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The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

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  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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    1. Hi! I think it was a great entry :) And I particularly liked how you finished with such quote, really inspiring! And yes, I’d rather think of my experiences with former girlfriends as fun moments as well. Keeping the good, throwing the bad away!

    2. That was a really good description of the frogs who have jumped into your pond. As cheesy as it may sound, I often ponder who I was in some of my relationships when I read material like this. I keep believing that at one point in time, we all fit one profile. Like an ex once said, “there are three types of men,”:
      The cheater
      The one who doesn’t know what he wants and
      The one who’s an asshole. ha ha ha

    1. I like how your blog looks. And the poem is lovely. =) I also read your poem ‘there’. You have a really cool writing style. Is this the only lace you post your poems?

      1. Thanks! Yes, that is the only place, at least for now. Maybe I’ll write a book someday, haha but that won’t be for a while because I’m only in 9th grade!
        I appreciate you kind words though, and planning on posting more poetry in the future if you’re interested!

      2. Well, if your haven’t already, you should check out deviantART. It has a really great writing community. Tons of groups and stuff for sharing and getting feedback and giving feedback. Good fun. =)

    1. I really liked your theme, it was certainly homely lol. However, I think that you could do with better categories for posts, which will make it a lot easier for new viewers to sift through content in order to establish whether your blog is for them.

      Also, I only read one post, ‘Neighbours’, and your writing style seems very…straight out of your head (so to speak). I’m no expert of course, but I think it would benefit you if you proof read, and developed a more flowing story.

      I understand you’ve been blogging just a month – I began around 3 months ago now, so I’m still getting my name out there, but it happens gradually. Once you participate in more Community Pools, Daily Prompts, and Weekly Writing Challenges, you’ll get more readers, and followers, don’t worry :)

      1. Anytime! We are a family here on WordPress. A very distant, viral family, but a family nonetheless haha.

      2. I agree with kidprepjay. I also am no blog expert but possibly you could choose a focus. You have a post about the royal baby so maybe you could focus all of your posts on celebs and their family lives and social happenings. You also have a post on hair styles (sock bun) so maybe you could focus your blogs on celebs hair styles, clothing, jewelry (ex whats “in” right now, etc). or another twist on hair styles maybe you could make your blog about “how to make this look at home”. Perhaps you find a picture of a celeb and you LOVE their hair, make-up, outfit, etc. Perhaps find a DIY way of doing the hairstyle and makeup and find the “affordable” version of that outfit. Anything you think of would surely be better than my ideas but to find one main focus and devote your attention to that could make your blog bigger and better! Good luck!

    2. Keep networking i.e. commenting, liking, following, reblogging etc. It takes a while so don’t be too discouraged by it just yet, just keep posting and sharing it on social media & posting the link to your page on various other websites too that are relevant to your posts. I’m still new to this too but I just write for the fun of it, even if it’s only me who reads it.

    3. It takes awhile to develop a blog in every way – from content to blog creation to images.
      I suggest doing the WordPress challenges. I think it will help you to find what you do and don’t like so you can develop what it is you want to say on your blog. ~~~~ : – )

    4. hey same here! I have Mad Pot since a month almost … Don;t worry, it ll take time.. just keep your thoughts flowing… be patience and keep going :) wish you luck

    1. I just spent several minutes browsing around your blog, and I really enjoyed it. As you freely admit, you haven’t established a clear focus for your blog yet, but that’s OK. Your posts show you to be both articulate and thoughtful, which I always enjoy reading. You know how to take a stance on a topic and express that opinion to others without being abrasive or harsh. You can be vulnerable and honest, too. You chose a good theme for a writing-based blog, but as a personal preference, I would like to see a little more visual interest in the theme. Maybe something as simple as changing the background color would catch the eye a little more. But that’s a small thing, and overall, I like it!

      1. Yeah I am still finding my hands so to speak, there hasn’t been one specific thing I enjoy blogging about. I enjoy everything! Haha.

