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The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout,…

The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input either on your site, or in the comments here (feel free to indicate which you’d prefer).

Read on for the ground rules and to leave a comment . . .

  • You’ll get the best feedback if you can be as specific as possible about what you’d like people to respond to or where you’re struggling.
  • Please keep all comments civil and constructive. We’re here to help and support one another, not to beat anyone down.
  • If you haven’t looked at our Commenting Guidelines in a while, now might be a good time.
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    1. Oh my gosh. Well first, the content of your blog is 100% spot on. You have my full support and attention; the way that you tell your stories is flawless and detailed. However, you’d like comments on your layout? I think the red background and heading is sort of bloody but it matches your message fairly well. It may turn/scare some new readers off though; I was surprised before I read the title of your blog by the images. However, I’m fairly young so it probably wouldn’t SCARE other readers away but I was definitely shocked. You might consider making a static homepage. Perhaps show a snippet of each blog post along with a picture or something, instead of full text? That encourages people to click on each post and you will get more hits that way. I think a static homepage comes with every blog format, otherwise you could change your theme. Hope this helps! Keep writing, and all the best to you. – Catherine, at Never Stationary

    2. Becki,
      I agree with Catherine, that I was pulled in instantly and that the shock factor is one that made me want to read more. Your story is fascinating and I found myself wanting to know more about how you personally dealt with the attack and rape on an emotional level verses the string of events. This can be a good thing, leaving your readers wanting more. What I found confusing though was the myriad of various postings that are inter-weaved inside your story – jumping from a blog entry about your children or your not feeling well back into different chapters of your story about surviving the rape was a bit overwhelming for me. I would suggest perhaps creating a category just for the murder/rape where it is all in order. I have a regular blog of all my personal stories and then I have a separate blog for my novel and this seems to be a bit less confusing for my followers who can click through from both to the other without being overwhelmed with all of the different stories/categories.

      I’m deeply moved and humbled for your courage to tell your story and I hope you continue! Thank you for sharing!

    3. HI BEKCI
      You have a very outstanding layout in general. The first thing that striked me was the title of your Blog, I thought to myself you must be a writer and this was a short stories blog, however I did not know that was part of your life, I admire your courage and wish you blessing upon you and your family.

      if I may a few points

      I took me a while to look for your about page. and was a bit confused with seeing one on top of the page and one on the side
      maybe a preview of your post will help the blog and the reader to skim through easily

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I sent your thoughts to my editor to see if she wants to make the changes. I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to look at my blog. my life has been crazy to say the least. :)

    1. Hi! Your blog background is sort of random. Also, I think your content is good but the posts are very short; there’s not much to capture the readers attention. Hope this helps! – Catherine at Never Stationary

      1. Catherine, you certainly made me pause and think. I got to work harder at providing the reader a consistent theme they know they can come back for. Great point about the length of each blog post as well. I appreciate you taking the time for this!! Thanks!

    2. I just checked out your blog. I like the info. I find it helpful. I think it gives a nice inside look at what’s going on in business. The post where it translated what your boss means by certain questions he or she asks was great, is great! I think though that the theme you chose, is more casual than your message. The flowery background is light and fun and I think you’re aiming to be straightforward and professional/businesslike. I’m not sure if that helps?

    3. hI
      I just visited your blog. very good Contents. however a few things if I may:
      the layout looks very basic, maybe a bit more theme , not too much but not as as normal as now
      I find blogges with the tabs on top easy to navagate and look for
      all teh best

  1. Just wondered if people can tell English is not my first language, so if someone would be able to take a look at this blog post for example, then I’d be very interested in hearing where I am going wrong with how/what I write:

    I speak English on a daily basis as I’ve been living in Ireland for over 10 years and sometimes I feel that you can still hear my native Flemish/Dutch in my blog posts.

    Thanks in advance for taking a look and feel free to comment on my blog posts or on here. Always up for improvement!

