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The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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  1. i would love some feedback from those who don’t normally read my blog – my personal blog is called Irresistibly Fish [] and i tend to bend the english language to meet my will [not many capitals, limited punctuation, made up words] and so recently i started a second blog to try and keep to ‘good english rules’ to see how it would affect my readership – i do five themed posts per week [mon - something fun, tues - news related, wed - relationships, thurs - spiritual, friday - my choice] and would love for someone with some time to check out the new blog and give some feedback on those two aspects of it:

    1. Hi Brett! Your blog seems very unique, although I am sort of on the fence about your use of the English language. I think your wording and style might push away some potentially more mature readers, but I for one thought it was interesting, as a high schooler who often types like that. I love how you have a theme to your blog for every weekday! Is it hard to keep up with?

      – Catherine, from Never Stationary

      1. hey Catherine, thankx for taking a look – i find that having a blog with a set theme per day gives me focus and i collect stuff during the week that i file away so it’s easy to pull out when needed. also, apart from the news item, i can write them in advance and just post them on the day – this frees my main blog up for me to just write whatever i want to, whenever, and in the style i write. so win-win. thank you.

    2. Your regular blog is, visually speaking, tiresome to read. After I could get past the missing caps, the writing itself was fun. But the missing caps really put me off first.

      1. thankx niina but i am more interested in getting some feedback from my caps-enduced new blog if you can get a chance to take a look at that and see if it is easier on your eye? thankx!

    3. I checked out your second blog and it’s visually much better. I also liked that you have themed posts, although I’m not too keen on the religious posts but that’s just my thing.

      1. thanks a lot. that is kinda the point – if you know what is happening on what day then you can go visit those posts and avoid whatever you don’t like [although the 'religious posts' often have something for everyone as they are usually on love and relationship and community] and so the thought was different people might choose to visit on different days…

    4. I looked at both your blogs and I really like them both. The new blog, I like how you’ve categorized thoughts per day. The grammar is great on this blog, caps where they should be, punctuation really good.

      I actually like your regular blog! It’s different, but in its own way, poetic, and seems to be a flow of thought. There are some famous poets out there that use no punctuation or capitalization in their works, and … it works.

      1. ah thank you so much – that is my self-created style and i love it and will probly continue to d it – those who know me and read a little bit will get used to it and then decide to stay or leave, but i also get how it might scare people off immediately and then they don’t have the time to take to get to know me… so i thort i’d experiment with the second one and run them both and maybe connect with more people… plus the different themed blogs felt like a good reason to do the second as well – thank you so much for your affirmation. and for dropping by!

    5. Hi, Brett. I love your creativity but for simple readability, I find it hard to read the words on a darker background with the same hue,but lighter, for the font. Interestingly, it wasn’t as hard to read when I clicked through to your ‘correct’ English blog. If you want to keep the experimentation (which I’m open to, as you asked) with English, I would change either the background or make the font at least white on a darker background. My best guidance on this would be black font on white with this blog. Less for the reader to have to adjust to.

      1. thankx Lee, interesting comments – i suspect it may have something to do with what you are viewing it on because i have had readability comments before but on my rather large screened laptop it is really easy to read and i chose the colours because i enjoy them – i think i need to view my blog on a few different computers and phones to get a better understanding of the all round experience people are having so thankx for bringing it to my attention.

      2. Color is key; if you enjoy it, that is important. I am just replying to your request. I’m using a 24″ screen with high pixelation, and I still had trouble reading it. Just so you know, and I hope this helps.

    6. Hello, Brett! Your blog has a lot of interesting content, but your cavalier regard of mechanics makes it hard to read. Keep it simple: abide by standard grammar and play around with graphics and font styles to create interest. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

      1. Thanks Norine [look, capitals!] – I appreciate your comments and just to clarify, my new blog ‘The Weekly Mash [and Peace!]‘ is me attempting to do just that so check that one out – – the way I do stuff on my own blog though is by choice and draws a certain crowd which I am happy with, but trusting the new one will be more accessible to people who find my style distracting and superfluous. Thank you again. Appreciate your time big time!

