Focus On: Blogs for 365 Days, 52 Weeks, and More

We discover bloggers on exploring different passions and interests, immersed in unique industries, fields, and worlds. At the Daily Post,…

We discover bloggers on exploring different passions and interests, immersed in unique industries, fields, and worlds. At the Daily Post, we’ll highlight these niche blogs and the various communities within We hope these spotlights introduce you to new communities and ideas, and inspire you to find — and create — your own cozy corner in the blogging world.


At the end of November, we gave virtual high-fives to writers and artists who participated in month-long projects like NaBloPoMo and NaNoDrawMo. We also want to highlight bloggers who challenge themselves all year — who post each day, each week, or have established an ongoing project. Check out these blogs:

A Year of Reading the World

In 2012, writer and editor Ann Morgan planned to read her way around as many of the globe’s 196 independent countries as she could, sampling one book from every nation. The result? Her thoughtful, sophisticated blog, A Year of Reading the World. In each post, she focuses on a particular book and digs into the country’s history and culture. Recent places included Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, and the Maldives.

Jump For Joy!

Jump For Joy!

JUMP FOR JOY! Photo Project

An inspiring international project focused on play, fun, and the positive in our lives, JUMP FOR JOY! presents Eyoälha Baker’s vision of a world united by our expression of joy. Eyoälha has taken nearly all the images on her blog — with the exception of the photos of her. Her jumping subjects are captured in locations around the world: at the beach in Kauaiat a park in Vancouver, or even between city skyscrapers . . . while holding a ninja sword! We love how she showcases the beauty of the human spirit — in mid-air.

Hope Street

Kurt Blumenau’s grandfather kept month-to-month calendars — 15 years’ worth! — on which he recorded significant events that affected him, such as the flight of Apollo 17. These calendars remain in Kurt’s family, and each Monday on his blog, Hope Street, Kurt picks an interesting calendar entry and writes something about it. “It might be a reflection on my grandfather’s life,” writes Kurt, “or my family’s history and tradition . . . or American life of the 1960s and 1970s . . . or my own life today.” The blog celebrates his grandfather and family and is a unique, thoughtful project of personal and American history.

Sketches From Memory

We admire the sketch-a-day regimen of comic artist Chuck Cottrell. Chuck posts simple sketches to mini comic strips, mostly in black and white (with some random yet effective bursts of color). We recommend you dive in, as he lets readers in to his personal world — including sharing stories of married life — in a fun, candid way.

Ian Spagnolo Photography

Outdoor landscapes. Dramatic long exposure shots of the sea. Light painting sessions. Follow photographer Ian Spagnolo‘s “365 Project” to sample his work, especially if you enjoy seeing a photographer play around with exposure, light, and other elements. Ian is from Coffs Harbour, a coastal city in New South Wales, Australia, which means he certainly won’t run out of stunning subject matter to shoot.

52 Brand New

52 Brand New

52 Brand New

For 2012, the personable blogger behind 52 Brand New promised to try 52 new experiences with her children, from tasting new cuisines to attending a family yoga class to collecting rocks. In each “new experience,” she includes playful Polaroid-style images and links to other experiences her family has undertaken, as well as external resources offering ideas for family activities. 52 Brand New is a fresh, creative take on a parenting blog.

Instamatic Gratification

A daily photoblog, Instamatic Gratification succeeds because of its simple and focused approach: one image per day. (We also love the daily quotes that accompany each photograph.) In January 2010, Caryn launched the blog and successfully posted 365 images in that first year. In 2011, she wasn’t quite as diligent, so this year, she decided to challenge herself once again. She writes: “I’ve come to realize that, for me anyway, quantity (or rather the consistency of daily practice) is the surest and most direct route to quality.” We totally agree!

Dar’s 52 Mondays Blog

Dar’s “52 Mondays” project compiles photographs as well as her thoughts on nature, art, education, creativity, and more — a space in which she can share her ideas in one place. We appreciate her weekly dedication to “make Mondays more marvelous,” and think her approach is inspiring.

Since 2013 is just around the corner, we encourage you to start your own 365-day or 52-week project at the beginning of the year. If you have plans, let us know in the comments! Or, if you already maintain a similar project on your blog, or follow another blog that does the same, share it below as well.

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  1. Thanks for the terrific selections Cheri. It’s always inspiring to hear about interesting projects others are doing in our community. I wasn’t thinking about this aspect of blogging, but one goal/project I maintained on my blog this year, was to write a Positive Motivation Tip on every post. Next year I plan to add a gratitude journal with a twist.
    Happy Holidays {{{Hugs}}} to all!

      1. I have been doing a photo-a-day project for two years. At the end of the month, I post them all collectively on my blog. Next year, if I continue with the project, then I may use WordPress as the main source and make daily blogs instead.

        My theme is “Today is all about…” And the picture is relevant to something that has happened that day…big or small.

        It’s quite challenging as you really need to think about what it is you are doing. And when you have done nothing, then what can you take a picture of. It’s not always been successful, but it’s something that I have enjoyed.