    1. Dear Billie:
      For someone whose first language is not English, you are doing splendidly. Your blog background? Playful but almost too playful and expected for your theme. Perhaps you ought to change it. You also might want to consider making a static homepage; show small snippets of each post instead of full text. This will boost your views and help intrigue people. Hope this helps! – Catherine, at Never Stationary

      1. Thanks for the comment Catherine! I really appreciate it! I’ve been playing around with different themes and have changed it on several occasions. I actually chose this one because it was St Patrick’s Day and thought the green, flowery design cheery, since that would be my state of mind also. I’m thinking of upgrading to one of the premium themes but will do some more checking out the other ones first. And yes, the static homepage is something that has been on my mind also. I will play around with themes a bit more so! Thanks again and have a nice day!

    1. Hi
      your blog to the point, liked looking through, but can i suggest a bit of background, that I think will add to the spirit of your blog

    1. Hi! Well first off, great drawings. They are super playful and colorful and awesome. You might want to consider making a static homepage; showing just pictures of your art and encouraging more people to click around, which will boost site stats. My theme, Hatch, focuses on pictures which I think would be PERFECT for the layout of the blog. Check out my website to see if you like it! :) – Catherine, at Never Stationary

    2. I love your art. the only issue I have is that some of the boxes are “blank” or rather they don’t show…maybe try a different theme?

      1. Thanks for the heads up! I noticed this myself, but I was hoping it was only happening on my computer. I’ll be sure to change it asap.

        Thanks for the nice comment, too.

        All the best,

    3. Hi Dean
      You have a good thing going on there for you .. the first thing crossed my mind when I visited your blog is that you are new. I suggest explore the seating and themes, there are a lot you can do for your blog.
      You have interesting little stories there for the reader to read and enjoy the drawing.
      Spice it up a bit :)

      1. I think you will be one of the blogs that i will like to re visit, though still new but you have what it is needed to make your blog one of the good one :)

    1. Hi! First off, the theme of your blog is sort of bland. Clouds in the heading? A bit boring, if you ask me. Perhaps you ought to change that to an artsy picture or a pretty picture of you. :) On your About Page, I think your poetic introduction is very nice but I still don’t know that much about you! You should maybe consider having a short paragraph underneath that to explain what the focus of your blog is, and who you are. I don’t even know your name! However, if you want to remain nameless, totally fine.

      Additionally, it doesn’t seem like your blog has a focus yet. I’m seeing fitness, photo challenges, and TEDtalks. I noticed that you’re 18 which is super cool because we’re both so young! (I’m 16.) If this blog is more personal and more for your own personal benefit, then keep going because I love that you write so often. Keep it up, seriously. :)

      If, however, this blog is also to attract an audience, then yes, I suggest finding some sort of focus for your posts. Hope this helps! You ought to check out my blog as well :)

      - Catherine, at Never Stationary

      1. Hi Catherine! Thanks for the reply! Yes, I agree and feel that my theme is sorta plain too. It’ll be temporary, I promise! This is just a rough start and I’ll get down to personalising this blog more :) As for my name, I’d prefer to remain nameless on my blog :)

        Actually this is more of a platform for me to do random ‘creative’ writing to get my writing flow back, so there won’t be much focus on anything specific. Omgosh, is it surprising to find young people on wordpress? I have been quite out of touch from this domain! I’ll try to write more often when time permits as well :D (I’ve just come back from a trip, so a travel post is coming up soon;))

    1. I very much like your reviews of books and movies. The Useless Talent name would not attract me to your blog. Maybe you need a better name to describe the focus of your blog. Other than the name, I think your blog is interesting.

      1. thank you very much =)
        just to explain the title: it’s movie related….in planet terror rose mcgowan talks about many of her talents and refers to them as useless but then finds a use for all of them throughout the movie. =)

    1. Your posts are interesting with wonderful photos. You may want to add the tags Culture and Life to your posts so more people can find your blog.