    7. I agree on the trickiness of the color to read. If you like it and it doesn’t bother you it’s not a big thing. But many years ago in museum science classes we talked about how it’s easier for most people to read dark on light, what’s easier on the eyes is more likely to be fully read.

  2. Have you ever encountered cyber bullying or trolls in your site. I would like to know how you handled it. I posted a topic about and if you want to read it I can show you the link. It was posted dated Apr 22, 2013 titled “Intruder Alert”. You help will be beneficial to our community.

    Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Seeker, I think cyberbullying can easily be prevented by changing your settings so that you have to approve all comments before they are posted on the blog. Additionally, I think WordPress has Spam settings that automatically filter comments that look like spam. I use this nifty little tool and it helps DRAMATICALLY. Hope this helps!

      – Catherine, from Never Stationary

      1. I have that. This is a blogger that “it” blogs about other blogs. I have pingbacks and trackbacks that leaves a trails what “it” blogs about and “it” was offensive.

        “It” hides in the guise of Freedom of Expression which is negative. My purpose is to bring awareness and to help prevent Cyber bullying.

        Let’s put our heads together on these. Any one else?

      2. I have control of all of those too. I can moderate every one’s comment. My question is how can we stop Cyber bullying. It might make sense if you read my post on Intruder alert.

    2. Believe me there is nothing worse then a cyber bully, I closed a website because 1 supposed adult made my life a misery to the point that anything I posted he changed it slightly and posted in on forums, using my name to post horric things on forums. I contacted the police they laughed in my face, I contacted his isp and they did nothing about it. I ended up closing my website, stop using my nic and even chanhing my host company. this was 3 years ago and since then nothing. Some say ‘I feel like killing’ you get to the point of so much pent up anger you could. But the laws in the UK have now changed and people have been prosecuted and the law is now a lot tougher, but proof is the important thing so keep a diary and print email and report it to your isp and if your site is being hosted on public sites such as WordPress they are under obligation to intervene. A few hints to keep safe,

      Don’t get into an online argument.
      Don’t give your personal email to yourself until you know the person
      Have a second email address you don’t mind loosing and keep your personal on to trusted
      Try and keep your real name safe
      Moderate all posts.
      If you get a post/email which makes you feel uneasy or frightened delete it and then block them in your email and on your blog or forum.

      Be safe =)

  3. I would like to receive feedback on how i word things. It would be useful to know areas that i can improve on and how to get more hits to my blog.
    Thank you :)

    1. Hey Poet! Your poetry seems very free flow but I would encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone; all of poetry doesn’t have to rhyme or be four lines to a stanza (check out my blog, I do lots of free form poetry!) I have no clue how old you are, but I’m in high school, still. I think that you could attract a lot of older, more mature readers by checking your grammar and making sure to add appropriate commas and such. It makes a huge difference. In general, I also suggest that you add more widgets to your website and an About page that describes you as a writer, and identifies a focus. Also, the pink/purple color seems very girlish and young. Perhaps a more age-neutral color? A pretty blue? I hope this feedback helps! – Catherine, from Never Stationary

  4. I have started a travel blog, as we are embarking on a journey around the world and a new way of off-grid life in general. But I am trying to write in a more poetic and personal manner (even though English is my second, even third language…), rather than the usual journal-report-on-events travel blog style. Do you think this is a good idea?

    1. Hi, I love this idea so so much. I think it is a much more personal approach and encourages more people to read it. I for one, would much prefer reading your blog to a generic travel blog. My suggestion however, would be to limit how many pictures you put in one post. I find myself sort of scrolling through rather than taking the time to appreciate details about pictures that you include. I think that if you included 5 pictures max and added more writing and details, then your posts would be irresistible. I love the concept of your blog, and the pictures that you DO post look beautiful, just a tad bit overwhelming is quantity. Hope this helps! – Catherine, from Never Stationary

      1. Thank you Catherine! Such an great feedback!

        You are right about the picture limit. I will work on that. I myself was giving the same advise to a friend once, and now it looks like I am making the same mistake; too many photos.

