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We’ve talked about the importance of adding an About page to your blog. So, what about a Contact page? Part…

We’ve talked about the importance of adding an About page to your blog. So, what about a Contact page? Part of blogging and building your audience is about developing a connection to your readers so they come back to your blog over and over again. It’s natural for your followers to be curious about who you are when you’re not sitting at your computer replying to comments or getting ready to hit the big, blue Publish button.

Providing your readers with a contact form enables them to get in touch with you beyond just leaving a comment on your post. This is especially useful if you’re using your blog to build a business or to get started as a paid writer. Additionally, adding a contact form to your site will allow other bloggers and collaborators to get in touch about all those awesome new projects they would love your feedback on. On, we have a great, built-in way to add a custom contact form to your site. You can learn all about the details here.

Using a contact form, instead of writing your email address directly onto your site, helps prevent spammers from finding your email and WordPress automatically filters any spam messages sent through the custom form for added protection. It’s also a simple and clean way to grab all of the information you’d like from your readers to help you better understand your audience. Messages sent through your contact form are conveniently stored in the Feedback section of your Dashboard, in addition to the emails you receive when someone sends you a message.

What should you include on your contact form? Simpler is better here — you don’t want visitors to your site to feel like they’re filling out a loan application instead of sending a complimentary email to their favorite blogger. Name, email, and a section for the actual message is all you really need.

You can also use the custom form builder to create unique forms for a variety of purposes. Don’t believe it? Check out the guide on how to set up an RSVP system with it.


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