  2. well I guess I goofed, I am sorry, will try to do better, learned if I go through the community pool, I have to weed through inumerable posts to find my answer, I can I get more readers to my web blog and on my blog it says my facebook is not configured correclty, help of anykind is greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi everyone! Happy Easter! I’d appreciate some feedback about my blog content! Anything else though, would be 100% welcome as all. :)

    - Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine!
      I think your content is great. Very good writing, great choice of accompanying photos, and compelling topics. It took me a minute to realize that the blue links at the top right are the navigation to different pages, but other than that being a little unusual I was able to find my way around. Happy blogging!

    1. OK, there it is, I found it. Not sure if your gravatar is set up to display your blog site, that’s something you could check out.

      I like your choice of theme and how it’s set up, with it’s slight gray scale and blue-green highlights. Also like your about page. Your ‘Mommy-isms’ page is a good idea, but it’s blank right now, you probably already know that though and just haven’t put anything in it yet.

      I could be wrong but it looks like you’re self hosting ? The thing I didn’t like about self hosting was the lack of a “Like” button. A fellow self hoster told me about a plug-in that you can add which gives you a WordPress Like button. It’s title is “Gravatar Like”, the developer is Reza Mooalemi. You should be able to just search for “Gravatar Like” in the WordPress Plugin search.

      The only other minor thing I’d suggest is not displaying the “Meta” info on the site. Seems like no one really has those options on display on their site, and they can be accessed through your dashboard anyway.

      Good luck!

      1. Ok since I’m new to this I don’t know how to remove the meta thingy. I’ll look into changing it from self -hosting… Thank you so much for your feedback.

      2. I wish I could figure out how to change those 2 things. I knew they were there but didn’t know I had an option. I don’t find this to be the most user friendly. But I don’t have experience with any other site other than social sites

      3. You might be able to do it like this:
        If you can access the ‘Dashboard through your WordPress account’, go to the ‘Appearance’ section. From there, go to the ‘Widgets’ page. On the Widgets page, there will be a ‘Meta” widget. You should be able to inactivate it from there.

  4. Does the things I post archive automatically or do I have to do something? Tomorrow starts a new month, so will all of March posts move to archive? Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

    1. Hi there Ann!
      Your posts will automatically show up in your archive without you having to do anything but they will also still be on your blogroll/homepage. If you’d like older posts to fall off your homepage, you could set the page to show a maximum number of posts. Otherwise the scrolling will just continue to grow the more you write.
      Happy Blogging!

  5. I’ve only been blogging on wordpress for 3months and feel I’m running out of interesting things to talk about as my blog is mainly my diary but online. Can someone take a look and let me know what you think? I’m getting good views just not many responses from my readers etc. thanks!

    1. The layout is fine, if a little on the PINK side for my taste. It does read like a diary and so in a way that might explain views but not comments.When you write in a ‘this is what I did today’ style it’s informative but does not make me want to comment. Perhaps you could try opening up dialogue by prompting questions about your topics? For example when you show the Egg Hunt shots perhaps ask your readers to tell you about theirs?

      1. Keep trying. Also visit and comment on other blogs like yours. Build a network. It’ll happen.

    2. It is quite pink, but it’s a great start. Why not talk about some of the trials you face as a young mom as well? Wether to be a stay at home mom, or go back to work etc. etc. And yes, the more your participate in the community, the more feedback you will get! Check out the other mommy blogs…

    1. Can anyone see the post above? The only reason I ask is that after two days it still has a message above it saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation?”

  6. Hi All,

    Blog stats really get me going… please tell me what you think about the ‘likes’ you get… are they counted as views or not?

    Why do I ask? Some days I seem quite a few likes early in the morning… say 10 by morning tea but then often there’ll be about half the amount of visitors registered up until that point of the day…

    Thanks for your input! ;-)

    1. Just a guess, but I think this happens when someone “likes” from their reader without actually going to your blog. If it works like a regular website, too, there might be a time limit on it. For example, if someone is only on your page for a second, instead of 3, it might not count. That probably accounts for most of the discrepancy! :)

      1. I don’t see a like as a view for the reasons Rarasaur mentions too but even a like makes me smile a little.

    1. The CSS upgrades always look great, but you might consider just switching your theme. There’s a few that have widgets on the sidebar, and a top toolbar. :) I like the organization! :D

      1. There are more than a few I would say…every theme I have tried has a top header and side bars for widgets. Bear in mind though that you will lose that lovely expansive feel you have right now with a wide page. I like it as it is.