        However, some posts I write are more focussed on photography or photo reportage than others, like in the case of the Boat Punks, or the Hull Paintings, and in those there are more photos. Other posts are more story oriented, like From Winter into Summer in Four Days for example, or The French-Canadian Nudists in Miami, and there I do use only a few pictures with more details.

        Thank you again for your comment, I do appreciate it and it did help me A LOT!!!!

    2. Hi Mira, I think your blog is great :)
      Post up as many authentic photos as you blog permits, for me that’s really important in a travel blog. Keep on writing naturally, express how you feel, about your journey, the places you see & the people you meet.

      I want to change my blog format to include more photos, any ideas on the best theme?
      I started it with the idea that people from around the world could get to know about different countries & cultures… but it’s evolved… apart from my travel articles on places I visit, I’ve also translated & posted human rights issues. And I didn’t realise so many people from around the world wrote POEMS until I started this & I post up everything they send me :)

      Good luck on your travels :) I’m seriously considering leaving everything to travel round the world with my partner (but not by boat!).
      Saludos :)

      1. Thank you! What you are doing sounds great! Your blog is great :)

        I wish more travel blogs were that way…poetic…not just relating facts and how ‘amazing’ everything is…

        A blog is also a platform, and the world CAN be better, so what are we doing about it?

        My goal is not simply travelling to have fun and visit ‘amazing’ sites of tourist interest, but learning and participating in the site’s social scene, local culture, volunteering, helping, even if ‘help’ means exposing injustice or suffering through art, photography and writing articles.

        Leaving everything IS possible, detaching from material strings or social confines. Travelling round the world, by boat or by foot, by van or by plane, is a way to learn about it, to love it and preserve it.


      2. I don’t know how you could include more photos, I think there is a limit for photos and I will reach it soon too… But you can change the THEME of the blog in order to have bigger photos. Mine is Adventure Journal, a free theme.

  5. Hi everyone! I would love feedback on my blog,

    regarding post content and focus, but really, any feedback would be appreciated. Is the format okay? Is it sophisticated enough? Do you think that anyone would be able to read it? I’m a high school student so sometimes I fear that my content becomes too childish for lots of adults to read. Thanks in advance!

    – Catherine

    1. I think, the format is more than OK, it is great! I love the idea of being able to choose what to read from the main page, instead of having just the latest post there, especially in your case, where you are not necessarily posting chronologically.

      (I have very slow internet here in the boatyard, and so could not read more that two of your posts so far, but they don’t sound childish to me. The one about the stranger in the coffee shop was good, but maybe you could polish it even more, work on coherence more, shorten it a bit, pay attention to the tense: present changes to past in the first paragraph, you have some repetition. Some of the details you are giving seam unrelated. “I don’t know how long she has been there, or how long she will stay, but I know that she looks comfortable.” here you start with the time frame and end with how she looks…Plus, “I know that she looks comfortable” sounds weird, she looks comfortable to you, that is all, you don’t need to say that you “know it”. In general, just polish your writing some more. Small things.)

      The blog looks great as a whole!

    2. Your writing style is really quite sophisticated, I never would have guessed you were in high school from your content. It actually comes of quite mature – I can only guess you’re an English Language focused student haha

    3. Hey I don’t think your writing is too childish at all. Its pretty interesting. Apart from that, your blog is visually very interesting and I love the title. Would you mind, if you have the chance, providing feedback for mine as well?

    4. Hi Catdiggedydog
      I pretty much go along with what the other comments say. I clicked your link before realising that you are still at High School. I like the layout and was quite surprised to see that you’re not an old and gnarled long term blogger. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Jayanta! I love the concept of your blog! A couple sharing a single blog? Adorable. I think perhaps you could change the layout in that the homepage does NOT have your about page. I think it should feature recent posts, but in small snippets. There should be a separate page for your personal details. I think distinctly different styles of writing is fine, as long as you distinctly say who wrote what post. Also, if you could make the pictures in your posts bigger, then it’d be more attractive to read. Love the content! There’s a similar blog that commented on this community pool page, that you might be interested in!

      ^but that’s not my blog.