        And thank you so much for that feedback. I have noticed I don’t incorporate enough photos, or anything, but I still haven’t found ‘the one’ theme that I really think “Yeah, this is it!” but I’m certainly working on it!

        I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog overall though. Thank you a lot, new blogging friend! Aha.

    2. I really enjoyed reading through your blog. I think the fact that you shift from topic to topic is OK. No offense, but since you’re 17, that’s kind of what your peers would expect and enjoy (assuming your peers are your target audience).

      The advice I was given was this: Start blogging and then narrow it down to a few topics. We bloggers need some time to find our voices. Since my blog has two main themes, I pretty much stick to those since that’s what people are expecting. Plus, those are my interests anyway.

      Visuals always help to draw in the reader, too. Your writing is excellent and captivating. Keep up the great work!

      1. Well I guess I don’t have a specific target audience just yet. And don’t worry, no offence was taken my friend.

        Yeah hopefully I’ll find my main topic soon. I guess the more I blog, the more I’ll realise what I like more and what I naturally blog more about.

        Thank you so much for the compliments though Topaz. It feels great hearing that from you. I really appreciate it!

    1. Hello fellow bloggers I took a look at your blog and although is so new is heading in my opinion for a good way, the thematic offer possibility for diverse topics in consonance with the central objective. As large and complicated is life is so the many matters you can post about in your blog. I only want to offer a suggestion about two aspects; one is:
      - A littler amount of color in the background would not be bad idea; since this help to set the tone and the mood of the blog or even more; a well combination of color between the background and the central panel would poop better to the eyes of the visitors.
      - The second is for example when write a poem look for some sort of original way in which not a single long column is written down at two spaces because it can be feel like it have to be scroll down and down and down to finally finish to read the poem, this do not encourage to finish the lecture. I hope you understand what I mean.
      Set some relative content images next to the poem or wrap the image with the poem to enhance this one beautifully. Or for example create in a slide a composition in with the poem is written over a neutral but contrasted color background with a fancy font; them save this slide in jpg and upload to your post. Visitor appreciate when you put a littler of effort in presenting thing beautifully.
      Display the categories for easy access to them, now you have only a few; but way until them increase; you will see how important this is.
      For ideas you can visit two of my blogs one is about art history the other about medicine; very different thematic each one but you will get the idea about what I say over the mood of the blog. One is the other is You can adapt this suggestion to the thematic, blog objectives and type of visitor you’re addressing your post to.
      I hope this suggestion help you.
      Regards and good luck!

  1. What a great idea! I have only been blogging for a few weeks and love it so far. I would love tips on how to improve my page in a way that might increase traffic. Thanks in advance.

  2. I have had a blog for about a month now and I would really like some more followers! It is sort of depressing me? How to a gain more followers?
    I know I have already post this but I do really need suggestion

    1. Frank don’t give up, blogging takes time, try to engages the audience with good quality post as often as you can but I repeat with quality, it have not sense to post something without quality and expect miracle. When I started one year ago I knew I have to set my presence base on quality because I cannot afford to invest a lot of money. At first about two month took for the page to have some visitor, but I continue posting and posting because that is the only way you get to be notice, natural traffic began to develop more frequents when I learn how to tag, categorizer and use more meaningful images. So don’t despair, concentrate in satisfy your visitor curiosity, put yourself in their minds, what they like, wants and need. How you would like to read it is how you have to write those post. Remember to tag the texts and images so they can be properly found.

    1. From a blogging perspective, I think this post is great. Vulnerable and open posts are the ones that are most likely to reach an audience and help others know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. I’ve found my most open, personal posts are the ones that receive the strongest feedback, and your post here is certainly personal. I appreciate your honesty, the admission of your flaws, and the hope that you’ve found since. As a blogger, I think you handled it very professionally.

      My one concern with a story like this would actually be the impact it could potentially have on your personal or professional life, if people who don’t know the story find out by reading it online. But that’s not the question you asked, so I’ll leave that to your discretion. I love the premise of your whole blog, bringing light to a very real issue. Well done.

