – currently aspiring for the BeoPlay A8 – sounds amazing…looks a bit cack.

      Followed and looking forward to reading more.

      1. Thanks for the feedback and the follow. Am I HTML’ing? Didn’t even realise lol – oh well I’m glad it looks like I know what I’m doing. I too am currently aspiring to the BeoPlay A8 – my B&O fund is almost at the “buy” level. I haven’t actually heard the sound yet but know it will be good and I like the look of it too :)

    2. Your blog is so COOL.
      The song you have written, i LOVED it!
      IT guy? I could probably use your help, engineering student, placements time. :D
      Great work!

      1. Thank you glad you liked. As for the IT help, haha happy to be of assistance as I currently work within a large oil firm and know how useless you engineer types are when it comes to computers :)

  9. Hi Everyone!

    Well. I’m just about to get started having a read through all these lovely new blogs up there ^^^ – gives me something to take my mind off the mundane stuff. I’m likely to follow you all too!

    My blog is brand spanking new (though I’m by no means a new blogger – this blog is just an escape…and it’s in it’s developmental stage – you’ll see why if you have a read) and I’d welcome any participation, comments, suggestions on the blog, etc al.

    Mrs ASU

    1. The blog name wooed me into clicking and reading. Firstly, congratulations on finding the prince!
      Your post made me smile.
      The theme is so appealing!
      Loved it!
      Following it! :)
      P.S: This is my blog, in case you have time amidst all the planning.

  10. I write about pianos, music education, and random topics that interest me. The problem I encounter is how to enable the reader to find the desired topic quickly. There are over 100 blog entries there, and it is a lot to review in order to find the answer to a specific question. From my home page, I posted categories on the second page (scroll down). This helps a bit, but it isn’t concise enough. If anyone has suggestions on how to create a concise directory (table of contents) for a blog, I would enjoy looking at a few examples. Thank you.

  11. I chose press Here as a blog name. I wrote topical flash prose each day for a year in the form of a short newspaper article, in the fictional town of Poppleton and it’s surrounding area. The idea was to be informative and perhaps amusing.

    Here’s an example, if you’re interested!

  12. Actually I re-organized my blog. Delete everything and started a new one, I would like solicit suggestions on the readers insight about my blog. Suggestions for improvement will be highly appreciated, since my blogsite is just a week old. Thank you wordpress for your great services and support to us.

    1. Wow! Exciting times ahead for you! I’m quite interested in brewing (not that I’ve tried it), so I’m going to follow you to see how your family gets on! :)

    2. I love the idea of your blog. I think your journey with the microbrewery will be fun and interesting. My comment is that I would add the location next to the name of your brewery at the top of the blog. Annie

  13. My family and i are becoming homeless on monday 9-16-2013 . We need help to get in to a house or help with a motel room untill we get the money to pay for a home . You see i have already when to Manhattan Ks shealter for help .Just for them to tell me that we don,t qualify for any of there housing programs . Me and my son stayed there while my husband stayed in my sister,s driveway with our dogs in ower van.

    That place was ok but my son wanted to be with daddy too . Plus i did not want to take up space for a other family that does qualify. So for now my son sleeps on my sister,s couch and we r in ower van .

    now my sisters landlord has found out we r there and it is not in her contracted to have dogs.We must go by monday after the game weekend for KS state ( there not room avilible on sat. due to the game ).

    My husband does work every week day and we have the first week ok . And i am selling our van too to help with the cost .We r planning to go to motel 6 for dog are ok and they r reasonable price of $252.00 a week .Not to bad my husband bring home about $300.00 take home didn,t leave alot left for food, dog food, gas for work , suppilies ect..

    Being homeless with pets is hard not alonely for the owers but for them too. M y dogg understands me and everyway . When I recivied the news about the dogs I called dog pound and they dont take strays it would be a $60 fee per dog and most likely they would be destroye them . The same for spca 40 fee and they can,t promise not to destroy them too . For they are hafe pitbulls . It would be like sending my own kids to the electric chair and they did not do any thing to die . They are like ower kids the only sibblings my son knows.

    I am not asking for a handout . i have gone to DHS and signed up for foodstamps but because my husband does work it will take 30 days to even get any food assitance. I thought of ways for any 1 who wants to help w/o giving money, U can help by donating a house or motor home , Or help renting to us .U can also help us pay some of the weekly cost at Motel 6.Donations of food or supplies incl DogFood or u can send a prepaid gift Cards to shop at Walmart cause it is close to us. More than anything Prayers for our family is much needed more than anything. If u want to contact me and would like to talk u can reach me at (785) 539-8830 or u can E-mail me at

    Thank You Kristy Lucero