      Hope this helps! –
      Catherine, from Never Stationary

      1. Thanks Catherine. I promise to go through your feedback line by line. I do have an “About Us” Page. Here it is —

        Am not ver tech-savvy, hence finding it difficult to make the blog visually attractive. Nonetheless, as I said, will go word by word and see how much I can achieve. Will also look into the blog you recommended. Thank you very much :-)


      2. Hi! Glad my advice might come in handy! My feedback about your about page was that it shouldn’t be featured on the homepage, and that it should a separate page in itself.

      3. Hi!! I don’t know how to do that :-(

        Plus , I read the blog you suggested. I liked their personal details section. Will try to include the same in ours.

        Guess need to read the tutorials a lot more. Am bad with all things tech :-(

    2. Hello fellow travellers! I also like the idea of having the two of you posting separately, but got a bit lost and confused with the main page.

      You should work on the layout, maybe choose a different THEME. You need to organize the blog a lot more. have various PAGES (about us, travel, Mumbai etc. ) and have one MAIN PAGE where people can read your latest post. Right now, the about us page is the one that opens up when I click on your blog…

      1. Oh…is that so? I will have to figure out how to do that. Thank you for your observation…looks like I need to go back to the settings in a big way

      2. Nice job! Well done! Now we see the newest post as we click on the blog.

        I enjoyed the details in your story, the fat lady on the scared elephant.

        The photos are still too small though…Can you make them larger? You can chose less photos but bigger.

    1. Hi there. I found your blog to be pretty interesting and educational at the same time. I have never heard of CHARGE syndrome so i was pretty enthralled. If you’re looking for something more “entertaining” as you said, I might recommend incorporating more outside the home, or something like that. Your story is very inspiring and intriguing to read, but for some readers who may already know what its like to care for someone with CHARGE they may skim threw and be like “yup, this is my life.” Which is great, but you want to engage people outside the circle as well. Your writing is great and engaging. If you wouldn’t mind taking a second, can you please give me a little feedback on my blog, too?

      1. Thank you for your input.. :-)
        I did pull up your blog and only saw one post. Not sure if there is more. Your subject is quite brave. To put your thoughts out there and write to inmates? I didn’t know it was a program either. Probably not many do know that.

      2. Oh if you click on the right side the title if the posts you’ll see them…but I guess that’s feedback enough haha if people can’t even access my posts it’s obviously something to change so thanks :)

  6. Hi all.
    I have this photography blog for some years now.

    Initially it was just a photoblog but now I try to have it as a wider platform with a daily blog entry (insanely I’m doing the project365) and a portfolio for my fine art photography. I’ve noticed that not being part of the community has damaged my always low views, now virtually non existent.
    How can I improve visibility of my blog? I would love to be more part of the community than I am now. And also, is my blog interesting enough?

    Thank you for your time and hopefully feedback,

    1. Wow! Your photos are really stunning! Yours is my dream blog, really love each and every picture. But where is the button where I can “follow” you?

    2. Hey Sophia- I think your blog is really visually powerful as is. Your photos are great and it definitely looks like an online photo portfolio. If you were looking for something more capturing though, I would recommend trying to provide a slideshow on the home page, or a video montage of your “best” or favorite photos to really draw the reader in to click through the rest of them. Some of the captions under the “photo challenge” photos seem slightly forced/not really engaging, but I do believe the photos speak for themselves and the words are less important :)

      To get more followers–I don’t know if I can help you there, I myself just started blogging and have hardly any page views either, but I did find that just by commenting on this feed alone my views have gone up a lot and I did receive a few more followers! So I’d say try and be more engaging in the WP community, many readers will click through to your blog just because you commented on something!

      If you have a second, I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me as well! Thanks!

    3. Hi Sofia
      Great pictures. I do wish I had the eye for an image that you have. I would echo Sheryloben’s comment though that I couldn’t find a “follow me” button. Get one visible and let me know so I can keep up to date with your project365 images please.

    1. You just have to let it happen, it’s one of the many inevitabilities of putting anything on the internet. Don’t take any notice of it, even if it feels really personal, it’s just a random idiot who you will never meet. Just enjoy the free promotion you are getting from her!