  7. Hi, I have been blogging for a year now at . Its been a wonderful journey and I am just opening up to be a part of the blogging community. Would love to have some feedback on the content, layout. Would be grateful for any tips that would enhance my writing. Bouquets or brickbats are absolutely welcome

    1. Congratulations on one year of writing! Your blog is interesting. You may want to leave some comments on the blogs of other writers to build a writers community for yourself.

    1. I don’t think there’s really one ‘correct’ way to do it.

      Large photos are usually attention getting and make me want to know more. Some photos can be used as just small accents to illustrate part of the story you’re telling too.

      For me, if I have a particularly nice photo, I try to make it as large as I can on the post, and make it the focus of the post. Or if it’s just a photo that I’d like to use to accent a part of a post, then maybe I just display it on the side, or as small as possible. I think you’ll just figure out what you’re comfortable with as you continue blogging.

  8. My fellow WordPressians,

    My question to you is: “Do you use the ‘blogs I follow’ widget? You can see mine on the right side tool bar area. I like the idea of promoting blogs I enjoy, I’m just not sure if it really helps.



    1. I don’t personally use the widget, but I often refer to it on other blogs. If someone only has 25 or so blogs that they follow, and mine is on the list… or if someone I read is on the list… I’m usually curious about the other 20 some. If it’s more than that, I rarely click through all of them, but I’ll on occasion click one or two with catchy names. Hope that helps! :)

    2. It’s a great idea to share or in your words promote those work you like. Though I don’t do it but I appreciate your work. By the way nice blog. Keep it up!

  9. Hi There :). I have long felt that my blog is missing something. I’m not sure if it needs a background or a more personal feel or if it’s pictures that are missing? I’m not the keenest on managing and understanding widgets but, if there is something I can do to give it a more robust feel, I’m all ears. Thank you!!

    1. I could be wrong, but I didn’t notice if you include photos with any of your posts ?
      I think it can help especially if you have a humorous post. If you don’t like including photos of yourself on your blog, you can still include photos of anything else and still have an interesting post.

      Also, I like the progression of time in your ‘About’ page!

      1. You seem to be doing quite well on your blog! The layout is good, and the writing is interesting. What kind of goals do you want to accomplish by writing your blog?

      2. Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to build a more consistent reader base. When I post a blog, my stats are high, but it’s not converting into more followers. Any thoughts?

      3. I would stop worrying about getting followers and focus on saying what you want to. They will come in time. Make sure you outline what you want to discuss.

  10. Hi everyone,
    I am new to community pool, so I am not completely sure how this works, but here goes..
    My blog has been picking up traffic recently and I have been putting more effort into it.
    But I still feel like it is a bit, blank.
    Do you think it is my layout?

    Another thing is I have always had trouble with the “About Me” Page, so here is mine, I would love feedback. Thanks!

    1. I like your blog – the about page could perhaps be broken up into easier to read paragraphs – but apart from that it’s different and interesting :)

  11. Just wrote Blog #50 last week. Generally how does it look (Layout) and give feedback on my content. Would you return, why and why not.

    1. I like the card style for each post on your homepage, but a slightly darker background color might make it easier to see each post when you scan through. There’s also very low contrast on your “keep reading” buttons on hover (white on grey) which makes them hard to see when clicking around. Once I found your “Meet the Author” page I got a better idea of your overall theme and I think that could bring people back if it was a littler easier to find. Maybe add that page into the navigation. Hope this helps, and happy blogging!

