What do you think of the new posting UI?

Since many of you post on every day, you likely noticed we changed what happens when you hit the…

Since many of you post on every day, you likely noticed we changed what happens when you hit the publish button.

It now looks something like this:

You can read more about the specific changes we made, and why, in the announcement post.

However, I’m posting here on DailyPost as this feature was, in part, designed with you in mind. We wanted to give frequent posters a better sense of their possible goals, and give feedback on how you’re doing. We also want people who post less often than you do, to be motivated and inspired to be more like you.

Currently the progress bar simply resets every 5 posts. But we’d like to make this more interesting and are already exploring design ideas. We’d like to give you more data about how you have blogged in the past, and help you use that to be more successful in the future.

If you have suggestions for how this feature can better track your progress, or motivate you to come back and post again soon, leave a comment.

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  1. I liked the ‘post suggestions’ we used to get when a post was published, that is missing on this new feature – bringing that back would be nice :)

    1. We looked very carefully at all the activity (what people actually clicked on or used) in the previous design. Very few people clicked on or used the suggestions. Of course this information doesn’t help you, since you liked them :)

      1. I have to say I don’t think I ever clicked on them myself, just noted them down as ideas to work with for future posts – maybe others did the same, which would be why they didn’t appear to be a popular feature? :)

      2. Following the other comments in the thread it looks like I was right about the fact that clicking on the suggested posts wasn’t what mattered – it was having them!

        Quick question – how do we get featured on ‘Freshly Pressed’ – now that is a goal many would like to achieve, I’m sure! :)

  2. I have it turned on but it’s not working for me… have seen no change… I unchecked the option and closed out, opened back up and rechecked and saved, closed out and created a new post and still nothing…

  3. I liked the way it used to be, but I’m always in the minority so I will just deal with it since I’m sure the majority of the super bloggers love every change made.

  4. I prefer the previous version personally, although had WordPress made Instant Post Feedback a default, I could adjust to it. Fortunately, WordPress allowed me the option of turning it on or off at my discretion – thank you for giving me the choice. Very thoughtful. Which is why I always recommend WordPress to my friends.

  5. Before you changed it I had over 1440 posts, now I show just over 1400 posts since the change..
    It is no biggie either way, but I just wonder what happened to cause the real number to be replaced.

  6. This is FANTASTIC! For me, it’s the best feature WordPress has offered us bloggers in a long time. Great Job.

  7. I agree with flamidwyfe, it’s clean and easy to read. I am new to blogging, so I’m the new UI ‘native’. Honestly, I didn’t really take much notice of the other UI.

  8. I turned back to the previous version. My internet is not high speed and the new stuff took way too long to load.

  9. I like that it auto-populates my post on the right, and allows me to do quick edits on the left – eliminates some of the back-and-forth I used to do when I would notice a typo or what not in my posts.

    I don’t like the goal bar. To me, blogging is about doing something I genuinely enjoy – and now attaching overt, arbitrary “goals” to it makes it feel more like work, less like pleasure/my hobby.

    I really like the inspiring quotes under the goal bar, though. They provide nice, gentle encouragement (and sometimes wisdom), too. :)

  10. Really like the new format! Putting together a new algorithm for posting goals is fascinating to me. It could take the WPer’s present rate of posting (say 1.0 posts/week) add a given percentage increase (say 25%) and then make a date by which that must be achieved (say one month). So, instead of writing 4 posts this month, the goal would be 5. The 10-posts-a-week person would be challenged to do 50 instead of 40 in a month.

    This would be refined on the basis of the actual posting stats-which, of course, ONLY WORDPRESS KNOWS!

    Or, I could be overthinking this. Good luck!

  11. I like the sidebar thingie – it moves from looking at the post to allowing for an edit very quickly, which is nice, as well as adding tags in situ, as it were. I have no problems with that.

    The post goal doesn’t do much for me, mainly because it’s rather tautological. “Your goal is 250 posts! When you reach your goal, you’ll have… 250 posts!” If there were something else to “win,” then it might be more encouraging. A badge on the profile, perhaps – maybe tied to a set of tags, so someone looking at a profile can tell at a glance what kind of topics that blogger covers and how prolific they are in those topics?