    1. You come across as a friendly, easy to talk to person. From that I would guess the blog is definitely quite personal and informal – as opposed to the professional style many people who link their blog’s to their profession tend to go for. (Personal is good!)

      Overall it does the job of telling the reader about you nicely!

    2. I like the fun, informal tone of your about page. I thought it was a bit vague on what kind of crafts you do. You list paper, fabric, and the like, but not what you do with those products. Overall though, it was a fun page, but could use a second glance editorially. There are a couple misplaced commas and really finicky grammar mistakes.

    3. I like your site. I love the color palette and layout. You come across as really likable, approachable and friendly. I like that you can poke a little fun at yourself, that’s adorable :)

    4. We have a very similar sense of humor I think, so naturally I was like, This girl’s awesome :P the only thing I’d recommend is re-working the second paragraph. It’s a lot of exclamations and a “WooHOO!” Which is kind of like, really “in your face” and might turn people off a bit. Otherwise, I’d say you seem like a pretty cool person and your blog definitely mirrors your personality, which is always great :)

      If you do have a second, I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me as well for my new blog:)

  7. I’d like a general feedback on my blog. I tend to post different things, ranging from narratives, poems and even songs (the lyrics of which have been written by me).

    Do you guys think it would be better if I make different pages on my blog (as I’ve done for my Photography) for those different things or just post them as they are now, jumbled up.

    My blog is :

    1. My impression is that you show a great deal of creativity with your posts. In my opinion if you have definite themes to your various posts then it would be a good idea to have delineating pages. Otherwise, I feel it is a good site.

  8. God is the woman we all are family Obama mama is all our mama that is why 9/11 was done world order ,love and business the CIA explain in movie in deception bless who invented God all in the moral respect, honor

    1. It looks very interesting and I like your writing BUT my I’d like to see photos of your daily life. Borrowed pics are ok when used some times but not in every post. Since you are dancer, maybe some shots of the dance studio where you dance? And maybe you could post music videos of songs that inspire you to dance etc…

  9. Hi,
    I want to change / peronalise my blog format to include more photos & a more visual index for the front page, so poeple can find posts that interest them… not just scroll down. I have “Skeptical” but there’s a lot of wasted space on the lefthand side.

    Any ideas on the best theme?

    It’s mainly a travel blog, but I post poems that poeple everywhere send me and also translate human rights isssues. It’s in Spanish & English.
    Saludos :)

  10. I started a blog here on wordpress but I am planning on building a second site with hosting and custom domain called So my question is:

    How important is the look and design of the blog versus the content? I don’t have too much money to spend but I’m willing to get a customizable template.

    I’ve been MIA for a few days on my current blog to create a title graphic and logo for my new blog but I feel like I’ve wasted those days when I could have been working on ideas for quality posts. I feel like I’m working on a “nice to have” instead of the substance.

    Thanks guys!

  11. I would really appreciate some tips on how to get more readers and page views. My blog is only a few days old shop maybe I’m expecting too much but I have hardly any visitors. Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi, your blog took me by surprise I wasnt expecting the subject it covers, you say your blog is a few days old but it shows months of posts. As for the subject , the death penalty I think about often and ehen I hear of th murder of a child, yes hang the bastard, but then I think what if they got it wrong and the wrong person got the chair or lethal injection.
      I admire hat you ar doing but I couldn’t read it as it would make me to uncomfortable. you could add some colour maybe some images. Good luck.