        Occasionally, I’ll look back at the pictures, as it’s sort of become a photo diary. Some photos are quite cryptic (they are meant to be), but to me I know what they mean.

  2. Love the selections and look forward to sampling them all. It’s good motivation for my own blog. I wasn’t so diligent with the number of postings I made in 2012. Life got in the way. But my goal is a weekly post in 2013.

  3. I am still trying to find my niche, but I plan to try to post something every day, even if it is just an image.

  4. I love the suggestions. How wonderful that I found one of the blogs on my own! TheJumoForJoyProject. I hope maybe next year my own diligence will pay off. I am posting one letter every day from my grandparents World War II correspondence. 28 down, 500+ to go!

  5. Thank you for the interesting blog selections in this post…they are all excellent. My Project 365 for 2012( ) has been a combination of make me, make the world a better place type of blog. I highlight quotes from environmental foundations and societies as well as books regarding ethics and world peace. I plan to continue with the 365 project through 2013 hopefully expanding more on ethical debates as well in regard to how the planet is being managed and mismanaged by humans…forever seeking resolution ideas for humanity’s sake.

  6. Today I published my 500th post, having posted daily since August last year. Writing helps me to understand, I want to be heard and the many generous comments let me know I am. This is a wonderful hobby.

  7. I agree with Caryn from Instamatic Gratification (isn’t that the most wonderful title?); quantity does lead to quality. The more we write the better we get. Or at least the contrary is true: we won’t get better by thinking about writing well. I try to write weekly, but I haven’t made any promises. I admire those who have gone out on a limb and committed themselves to what must be a pretty scary schedule. Well done, all!

  8. Hello! I write about three beautiful things each day , gorgeous, simple or prosaic. I record , with photographs, anything that gives me pleasure be it music, nature, family, words, food, family history, performance, landscape ……. Finding the beautiful in the everyday is my philosophy.
    I’ve done over 400 posts so far and plan to continue through 2013. Do have a look!

  9. Great way to feature 365 days of blogging. I took the postaday challenge at the beginning of the year and so far so good. I got 348 consecutive days of finding humor in a life that didn’t turn out the way I thought it would — sort of an ongoing Saturday Night Live skit of my life.

    Visit any time :)

    1. Good for you… I love visiting too. :-) Last year I didn’t miss a blog post a day and it was an amazing experience. This year, between Hurricane Sandy and life’s demands, I’ve written daily but not published daily… I think writing every day, whether online or offline, is important to the process. :-)

  10. I started a blog in June on the life of an adopted dog named Peachy who had been beaten by a prospective adopter just days before we came to the shelter. She had to be rushed to the vet by the shelter when she returned from an over night visit with that adopter. We were told she hated other animals and children. I have logged her life on a steady basis with her progress to date and plan to show improvements as she shows them. It has been a difficult journey yet well worth the travel.

  11. My blog Made of Stars is only 2 months old.
    I am doing a weekly series called My A-Z of Veganism. I’ve just posted F. As a 16 year vegan and mum to tiny vegans, I wanted a novel approach to writing about vegan philosophy and my experiences. Of course, the alphabet won’t sustain me for 52 weeks, but I could always just start at A again!

  12. M blog only arrived on here in August. In November I took part in the daily blog challenge, and decided to keep it up. It is a challenge sometimes, when the day didn’t contain anything interesting, but I tr and make each blog contain some kind of advice, related to m own experiences, all health wellness and fitness related. Toying with idea of merging other blogs, at the moment they are separated by topic. Can’t decide whether its best to combine or separate

  13. This year I have gone from a complete non-blogger to writing two blogs AND they both have followers. I still find it amazing that people I don’t know read and enjoy my writing. I set out a plan to post on each blog once a week. publishes on Tuesdays and publishes on Thursdays. As well I try to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge and to conjure up another story which fits the theme on each blog. That makes four posts a week. So far I have managed to keep up – blogging is so much fun and very addictive.

  14. My blog is relatively old. I had create for school long ago but I’ve adopted the name back I don’t have a real purpose behind it just just. Its kinda like a diary for me and a outlet to write short stories or ideals for them. I plan on started the blog a day challenge at the beginning of the year, letting go of all the things that had prevented me to do so the last time so I don’t make the same mistake.

  15. Its inspiring to read fabulous pieces from different bloggers around the world.Thank u for listing some of the most fascinating ones here.I have just arrived on the scene & am still a little apprehensive.
    However,this community is very encouraging & fellow bloggers are making me feel at home already:-)

    I think it needs a lot of motivation,discipline & intense passion to blog 365 days or even 52 weeks & I salute all those who have done it successfully.I would love to take baby steps into this formidably challenging project n 2013,especially because I am very laid back & would love to push myself & not just keep thinking about it:-).

    I would like to start blogging with one primary emotion,then break it into one or two secondary / tertiary emotion each week & roll with that.Do wish me luck & I hope I shall be able to pen something worth reading:-)Happy holidays

  16. Thank you, Cheri, for including Instamatic Gratification in this great group of blogs. I am honored. And for anyone considering making a commitment to a long-term blogging project, I just wanted to say that, for me, it’s been a life-changing experience and one that I highly recommend. Thanks again!

