Where do you find strength?

Topic #343: Where do you find strength?

Topic #343:

Where do you find strength?

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  1. I find my strength from the ones “I Love”….they need me, therefore, I
    must find the strength to carry on in order to help them, this in turn
    helps me….

  2. My real source for strength is not one but many,will power,self-discipline with the goal to carry on ,face and pass all the hurdles, never say quit. Above all to carry on I always count on my family and they have never disappointed me, they are the real source of my any goal to achieve.

  3. Only one place. In the person of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10.

  4. Can’t find lasting strength in myself—I’m too flawed. Can’t find constant strength in family and friends; people are fickle though they don’t mean to be. I find strength in the One who promises to give it to me when I’m weak, the Rock of my salvation, Jesus.

  5. My strength comes from God and letting him take the reigns. Every now and again I lift some small weights, too :)

  6. Within ourselves – it must always come from within. Anything external is always in danger of becoming a dependency whether that be alcohol, drugs or religion.

  7. My strength comes from my connection to spirit. That is I believe god/universe/goddess is within us all and that we can draw on that for strength. I do think there is more to it though. I believe in is in human nature to ban together for survival. I mean look at our history, we didn’t all survive individually. We survived in groups, we evolved by working together to learn to cultivate our food, we stayed warm together, bred together and fed together. Without other human beings we have nothing. Imagine waking up one day to an empty earth. No one at all. The only reason to continue on would be in the hopes there was another being out there. Even Hanks demonstrated this in the movie Cast Away. His only drive to survive, the only source of strength was his desire to be connected with beings again in the hopes of rescue. Feeling connected weather it be with god, others, inner light etc. is where my strength comes from.

  8. Sometimes I feel like I have been knocked down so much that I have no strength, and at other times when I feel like I have the strength to get up after a fall, life knocks me back down. I suppose the fact that I am still around, still able to function is a sign that I have the wherewithal to withstand what life has thrown me thus far. Where does that strength come from, I don’t know, but I am grateful that it is here, inside of me.

  9. When someone believes in me, it gives me hope. When someone loves me, I find courage in knowing I can face things because I am not alone. When someone laughs with me, I feel things are right with all the world. And when I sleep, I am renewed for another day. All these things, help me and give me strength

  10. Definitely from within ourselves. Inner strength is tangible and when you find that inner strength it is very empowering.

  11. My strength first comes from God. The support and love of my family adds to it. But I also have to dig into myself and find it and pull it out. I have to work at it. I do that by trying to focus on the positive and telling myself I can.
    I think it is an everyday thing. It is work like all else. You have to practice things to learn them and that is the same for me. It is an ongoing life time job for me.

  12. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through him [Christ] who strengthens me.” I find strength in maintaining my friendship and communication with God the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ through prayer and reading the Bible, which is the Word of God.

  13. i used to get up early morning by my biological clock. when i wake up i pray to god that i survived and will survive up to the retirement of the day that means up to 11 pm safely , calmly and quietly.

    after completing my routine than exercises,pray i do not want any disturbances,. some times my cell disturb me but i do not bother for that because it is my part of life. being the physician, social and religious being a person / some one calling me may be in need of me/ my advise .

    i used to read, write and doing meditation, walking and meeting with the people . i want to learn some things from them and some times i improve my self and some times i think about those who are in trouble due to beliefs. i want to suggest them but their habits/ natures/ temperaments do not allow them to adopt corrective measures.

    my key of peace and success is that to respect the opinions of others . there should not be conflict managements. also apply the WORD BHEE (ALSO ) IN PLACE OF HEE(HAVE TO / MUST) must be flexible, not be firm. to cooperate more . and be live in peaceful/ serenity atmosphere.

    i pray to god that show me right path and treat me that today is my last day of live in present, mnot think about past and no tension about future.

  14. Every day is different, some good ,some not so good,but I think my strength come’s from being loved from Grandparent’s, Parent’s and friend’s all long since gone,but never forgotten,all the leason’s they taught me and all the love and support they gave me that I am now able to give to my Son’s and their beautifull children, my wonderfull husband and all the people I have worked with and met where ever I may be.
    But in knowing that someone somewhere is still believing in me.

  15. I find strength from reading the Word of God everyday, being quiet, waiting, faith in Jesus Christ, being in nature, being in God’s will, depending on God, listening to uplifting music, writing down what I am grateful for everyday, helping those in need around me, having wonderful family and friends, and knowing that God loves me.

  16. I truly must say mine has come from something or someone greater than myself ! I recall what my thoughts were before being interrupted by an entity unseen that changed the path I was on.
    I call mine J.C.