What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Topic #344: What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day? Write about what happened, how far you walked,…

Topic #344:

What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Write about what happened, how far you walked, and whether it was by choice, or something happened that forced you to travel differently than you expected.

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  1. I did a 40K walk years ago in Italy–some overnight, votive walk that had to do with the feast of St. Rocco. (Took me two solid days to move after that.)

    Not sure of the numbers on this one, but my friend and I went to a ticker-tape parade in NYC. B/c we erred in how to get there AND she’d forgotten her purse, we had $2 (and no credit or debit cards) on us while standing in the battery with return tickets from Penn Station in our pockets. We walked from the battery to Penn Station and shared a chocolate milk shake–all we could afford w/all our cash. To kill time while we waited for the train, we walked thru all nine floors of Macy’s and Gimbel’s (yes, they’re long gone). We grabbed our train, then walked home, probably a little over two miles for each of us. And yes, I was lucky I’d worn really comfy shoes that day.

  2. About 60 km – hiking from East London to PE (South Africa) along the coast – the last section and wanted to get home.
    I was a bit younger in those days…

  3. I’ve done alot of walking. I’m sure I’ve walked over 100 miles in one day on many occasions. Time passes rather quickly. Depending on the environment, these long walks can be extremely liberating and very productive for stress relief. Once a person stops, it can be somewhat difficult to move again. Be careful if you try this.

  4. I ,being the person who hate to walk , when I was 15years old myself alongwith my brother and aunt had to walk 20 miles it would be more not less, as we went by car to drop somebody on her farmhouse and as usual car broke down, no help all around villagers were there, so we three muskeeteers walked and reached home, it was worth it as wow!! what an attention we got , oil massage, sweets and hugs from near and dear ones. i dread to think if such situation god-forbid appears by any chance would I be able to repeat the same performance, if I could then surely I am the fittest person to take part in “Terry Fox race” next year.

  5. Just finished 74 minutes on the treadmill. 3.7 miles. I don’t like walking. It feels so slow. I would much rather bike. The whole island is only 16 miles long so I can pretty much bike it anyway.

  6. No more than five miles. We used to think that we walked more than that at work…nursing facility with long halls, lots of on feet time…pedometer never got up to 4 mlles. I go a long ways on a rowing machine, but i’m not a walker.
    Peace, Siggi in Downeast Maine

  7. Ran and Walked 50 miles of gravel road during a Trail Run, Heartland 50 in Cassoday, KS. Took 10-11 hours.

  8. I walked 350+ kms of the Camino de Santiago in 15 days. The longest day was 29 kms. I recommend this walk to everyone, even if you have to do the 800 kms over the course of many years.

  9. I walk all the time. I didn’t even own a car for 13 years and I walked to take care of all my business and to explore the neighborhood. I live in a great city for walking!

    Other than that the longest distance I walked at one time was when I was about 19 I think. It was with two other girls, Murphy and Patty. We had promised Patty’s dad that we’d get her home and the car broke down so we had to walk the 22 miles. Actually me and Murphy walked it and carried Patty in a fireman’s hold the last 4 miles so, technically, Patty walked only 18 miles.

    When we got her home her dad told us that, for goodness sakes, considering the car breaking down, he wouldn’t have been mad had we spent the night at my mom’s house. This was all out in the mountains, off the grid, so there was no way to telephone and let anyone know what was going on or get permission so how could we know? We just knew we sure didn’t want him mad at us!

  10. We climbed 5 mountains for three hours just to see the Underground River in Puerto Prinsesa Palawan, Philippines. I did enjoyed the trail though its quite exhausting but fun. The place is worth seeing!

  11. The longest I walked in one day was when the first, and I don’t know if it still takes place, Walk for Mankind took place in the 70’s. The walk was 24 miles in one day. ‘Course, I was 15 then, I think. Thought it would be a romp, it was mentally. Physically, me FEET WERE SORE! Heheeh The walk ended at Montana Tech in Butte, MT. Bands, food. It was great.

  12. My family and I got lost in Venice a couple of years ago. I have no idea how far we walked, but it took us a good part of the night to find our way back to our hotel.

  13. Entre treinta y más kilómetros.
    Porque nos dejó el tren, y en esos tiempos no se conocía el dedo levantado, los vehículos pasaban y nadie intentaba recogernos, hasta que llegó la noche pero llegamos; sanos, cansados y algo asustados a las reprimendas que había que recibir y que felizmente no fue así.
    Varias otras por razones de trabajo, tratando de ganarle tiempo al tiempo, y avanzar cuanto más mejor.
    Ya todo como bello recuerdo, que la actualidad va borrando, y remplazando por actividades menos exigentes, que de aquellos tiempos.
    Hoy viven más relajados, y curiosamente muy “stressados”= en tensión.

  14. I’m sure it was when I was abroad somewhere, although I couldn’t really say how many miles/km or which time was longest. The first time I went to Europe was when I was 22 and I traveled on the cheap. I walked everywhere, and that was the best way to see things. I did take the tube in London but I did a lot of walking too. The first day I was there, I didn’t realize how far I’d walked until I went back to the little hotel where I was staying and retraced my steps on a map! No wonder I was so tired!

    In Peru in 2008, we were always climbing ruins or walking on paths around them. I don’t know how much distance it was, but the up and down climbing made it seem long. In Lake Titicaca, we traversed an entire island on foot. Fortunately at the end there was lunch waiting for us!

    Last year my husband and I did a lot of walking in Madrid. Although it was very hot in July, we walked mostly everywhere. Usually we got more active in late afternoon and into evening, when it was starting to get cooler. We would have a destination and just go there on foot. I only rode the subway twice. I always knew how tired I was from walking by when I was feeling as though it was impossible for me to take another step. I bugged my companions to stop; usually a rest at an ice cream place did the trick!

  15. I walked (Run?) 55 Kms. in a single night when a mob try to kill me and my two brothers in 1983. It was a stormy night of January. We crossed a mountain river with any help. I don’t try to remember this night by any means.

  16. In 2007, one of friend and me walked 7 km to reach Panch Peer. We walked par three mountains, being fully exhausted when reached there.
    First mountain we mounted with pleasure of visiting Panch Peer dargah. Next in search of water.
    In the foot of first mountain I started thinking of water. I raised my head and saw a tiny white figure which seemed a dwelling place. I hoped there to get water. In the hope of getting water my steps gathered considerable momentum. We approached the house with zeal, but there was none of mankind. A dog ran from the veranda wagging its tail, giving me least attention. I raised the lid of the chadi with hope, but it was dry.

    I turned back with my eyes full of darkness.

  17. I don’t really recall but I do walk a lot, I like walking especially in places new to me. I do this a lot, may not be always advisable but I like exploring places by taking walks. :)

  18. I have read “the long walk to freedom” several times and each time my admiration for the man increases. May he inspire me to never give up.