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Each day, we discover bloggers on exploring different passions and interests, immersed in unique industries, fields, and worlds. At…

Each day, we discover bloggers on exploring different passions and interests, immersed in unique industries, fields, and worlds. At The Daily Post, we’ll highlight more of these niche blogs and the various communities within We hope these spotlights introduce you to new communities and ideas, and inspire you to find—and create—your own cozy corner in the blogging world.

First up? Craft beer.

Photo by Cheri Lucas

On a hot summer day, would you drive an hour out of the way to sip a seasonal rye ale? Have you been known to start debates with your neighborhood bartender over the best IPA? Or, does a grapefruity Cascade hop make you swoon?

When it comes to pints, your friends think you’re picky. You call it passionate.

Does this describe you? If so, you’re not alone. A rich, varied craft beer blogging community exists, enthusiastic not just about good local and regional beer, but the history of brewing, the practices of independent breweries, and the craft beer scenes around the world.

For a taste of what beer blogging is like, here’s a sampling of craft beer blogs on You’ll see that the Internet is a warm, fuzzy place for craft beer connoisseurs and lovers alike.

And we think you’ll agree: beer blogs have the best titles!


These blogs mix brewery experiences, thoughtful commentary, personal musings, and photography.

Brew Trek: A designer/musician seeks out breweries and brewpubs on his travels.
Zythophile: The author of Amber Gold and Black focuses on the history and culture of beer.
Relentless Thirst: A beer lover and thoughtful writer on the brewing industry.


Examples of blogs with straightforward but thorough beer reviews.

Beersighted: Simple, to-the-point reviews, minus the “beer snob crap.”
Alcohol and Aphorisms: A beer/philosophy lover on tasting and the (maligned) state of beer culture.
Lyrics Libations and Life: A writer’s thoughts and reviews on beer, music, and randomness.

Photo by Cheri Lucas


Craft beer and pub scenes in various regions.

The Dogs of Beer: A non-writer leaving a trail through Delaware’s craft beer scene.
BeeRevolution: Adventures of a brewer in Hamilton, New Zealand.
The Beer Prole: An Irishman in Leeds, chronicling his pub and tasting experiences.


A combination of industry news, beer reviews, food pairings, and personal stories.

The Good Stuff: A beer and food writer with well-written, resourceful posts.
100 Beers, 30 Days: A beer blogging personality documents her obsession with brews.
Beersay: A personal, sometimes cheeky look into the world of beer.

These blogs take an appreciation for craft beer to the next level. Have you read other craft beer blogs? Browse the craft beer topic page in the reader for more.


  1. I hate to be critical as I really enjoyed this post and spent quite a bit of time reading through the various beer blogs to gain pointers on upping my blog game. How do blogs that sometimes let 6 months lapse between posts get highlighted? It seems like they aren’t really dedicated bloggers.

    1. Hi there,

      We’ve received this comment from a few others, and I’ve noted it — thanks so much. When I gathered blogs for this, I was looking at those who’d posted recently, but focused more on choosing blogs that clearly had their own “hooks” and niches within this craft beer niche. I also considered the quality of writing, blogger’s “voice,” and distinct approach. Ultimately, I was looking at finding a variety of different kinds of blogs within this category so readers could see how they could set up their own craft beer blog.

      Thanks for the feedback — I’ve added “posting consistency” to my criteria list for future niche roundups.

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