  12. Hi, I don’t know whether anyone can help but I am struggling for ideas on my blog at the moment, my web page is called ‘my life through the eyes of the web’ so you would assume I guess, it’s simple. Just write about your life, as I’m sure some of you know- It’s not that simple. I’m still really new to blogging and I don’t know what sorts of topics are interesting to my target audience or potential viewers etc. I would really appreciate some help if anyone has any pointers on what topics are good for a blog and please accept I do this in my spare time and I don’t have any previous experience so it isn’t up to some of the the standards set by others.

    Many thanks,

  13. Hello everybody, I have been writing for years but decided on blogging just this March and would appreciate it if you make the time to visit and give me some feedback. I do have few people visiting but most don’t leave comments. Any advice?

    1. I read one of your posts and it sounded good! I think you make it sound very down to earth and chatty as far as posts go, which is good as it engages your reader. (I read your ‘wait a minute, you don’t know me’ post) I was wondering if you would do the same for me? I’ve only just started blogging and. Would really appreciate some pointers?
      Many thanks

      1. I went to your blog right after I read your comment. guess what the first striking thing about your blog was your quote ”We’re just trying to find some colour in this black and white world”. I love it and your style of writing. Its like sharing a piece of you with us. nice!

  14. Hi there, and thanks for providing this space to give constructive feedback. I write a print humor column, and my blog is to provide an online presence to showcase my work. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to increase readership and esp. to build discussion.

  15. Hi everybody!

    I am new to blogging. I’m constantly rearranging my page as I read tips from other bloggers. My blog is just about my life in general. I will post more and more about books and movies since I hope to become a published author one day. Let me know what you think of my page:

    I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    1. Hey I visited your blog.
      It stroke me as very interactive and organized, (but not too organized, which is a good thing)
      I couldn’t find an “About” page though, and I think you need to add one because a lot of people like to read it to get a better feel about the person writing and the topics he/she is writing about.

      1. Thank you so much for your visit and your feedback. It is one of the things I will have to learn how to create. I will check out other blogs to see examples and fix that. Thanks again!

  16. I am new to the blogging world so i’m not too sure how to go about it in general. I just started it because of a suggestion from a friend who found my tweets about food amusing. have you any tips for a new blogger on how its done and how to get your stuff out there?

    1. Sweet blog…However, I am done with animal crakers…I am new myself, so as far as suggestions on themes and the likes, i’m not the expert…but i’m not a fan of baby blue soft colors, just me. I did love the writing contents

  17. Hello everyone,

    My wife and I started this financial blog a couple of months ago. It aims to help people to learn how to handle their finances etc. After the first series, we planned to focus on financial management for couples. The posts are long and meaty so that readers will get use into reading long contracts.

    Let me know what you think of our page.

    I would love to hear your feedback.



    1. I am amazed!

      I have very seldom seen such a excellent layout!

      The graphics are inspired! A perfect graphic for each and every place one has been used.

      I am in awe!

      1. Hi Rob (I just learned your name via your blog),

        Thank you also for subscribing. :D

        Here are some comments on your blog.

        1. You’ve done a great job in coloring each link with the same color. That tells the readers that every time they see the blue colored text (#0161B5), it means they can click it to see another page. However, if you can do the same for the post title, that would further increase the consistency of the layout.

        2. I think it would be best if you can tease your readers before having the “Read more” link which is found on the latest two articles. This way, if you got them teased, they’ll read more of your posts.

        By the way, I’m basing my comments on the blog that taught me how to layout my site.

        Here’s the link to the site: It’s a site from Derek Halpern.

        I hope this helps.


      2. Thank you for your nice comments!

        The “read more’ is for articles I have re-blogged… I have no control over where that link show up.

        As for the theme, I do strive for consistency, and the post titles actually turn blue on a mouse hover.

        I am still working out the fine point of the .css for the site. I used to know .css when I had my blog on, and hosted by “Bloghosts”. They went out of business one day with no warning. One day my blog was there, the next day it was gone.

        I haven’t blogged seriously since then, over 10 years gone by now.

        Can you please email me, so we can chat more privately? I haven’t been able to find a link on your blog for contacting you there.

        My public email is

        Thanks again for your nice comments!