      1. Thanks for the feedback! I edited the dates they were published because the posts were initially from a journal i was keeping before I decided to blog about it. I will definitely look into the design aspect much more, so thank you for that suggestion :)

    2. I am in love with the concept of your blog. I found it very very intriguing as soon as I clicked on it. I suggest that you give more creative, descriptive titles to your posts. I think your writing is pretty spot-on, very detailed in all of the right places. if you are looking for increased blog traffic, i suggest you tell your friends and family about it. if you have a facebook, you ought to consider creating a facebook page specifically for it. in your reader bar, search for similar blogs to yours, make comments on those and pingback/trackback appropriately. If you want to spend money, you can buy the custom blog setting which is pretty cool but ultimately not necessary because your writing is pretty good. I hope this helps! – Catherine, from Never Stationary

    3. Oh, last comment. Customize your site! Pick a more exciting theme, add widgets, add an about page that ISN’T directly on your homepage. Show site hits (if you are comfortable with that), perhaps develop weekly themes? Give more history behind the person you are writing to, if possible. People won’t bother to engage in your blog if you don’t engage in theirs. Again, hope this helps. Good luck! :)

  12. I would appreciate some feedback for my blog: I am pretty new to blogging so I would be very glad to get some comments on how I can improve my page. Thank you!

    1. You my blogging friend are one of the best young photographers I have seen for quite a while. I have been a photographer for many years but due to disabilities I have slowed down. I teach photography to children between the age of 5 and 11 at a local primary school and love it, my other site is and you will see how mine is set, don’t forget to add tags. Best wishes. :D

  13. Re-blogging really annoys the shit out of me. People who do it, in my opinion, have no imagination, original thoughts, and are super lazy.

    What are your thoughts? Do or don’t?

  14. I too am at new at this and would appreciate any feedback. I have learned already that I didn’t do well in english, so please mention that and any other thoughts you may have. I have written two posts so please check them both.


  15. Following up on some advice from previous Community Pool posts, I have made some improvements to my blog ‘The Hoax of a Digital Life’ (
    I would really like to hear what people have to say about the new layout, my content and whatever you think I could improve on.
    I don’t get offended by constructive criticism, so be as honest as you like, I only want to improve!

    Thanks a bunch! :)

  16. This place has helped me bring my blog to this stage but I guess I still need feedback on how easy it is to move around my blog and any other thing you notice that needs improvement.

  17. Hi Everyone. I started my blog in Feb and have played with the look many times. I am trying to convey a bit of the universe and some whimsy. I would love some feedback on the content and direction of the blog, talking about listening to signs and the Universe. Any feedback is welcome. I was thinking about changing the title of my blog to match my url or does it not matter?

  18. Hi there.
    I would like some input about the over all lay out of my blog. Is it fitting to my overall multipurpose blog? Should I add multiple pages or make it easier for people to find what they are looking for? (if I can figure out how! ;) )
    Do you feel my header is suitable to the over all feel of my blog?
    Thank you so much any input is welcomed.
    Thank you,

  19. Hi – I am very new to blogging and would like some feedback as to what makes blogs popular So – how do I get people to read it. Or should I not worry about that! Is it better to write about the same types of things. Am I utilizing all the perks WP has to offer? Are my posts too long?
    Thank s

  20. Hi WordPress friends! My first time in Community Pool! :) hehe.
    I made a personal blog with my personal domain although I am sticking with news, daily posts, and other things. I would love some feedback on my site. SiegMom ( ) I think and ffeel that I lack some things. hehe.

    1. I think often the personal posts are what due resonate with others. In my opinion what mattes is writing what you believe in, because that conviction and feeling will come through to others. my only concern with your site was when I tried to surf around and read anything other than the turning 18 post my McAfee site adviser warned me against it. I’m not sure what’s going on there but it will certainly hurt your traffic if others are getting the same warning!

      1. Thank you so much for the advice. Any tips on how I can solve the problem you faced or rather the problem your anti-virus software spotted ? I did not intentionally put any viruses on my blog, but I would surely like to know how to remove them if there are any

      2. Unfortunately I can’t help you at all there I’m sure someone in the pool knows what sets those detectors off but it’s not me!

    1. I like the stories you have to tell (short left, drive my favorite of those I read) but my advice (and truly I have no idea if it’s good advice so take it or leave it) is to visual break your posts up a bit more. Either using pictures or graphics in the posts, more paragraphs/spacing between paragraphs… you have lots to say and that’s great but I’m afraid the general internet world has ADD and you’ll lose people if it looks like a lot of words to read before they even give you a chance.