  17. I joined WordPress recently and plan to undertake the 365 or 52 project in 2013. I had experimented with 52 Weeks Reading project in 2011 and I was able to read 45 books (out of 52). I hope blogging in 2013 works out better than that. Great selections. I have been following Sketches from Memory on my other blog and I love it.

  18. I am hoping to move into a more regular blogging routine. I started a 365 photo project last year and am hoping to combine that with my current food blog… I do love composing food still lifes.. Thanks for all these new wonderful sites to follow!

    1. Glad to see these posts! I started a blog July 23, 2012, not knowing exactly where I was heading with it. I’ve been blogging daily and usually post photos on Thursdays and Saturdays. I write a lot about teaching and just the process of trying to stay creative while still working full time. I’m not sure, but hope that by July 23, 2013 I’ll have a clearer vision of what I need to blog about. Right now, disciplining myself to post daily is part of the writing commitment I’ve made to myself. My next promise is to read and follow more blogs.

  19. I started my blog in 2010 as a post-a-day site focused on documenting one fun, kind, or otherwise uplifting thing that happened to me each day. After my first 365 days were completed, the site evolved into a “101 in 1001″ space (i.e., complete 101 new-to-me tasks in 1001 days [similar to the "52 Brand New" site referenced in the post]). I also started a new/different 365 day site (which I started earlier this year) where I document 3 delights every day.

    Interested people can find the two sites here:

  20. I have a suitcase of letters my father wrote to my mother starting when he met my mom in 1937 through training for World War II, them getting married and him being sent overseas to fight for his country. Every Thursday I post another chapter of his journey. I am 42 weeks in and he has just been sent overseas. For me Thursdays are “World War II Thursday’s” on my blog.

  21. I am going to try to write a series on the Saints titled A Saint A day. I am not Catholic but I admire their lives and think they would make a good role model on how to draw closer to God. I just don’t know if I can do it because I am only on the second saint. It seems to take hours to research each of the saints and figure out what part of their life jumps out at me as something that I want to imitate if I can, of course.

  22. I’ve visited a couple of these (the jumping one, in particular) before! As I’m learning this blogging thing, I’m finding lots of great writers and photographers, and oodles of inspiration!! On my “Don’t Carry the Donkey!” blog, I decided to start a weekly post called Our Sunday Best, based on the week’s message at our church. I never would have been willing to attempt a regular writing schedule if I hadn’t been reading other people’s blogs and learning from them. So – thanks for sharing these!!
    I just posted this one, if anyone would like to read it:

  23. Wow thanks for pointing out these truly mazing project blogs. My blog – Project Momentarily- is a little like these ones as I am releasing each chapter of what will be a novel and my blog allows readers to post their thoughts on the plot and the characters. It’s a crowd-sourcing kind of project as the comments then inspire me to write more.

    The blog is only two months old, but here’s a recent post that explains it all:

  24. I’ve just been pointed here by a Blogging chum, and I’m so glad I have been. What a wealth of ideas and creativity you shpwcase. I don’t know if I would ever have come across these Blogs without your help. Thankyou again

  25. Well this may sound crazy, but for nearly two years now I have posted a different picture of a British burglar alarm every single day on my WordPress blog Burglar Alarm Britain. Following the dictum that “an Englishman’s home is his castle”, these have a medley of weird and wonderful designs ranging from squirrels to knights on horseback, and I’ve broken them all down into categories. I plan to continue for at least another year. Thank you WordPress for being so excellent to use and making this possible for me. You can find it here:

  26. I started blogging September 2011 only weekly. Since April I have posted daily; each day a particular theme around books, libraries and life. Each day I have at least one image and narrative; It is like a patch work quilt … and without WordPress this would not have happen Thank you

  27. I’ve posted daily since Nov 1, 2011. When I reached the end of October, I decided to continue daily posting through 12/31/12. Originally, I thought that my blog would be like “morning pages”, but I didn’t like the unedited feel to those. So, when I didn’t have a finished piece to post, I started posting photographs. At the end of January, I realized that I had taken a photo a day for the month, so I continued. My posts almost always include a photograph, but I don’t know that my blog is a photoblog. Sometimes, when I’ve just posted an image only, I think it is a lazy, get something on the blog, thing for me to do. I don’t know that I’ll post daily in 2013, but I do intend to post regularly and I hope to include more writing to accompany by photographs which have improved tremendously since I began — or rather just sort of fell into — this project. It’s been fun, I’ve learned much, and met many wonderful bloggers who have given me insight into different ways of looking at the world.

  28. I so wish I had something meaningful to post every day for 365 days, but I don’t know if my talents in either photography or drawing to want to do that to myself. Hell, even I bore myself with the writing everyday, but it doesn’t have to be prize-winning, right, or should I say …write? har har har

  29. That is why I am on WordPress! My project this year was a 365 day Bucket List for 2012. Considering what kind of 365 project to do for 2013. I did the Photo a Day for 2011. I need some inspiration for what to do in 2013!