      1. The problem was that the URL associated with the comment you left did not point to Now that I have gotten there, I’ll have a look around and let you know how I like the place. :)

    1. Okay… I’m shooting straight from the hip here, so don’t be offended.

      The very first thing I noticed was the *small* font size. One of the base rules of typography is not to use a small sans serif typeface. At small sizes, sans serif typefaces can be very hard on the eyes.

      The second thing I noticed is that the width of the blog.

      The banner I measured at 780 pixels.
      The 2 column span below that totals 750 pixels.
      The main post column width is 515 pixels.

      My laptop, a 17″ model has a screen resolution of 1600 by 900.

      This means that the bulk of the screen real estate on your blog is about 32% of the width of my screen. No matter how you look at that, it’s *way* to narrow.

      Your posts are on a white background, which is surrounded by another background that does not provide enough contrast for the very small 5 pixels between posts.

      I have to look hard to notice, on a quick read, where 1 post ended and another one began.

      The are occasional posts where there is not a blank line between paragraphs. Also hard on the eyes.

      I would also recommend that you put a blank line between the title and content of each post. Again, it’s easier on the eyes.

      Sometimes the title of a post is in bold, sometimes it is not. Consistency is an important trait, in print and online.

      There are, I feel, too many links to sites that are not relevant to the business at hand. Having links to Wiki pages that explain a term is usually a good thing, but overuse can turn your readers off. Links to pages that have nothing to do with your blog are generally considered, for the type of blog you have, to be a bad thing. I am thinking of the link to “So What” by Pink.

      I can appreciate your desire to keep the “Share” area clean. Many people overuse this area for no gain. On the other hand, you have gone in the other direction, to, I feel, and extreme. Most people at least have Facebook, Twitter, and the other tier 1 websites.

      Your post entitled “What, How, Why. The Whys Have It” contains a picture that is 310 pixels wide… that’s about 60% the width of the column it is in. Generally speaking a picture shouldn’t be more than 1/3 the width of the column it is in. The text, “TED Talk – by Simon Sinek. Why Martin Luther King? Why Apple not Dell?” is in a column that is only 1 word wide. This is, generally consider to be a very bad thing. So… smaller picture or wider column.

      I also feel that you have far too many tags for the total number of posts you have made. I feel it is wise to keep the number of tags you are using equal to the actual numbered of posts you have made in the category you have filed that post under.

      Ah… I see that one of your posts is about writing copy for the web. I don’t think your readers need to be linked to what a rule of thumb is.

      There is also a least one spelling mistake. That is a bit ironic.

      All the things I have listed above are technical details.

      Now, on the the content…

      Your posts are old. And on a blog, old = stale. I am not seeing a lot of new posts. Actually, the most recent post is a repost of one that was posted over 3 weeks ago.

      I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to be posting, and posting good, interesting copy, on a regular basis. Blogs live and die on this principal.

      You must also go back over your posts to check that the links and especially the images are still up-to-date. Your egg picture no longer points to a page that has the image.

      I feel that it is very important that *you* have any pictures you are using on your blog in the media library for that blog. The free space you get from WordPress is more than adequate until you decide that the traffic on your blog warrants paying for more storage space.

      Hmm… your “test bed” post is really old, and some of the information in it may be out of date at this juncture.

      It’s getting late, so I’m going to try and end this comment of mine to you.

      I find it more than just a bit ironic that you seem not to be following the advice you have given out in some of your posts.

      You need to post a minimum, I feel, of at least 3 times a week. Personally, I shoot for at least 1 good post per day. I wrote about 1,500 words in one of my recent posts and had an accompanying post of about 500 words that it linked to.

      Both posts, I feel, are relevant to my target audience. Your posts are also relevant to your target audience, so you are on the right track there.

      But.. you need to post more often, wish fresh ideas that will reach out and touch the people who are reading your blog.

      Your use of white space is inconsistent, and there are the problems I pointed out at the beginning of this comment as well.