      1. Hi Jessie, thank you for your comment! I am finding it a bit difficult to do ad graphics / images at this time, as I am blogging from my Blackberry. I will definitely look at doing this once I have a laptop/pc to work from. Thanks again for taking the effort to reply!

    1. I’ve looked at your blog and I liked it, you have lots of content of different types and I like the fact that you have included some of your own writing on there. The only thing I would say is that I noticed you have people that have commented on your blog and you haven’t responded to them. I always make a point of thanking people for commenting and taking the time to read and I don’t like it if I comment on someone’s post and they don’t acknowledge it. That’s just my opinion though. :-)

      1. Thankyou so much! I do try to make an effort to reply to almost every comment, so there must be a few that have slipped past me, but otherwise, yes, I also like to reply to peoples’ comments.

  21. Everyone like feedback on their blog and I am not the exceptional. English is not my first language so my reader may find some grammatical error but I am open up for any kind of feedback.
    I write about everything which inspires me or I feel it can touch my readers heart. I am on a quest and my writing help me to find new meanings about life, love,hope, trust, relationship,people etc.
    I love WordPress, my readers and my fellow blogger. <3
    White Lily

    Summer Holiday with GULMOHAR

  22. I am interested in finding out more about the industry standards as it relates to models enhancing the complete look of an advertised outfit with their own piece of clothing.
    Just the other day, I came across an outfit on a website and really liked the color combination, so I contacted the store for the top and not the skirt on sale, only to be told the top is not an item carried by store.
    My question is by displaying both items on your virtual storefront, is it a misconception that those items are carried by the merchant

  23. I’d love some feedback on subjects for blogging. I’ve covered a number on my blog (which is only one month old) some get better feedback than others. I would grateful if you could take a look and give me your thoughts – should I stick to limited topics? should I blog every day? does my blog make sense?

    Thank you in advance, I really appreciate you taking the time to look.

    Best wishes, Jade.

  24. Hi! I started blogging a few weeks back and i am having trouble with the no. of hits i get on the blog. Its not increasing as i expected it to. Help!!!

  25. I have a category/tag issue I would love advice with.

    When I started my blog I had no idea the real purposes of categories vs. tags and I rather arbitrarily decided that I was going to use categories on my mini book review posts and tags on my regular post.That way a reader could browse through books by category or posts by tags and not end up with a bunch of book reviews that had to do with dogs when all they were looking for were past posts of my dogs.

    The end result is… well… what is it? Is it an ok system? Should I change it? HOW would I change it?

    Thanks in advance!

  26. Hello experts of the blogosphere, I’d love some feedback on the layout and content of my blog. Is the layout too amateurish? Would something flashier distract from the content? I need your knowledge! Please comment with your thoughts

  27. Hello everyone.

    My blog at is a very definite single topic blog. I’m not sure if I am unusual in that when I started it back at the end of January it was purely for me to record what I was up to with a project that I am working on. The blog has blossomed now to become part of the project. I don’t have many followers and I don’t get a vast amount of views and whilst this doesn’t worry me overmuch I would appreciate some comments on the layout and content. Specifically, the blog runs sequentially, the landing page is always the last post made so I wonder whether I would be better re-organising in some way to make access to the start of the blog more obvious. Any comments would be appreciate.

  28. Hello! Would love feedback in regards to my semi-new blog, Sequins and Bow Ties. I recently moved to the Netherlands from the US (oh how I miss the FL beaches, but loving the tulip fields), so S&B primarily focuses on my living abroad journeys and travels, while also incorporating fashion into play. Look forward to hearing from you guys and thanks in advance for any tips on writing, visuals or even how to build a bigger audience.

    XX – Whitney

  29. Hey guys ! I’ve been blogging in Portuguese for quite a few years and some weeks ago I’ve decided to create a personal blog in English as well. Having a blog at WordPress is mostly a hobby to me, one that I would love to do everyday although I don’t have enough available time. This is why I don’t have a blogging schedule, neither a real “subject” of the blog unless “discussing about everything that’s nice to know” counts.

    I would really appreciate if some of you checked it and gave me a feedback.

    The link for the blog in English:
    The link for the blog in Portuguese (just in case anyone else speaks the language):