      1. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

        I was hoping that by using a pen name, I could hide under anonymity. If I used my real name, then I wouldn’t post something like this.

        Thanks again!

    2. As you may have already seen my name commenting on a couple of your posts, I really enjoyed reading your blog! The posts that are vulnerable draw one in more, especially because I can tell in the writing that you’re genuine about every single word. It’s just beautiful.
      You’ve gained a new follower!

      1. No problem. Your blog is very heartfelt. I felt like I was truly connecting with you by just reading your posts!

    3. Are you wondering if you were to open in this post? Well I have to tell you something, the aperture or not of yourself in the post is not the problem. You are entitling to write those though and feelings as everybody else, even to expect sympathy from others that can relate with your problem, after all is your blog, but and hear I go with my suggestion….
      - Is you say in the blog that you are trying to deal with your illness and get out of this cycle of depression or whatever mental problem you are suffering, Do not should be the title of the blog something more positive and less dark and depressing,
      I think you should at the same time you write your experience offer a solution or a palliative for those who relate with you. Starting with the title of the blog.

      People look for ways to resolve their problem not for ways to get more “in to the abyss” is the blog is just for you well go for it, then the novelize dramatic title it suit perfectly, but is you want a real and bulk audience you better offer a solution to your visitor under treatment or not otherwise; they will get suicidal after read this post.
      You have to work to broad the type of visitor to your blog or offer positive thinking solution and good advice to beat depression.

      Just think about that and focus in help yourself helping other to get rid of this devastating problem of depression. There are enough people in the net story telling their problem but unfortunately not enough really and effective helping other like a good catholic should do to resolve those problem; why not try to be the different? It looks like you would like more visitors to read your post otherwise you wouldn’t asked for an opinion.

      Get some though to that and forgive me for my sincerity. Someone needs to tell you the true otherwise you could face soon reality about how hard is to get a good audience is the proper measurement are not accomplished. Maybe I am wrong, I am not expert of any sources I am just a visitor to your blog by your petition and this is my impressions.

      1. Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions.

        I have offered hopeful conclusions in some of my other posts because, as you do, I believe that in order to help others like me, I need to offer some encouragement.

        This particular post was more of a confession than anything else. But I will pray about it and see if I need to change the “dark” tone of the blog. I appreciate your suggestion and the sincerity to tell me what you think I need to hear — not just what I want to hear. (If people don’t tell me their true opinions, then I won’t be able to improve.)

    1. Greeting fellow blogger. I enjoyed reading your post very much and I felt that you delineated the child’s innocence brilliantly. It’s disheartening to know how many children are either abandoned by their parents or whatsoever. Come to think of it, it’s both the child’s misfortune and their parents’ irresponsibility.

      1. Yes of course. The parents irresponsibility is certainly a very big factor in things. I am glad that you enjoyed reading though my friend! :D

    1. In general I like the look of your blog, but the heading and the tagline were so small that I couldn’t read the words underneath “MEandtheTiny3″. I’m on a decent-sized laptop, so it’s not like I’m trying to read it on a tiny screen, either. I’m not very familiar with the theme you’re using, so I don’t know if you have the freedom to change the size of your header image or not.

  3. Hi I am quite new here, I have a photography blog and would like some positive feedback on writing style, theme etc.

    Thank you :)

  4. Hi everyone! I am relatively new to the WordPress community. I have been blogging since July. I would really like some input on my blog. I am looking at overall theme and whether or not I am too eclectic in my blogs. I really don’t have one topic. I jump around with my blogs to correlate whats on my mind. I am not sure how to categorize the blogs or even if I should. Please take a look and I would really love some feedback. Thank you.

    1. I’m so impressed with the amount of content you’ve posted in such a short time! I would definitely encourage trying to find a way to categorize the blog posts, with that much content. Maybe topics like Family, Writing, Longform, or Poetry would help people sift through your posts. I really like your background image, but it does make the widgets on the side a little difficult to read. Overall, though, you’ve got a very strong blog started!