      Widen the blog up, use white space, titles, and paragraph styles in a consistent manner in order to draw in the people who are “scanners”. Perhaps you felt the skinny style was needed to people reading the blog on portable devices.

      That is no longer a valid reason in today’s world. Your blog theme, which is no longer even available, can be a new theme, with wider columns, and most importantly, portable device friendly auto sizing columns. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Your blog can be a width that fills my large screen right down to something that can be read clearly on an iPhone or similar device.

      I don’t think that any amount of good copy can make up for a design that is currently far out of date. I think maybe that is why WordPress retired it.

      Lastly… in order to increase the readership of your blog, you need to let people know it exists. I have read on blogs that are here, on WordPress, that one of the most effective ways of increasing your readership is to write good copy in the comment section of a blog.

      By doing this, you are exposing potential site visitors to yourself, and subsequently to your blog. I’ve spent over an hour looking at your blog, measuring it, reading all the posts on the first 2 pages, and finally delivering my thoughts on it here to you.

      Time and effort… I have expanded both.

      Reason “A”: to let you know what I think of your blog.

      Reason “B”: to expose the people who read these comments to me.

      Now you and them know far more about me, my writing style, etc. than they did before.

      I consider this time and effort well spent. I am sure that at least a small percentage of the people who have read this post, including yourself, may be inclined to visit my blog and see what other things I have written and posted.

      As I said at the beginning of this comment… this is my opinion, shot straight from the hip. It is in no way designed to hurt you personally or professionally, but instead help you to increase the readership of your blog… and that’s why we are here in the first place.



      p.s. — this comment is just about 1870 words long. I will copy and paste it into a Google Doc for future reference.

  18. I’m looking for suggestions on which layout/format/theme will best suit a blog focused on art. I need to have nested menus, multiple gallery view pages, and a generally image friendly format. Any suggestions? (I’m talking about updating my flippingchannels blog specifically.) Thank you!

  19. I would appreciate some input about my writing under tag” light house” , “the page” all under Storytell category in my blog. One more thing , feedback about the lay out of my blog
    Thank you :-)

  20. Just what I need. An honest to goodness comment on my site that will help me improve it. Do i have the right format? Am I using the right color for the messages i want to convey? English is my third language and the first two are local languages which i use daily. Am I tagging them correctly? How can i get readers interested? Will appreciate your comments. Thanks.

    1. Hey,
      I really liked your blog.
      You talk about interesting topics.
      Your theme is also nice. Maybe its just me, but I find the Black and White theme symbolic of the topics you write about since some of them are controversial and taboo.
      However, it is a bit plain. Im personally trying to make my blog visually nicer, so maybe adding a header photo or a quote on the side.
      But I love your blog.
      I would appreciate if you visit my blog and give me some feedback as well.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to review my blog. It’s really appreciated.

        I like your style of writing and I think you would be a great journalist. I think it would make your blog more personal if you added more to your About Me page.

        The only other thing is a menu? I would like to read more of your posts but it’s difficult to scroll down through all of them, could you put a menu in that had categories that we could navigate with? Overall, I think you’re doing a great job! x

      2. Thank You for the feedback!
        I’ve always had trouble with the “About Me” page.
        But I guess I should work on it.

  21. I’ve been blogging about personal and everyday matters for a while now. I think I’ll be trying to expand my horizons now. ANY help is appreciated – the blog layout/colors, content, topics I must write about, ANYTHING at all!

    I’m waiting :)
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Truviz,

      When I opened your blog the first thing that I see is the big header (the word Belief). Then after that I noticed the title of the recent article.

      By the way, how do you want your readers to react on your blog?


    2. Hi Truviz,
      the first thing I noticed was “Belief”, and then the menu on the top.
      Your layout is really nice, but I think it is a bit cold compared to the topics you write about, it looks more like a news website, rather than one that intrigues questions about faith and belief.
      But that is just my opinion.

      1. Hey, I actually like it this way :)
        You can also try a yet darker red and see which you like :)
        I love how blog is written in red within the word belief :)