The future of DailyPost in 2012: details coming soon

Hi folks. The gang here at DailyPost has been talking for weeks about how to improve things for 2012. We’re…

Hi folks. The gang here at DailyPost has been talking for weeks about how to improve things for 2012. We’re almost ready for a few announcements, but we’ll need a few more days. I can promise we’ll be continuing to provide inspiration and advice, but with a few new wrinkles and ideas. Stay tuned.

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  1. Please no more nasty changes! I’m still mourning the old feedback page you used to get after you posted, with global tags to click on, writing prompts and word counts. Adding new features is great, but please don’t take away the old ones!

  2. Good to know. I’ve been wondering, for instance, if a #postaweek2012 tag will follow the #postaweek2011 tag.

  3. i agree with Jane – the weekly photo challenges have beenwere awesome. it would be much appreciated if they could continue. they are a great facilitator for connect with the blogging community, as well as being informative, educational, creative, entertaining, heartwarming, and i will stop with the adjectives now lest this post may be deemed spam.

  4. I think the whole concept of the postaweek and postaday challenge was great! My favourite idea however was the weekly photo challenge. Will you continue with this please?

    Your Blogging Buddy post encouraging bloggers to read and comment on other blogs was inspired! I have discovered so many great blogs all over the world and we now all support each other.

  5. Pictures! I would appreciate a strong motivation to dig our pictures out from the hard disk and share them with the community :-)

  6. I LOVED Postaday2011! I agree, it was a great motivator. It held me accountable to blog, even when I was going on vacation. And if I was out late, I’d rush back home to make the post for the day. My one disappointment is that once I switched to a self-hosted blog, it seems WP didn’t have a way to track me, even though I had the Postaday2011 link on my blog and used it as a tag on all posts. I had decided not to post everyday so I could read and comment on more blogs and put more time into developing each post but maybe the new Postaday2012 will push me to participate again. And yes, I love the Weekly Photo Challenge.

  7. Hi! It’s great to hear from you guys! It was an awkward silence after 2011 finishied, I kept checking on this site hoping there would be some news about 2012, I’m really glad, you’re already preparing something for us. You did a great job last year, thanks! :D

  8. A post a day was an interesting concept, difficult but as some bloggers showed, achievable. Waiting to see what surprise WP has in store for us now!!!

  9. I am new to blogging an stumbled upon your blog, it’s great. I would love, as others have already said, to have a post a day badge for 2012.

  10. I’d love to see something semi-regular from the Daily Post, although, it doesn’t necessarily have to be every day. Although, I guess you couldn’t call it the “daily” post anymore… :( How about “The Frequent Post?” ;)

    I do enjoy the weekly photo challenges though, more than I thought I would. Thanks WordPress.

  11. You should have badges for people that raised up to the challenge in Post a Day 2011 (so we can replace the old ones, like “I participate in the 2011 post a day challenge or something) as well as new badges for 2012.
    I joined a bit last year as my blog only started late, but looking forward to starting from the beginning this year.

  12. I already miss the cheer-leading approach that 2011 had in the topics and inspiration. I wonder what you have in sore for us next. All of us that did the post a week/day deserve a medal of recognition. At least a unique to US badge on the blog that we DID it! it was a great blogging year and I hope to continue – keep the inspirations coming!

  13. Scott, if you’re burning out on the daily post challenge, it couldn’t hurt to pass the reins on to someone else who can do it. Maybe even a small team of contributors?

  14. Love the idea of continuing the post a day challenge in 2012. Please tell me that it’s coming soon? I participated and was able to write almost every day for longer than I ever have. Rereading those old posts today, I was actually amazed at how much better my writing became when I was writing regularly. Having a suggested topic was definitely a catalyst for me. Would love to get started again. Please give us an update on when this will begin? Also if you need us to submit some topic ideas so you can have them on reserve, I’ve got a blog idea calendar from Blog Energizer that I can share some ideas from. Thanks for all your work!

  15. I see the “postaday2011″ and “postaweek2011″ is still being used but, shouldn’t we be using “postaday2012″ and “postaweek2012″? Why hasn’t this been promoted in the Daily Post? :(
    It’s not a huge thing, but it’ll make a bit of difference on motivation. New year, new tag.