      1. Two themes were clear to me as I scrolled down: family and friends. What inspires you about these things? What about your own life is unique here? What are others saying about these that you find helpful or unhelpful? Are there myths or controversies that you are drawn to? It’s not so much the style or writing or narrative form as it is the heart behind the piece. Where is your heart, your passion? That’s what people will want to read. People want to see their lives reflected in yours – for many so that they feel less alone and for others so that they feel a kinship with the human race.

      2. Thank you! I will have to think about your ideas. You are right about the connection. It is what draws me to follow blogs. I honestly do not know the answers to your questions, yet! I will spend some time trying to figure it out. Thank you for the thoughts to ponder.

  5. Hi there! I’m no CSS or HTML wiz but I’m learning and I’d like to know if it’s possible to customise themes without having to pay for every feature (fonts, the colours of link-ed text et cetera)? I’ve mapped my WP blog to point to a domain I bought (and I’m using a free template/theme), does having my blog point to a .com lessen my chances of customisation? I’d love your suggestions, feedback, anything that’s helpful at all! Thank you! :-) //

    1. A great, well thought-out post. I enjoy your articulate, descriptive writing style! I would recommend playing around with widgets to help your readers navigate around your blog more. I’m not sure what’s all available with your theme, but most themes allow for at least a list of recent posts, categories, and a follow blog widget. Helping your readers access your content easily might bring in more of an audience. That being said, I’m a new follower!

  6. I am not receiving emails from my followers. I have all the folks I follow either set on daily or automatic, therefore, I’m not sure what the problem is. Another issue I’m facing is, at times, my posts cannot be seen in my Facebook. After two or three weeks of not working, it begins to share again in FB?

    Is anyone experiencing either issue?
    What can be done to correct the problem?

    1. hey, that was a fun read, thankx for sharing, the whole thing is pretty well written but there are some moments in particular that just send it up a level and if you could capture a few more of those you would raise the level of the piece to new heights… so keep at it but you definitely have some great style and ability to capture moments…

      1. Hey! I like how you’ve customized the appearance of your theme. It’s fun and unique and sets a strong personality for your blog. The appearance does contrast a little with the seriousness of some of your posts (mainly some of the “Spotlight Sunday” posts), but it fits well with others, so I figured I’d just toss the comment out there and let you decide what to do with it. :) I like your Weekly Series posts and advice on college life. It’s great to see good, straight-forward content from someone currently living the college life.

    1. I love your writing style! The mix of writing and photography is nice, too. I like the purpose you outlined in your About page – that you’re blogging so that you don’t forget. It’s a great way to give purpose to your blog without confining yourself to one topic or style.

    2. hey yeah, About page is great – short and simple and to the point – i would maybe bold the first line just to bring attention to it and make it stand out – loved the lists especially the Twilight hate [what the heck?] and you have some really great photos and the photo plus explanation works really well – good combination of writing and picture… and your writing style is fun – this is a blog people will want to read i think, and return to… keep at it!

      1. Thank you so much! I like the idea of bolding the first line so I’ll make sure to do that, thanks! :)

  7. How do I enjoy the wonderful warm waters of the Community Pool? I have tried diving in – ended up as a bellyflop! I have tried paddling – and the water was sucked out! Never mind, for the moment, about asking for my blog to be looked at. How do I actually – and when you get right down to it – get on here?! Alienora

    1. I don’t know if I’ve seen your other posts on the Community Pool. I’m not on every week, so I may have missed your other attempts. However, I tend to respond to posts that ask specific questions for me to answer, requesting feedback on a specific post, or in some other way giving me an idea of what kind of comments their looking for. It also helps to post a link to your blog in your actual comment, instead of hoping people will click over just your name. Finally, I notice the earlier you get on the Community Pool, the more likely people are to respond to your post. Comments near the top get more responses. Again, I haven’t seen your other posts, so maybe you’re already doing all those things, but I figured I’d toss out my observations!

