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Did you know literature was an Olympic event until 1948? Of course, all creative submissions had to reference athletics in…

Did you know literature was an Olympic event until 1948? Of course, all creative submissions had to reference athletics in some way, and many think the quality of the work suffered as a result. That’s why blogging is such a great way to develop and showcase your creative writing – there are no restrictions or limitations beyond your own imagination!

If you primarily write fiction or poetry, or if you’d just like to try your hand at a poem or story, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Focus. Sheer invention can be tough, and Facebook beckons just over on the other tab. Try minimizing distractions while you’re working. Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door, turn on some classical music (or put in earplugs), and give the Distraction Free Writing mode a try.
  • Format. When posting poems on your blog, getting the spacing right can be tricky. But there’s no need to sacrifice your perfect formatting to the HTML gods. This article has some tips to help you format your poems exactly as you envision them – whether you’re writing haiku or concrete poetry, or whether you just want some extra breathing room between your stanzas.
  • Add visuals. While stories and poems are all about the text, a well-chosen image can add visual interest and color to your posts. Many creative writers also dabble in drawing or painting, so if you have original work to share, go for it! If your work was inspired by a video, photograph, or song, add it to your post. Or go the other way and make your writing the focus with a clean, minimalist theme.
  • Participate. Perhaps fleeing to a cabin in the woods was the traditional way to finish a novel, but these days participating in a group writing challenge online might be more effective – and more fun. For some motivation, check out sites like, or NPR’s current revival of the Olympic poetry tradition.
  • Imitate. The best way to improve as a writer is to read and imitate excellent writing. If you’re blocked, nearly every literary magazine these days has web content. There are some fantastic lit mags on, and you can also browse the poetry and fiction Topic pages for writing inspiration.

Are you a novelist or a poet, or do you aspire to be? What tips do you have for how best to feature creative writing on a blog?


  1. I went with my gut feeling and am posting my Flash Fiction (very short 75 word stories) and occasional Haiku. Oh and the odd pic of the beautiful place i live in! It seems to be working …

  2. I think you are right about reading great poetry as a starting point for your own writing – but you must bring in your own concerns, experiences and ideas. I like imitating other poets’ style, but I always strive to find my own voice. It’s a game of to and fro. That’s the joy of reading and writing!

  3. some excellent advice here. I am just finishing my first novel and the edits are taking forever. I need to make this project top priority to complete, I know that. It’s easy to get distracted. and in terms of advice for any creative project: just begin, the inspiration will follow. If we waited for the perfect time and mood to write, create…we would never accomplish anything!

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  5. Thanks so much for posting this information. I’ve been writing my own poetry my entire life. And finally have posted my very first blog ever containing all of my personal work. So yepperz this is all new to me. I appreciate WordPress & all it’s awesome tips/articles.

  6. Hi, I actually started blogging in wordpress with my “serialized” fiction novel. It’s actually hard writing fiction than non fiction because it takes so much energy from you. But now, after reading this post, I might actually go back and continue it. is the fiction blog by the way. :D

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