    Reaching a certain number just for the purpose of reaching that number doesn’t do much for me. I suppose I’m lucky – I have my own motivations for posting every day that aren’t tied to a numerical goal, so I pretty much ignore it.

  12. I love it because it is a reminder that WP stays innovative and makes tons of effort to help us stay fresh and interested. Change is good. TY! :-)
    “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to have changed a lot.” Winston Churchill

  13. I liked the old way better, and I did use the suggestions for blog topics. I miss that feature. Maybe I don’t take the suggestions every day, but I do post every day. I liked the suggestions a lot and hope you will go back to doing them.

    Thanks so much.

  14. I like it. Not sure how to make it inspire me to come back more often unless you can add sound – and we can select from categories of sounds (so you can surprise us!). Like crowds cheering, applause, someone saying “well Done” “Keep Coming Back” “See you tomorrow, eh.” That last one must be done with cndn accent – listen hear to know why. Hope it’s okay to embed the player here…but I totally agree with Alex Ljung, sound should be more present on the web. [soundcloud url=""]
    But hey we could work out some kind of interactive encouragement/applause system – using sound – like the video one I sometimes get when I publish a post. We can use all sorts of sounds: sea surf, wind in trees, birds, animals (cats, dogs – some people like dogs barking :-/), cars honking (like after a wedding)….etc etc. It would also be cool if that little side panel had some color – or could carry an image.
    My ideas for today. :-) I LIKE THE NEW UI. I LIKE KNOWING THAT YOU’VE SHARED IT ETC ETC. But as there are some who don’t like it, I guess it needs an opt out – but you probably already have that – ‘eh. :-P

  15. I think the new gadget telling me how many posts etc and setting a new target less than 5 posts away is utterly ridiculous. Do you think bloggers are all aged about 10 with the intellect of a dead sheep? Please, spare us barmy targets, inane prompts and let us get on with the business of being amusing or poetic or prosaic or whatever turns us on.

  16. I like the new version Scott – it’s nice to get feedback. However, most of the time I don’t see it, because I usually schedule my posts ahead and they appear miraculously in the middle of the night.

  17. I love the new posting goals (or may be they are not new, but I just haven’t see them so far). I am a gamer and slowly filling colourfull bars make me happy. :)

  18. I love it when I post immediately, which is seldom. The part a like most is the quote. I could use the quote daily! But I usually work at night a schedule to post later. Thanks for all you do, all you try to do, to help us, please us, and motivate us. <3

  19. I could do without it. At least I understand I can disable it and go back to classic view. With the constant and huge changes on FB, I am not overly thrilled to have to deal with a lot of frequent changes on WP which I use as my blog.

  20. Mixed opinion here.
    I like the quotes you get and that you can see what the Post looks like without having to go back and forth.
    But I also miss the Post suggestions. I admit, I never actually clicked on one, which obviously made you think nobody used them… But I really liked them as an inspiration, just like the The Daily Posts.
    And… random numbers are not goals. I don’t post for the sake of reaching a number. That would be sad.

  21. I really like it!. The post goals i find very encouraging and motivating and discovered that you can add more tags which was very helpful. But I agree with some others regarding adding the post suggestions because I personally used them.

  22. I like it, as it gives goals it sort of motivates me to write more. I had a blog many years ago and would post thousands of times a year, but after some problem I stopped and deleted 10 years of work, but now want to get back into the swing of it, and this little thing helps.

  23. I like it but I’d like to be able to tell it what my next posting goal is. I’d also like it to track if I’m posting each day of the week, including scheduled posts, and tell me where I need to fill in the gaps. Eg it’s Wednesday, I posted Monday and Tuesday, and I’ve just scheduled posts for Thursday and Friday. I’d like the system to tell me that, and also that I have not yet posted for Wednesday, nor scheduled posts for Saturday and Sunday.