      1. Great, vivid imagery and an engaging story. My only hang-up (which I know came from the prompt itself) was the image of the little girl somehow “remembering” her parents’ lust… Taken outside the frame of the prompt, the story itself was great! :)

      2. Thank you very much for the feedback. I know exactly what you mean! It was one of life’s little ironies actually: for some reason, the Daily Prompt appeared initially without the photo, so I wrote the bulk of the story before realising there needed to be a child, a merry-go-round and so on! Ah well! Alienora

  8. Hi everyone, newbie blogger here. I am documenting my experiences as a young woman teaching in a high security, all male prison in the South. I would love ANY feedback regarding my layout, posts, how to expand my blog, and any questions or requests on material. I appreciate any help I can get! Happy blogging :)

  9. I like your theme. You’re a new blogger so it may take some time for people who like what you write about to find your blog. If you haven’t already, figure out who your audience is, that’s who you’re writing to. (For example: teenagers who like fashion) What do you know the most about or are passionate about? What you write has to be something that your audience is interested in. Also use social media tools to promote your posts. Figure out which tools benefit you the most. That would be where your audience hangs out. Maybe it’s Facebook for you while for someone else, it may be Pinterest. There are so many other things, but try these and see how they work.

  10. Which sidebar widgets do you use and which ones do you like to see on other blogs? I have played around with them, adding and subtracting, changing order, but I really only put them in order of how they look. Do you have a preference? I’m over at Thanks in advance.

    1. For me, it’s all about using widgets to easily access the blog’s content. I like seeing a list of either most recent posts or top posts (or both!), so that I can quickly click around to get to content that catches my eye. The Archives and Categories widgets are nice for that reason, too. And obviously, the “Follow Blog” widget is a must.

  11. Hi everyone. I would love to have your feedback on my blog. It’s a blog specifically for poetry and stories—I’m thinking about adding essays, too. I don’t think I have established a clear focus (I’ve heard so many times that it’s important). I’m quite new, so you could say I still don’t know my way around. Your feedback, even criticism, will be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much :)

    1. I can only really comment on your Addiction piece, Andrew – and that DID impress me. Left me wanting to know more, which is always a good sign! Alienora

  12. I’d like you guys to check out my blog and give me feedbacks. I am diverse in my posts and I blog stories from all over the world. liking my blog won’t hurt. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the share. Is your first question meant to be ‘How do we life on?’ or ‘How do we live on?’ Not sure if you were playing on the word or if it was simply a mistake but if it is a mistake then you will want to correct it as it is your opening line and what you want to use to grab people’s attention…

      i like your ‘About’ page [i think the second paragraph may be out of alignment but that's an easy fix] – not to long and really shares the heart of what you are about and comes across as really friendly and inviting.

      but ja from a brief look it looks like you are doing a good job – i like the variety of pieces on your blog – some short and insightful, some longer, sharing life and giving a challenge – i think you have a good thing going…

    1. It was a fantastic read. I loved all the little details, like the rain, and the wind making her cold. And yes, I think you did a great job getting the child’s voice down.
      Would never have interpreted the photo that way, so kudos for creativity!

    1. From one person who likes words to another, I have learned to cut down my sentence length. I limit my clauses and cut down on the verbiage. When I get a tad more academic I will ramp up. But, most of the time I try to stick to a more informal, opinion piece tone. I think since I am not published in the Atlantic, I am not portraying myself that way. I feel the need for more public credibility before I write quite like that. I might be overthinking it. I kind of do that.

      1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Andrew. Yes, I have to remind myself sometimes to keep it simple. My aim is to find a balance. Not too verbose, not too stark.
        Interesting point about public credibility.. P.S. Great blog!

    2. Great post! You present some really thoughtful ideas. Achieving great things takes work! I’m glad you know that, but it is true that the “believe in yourself” message does often downplay the need for endurance, resilience, and persistence.