Is there a cure for stupidity?

Topic #331: Is there a cure for stupidity? If you had a million dollars to reduce stupidity where you live,…

Topic #331:

Is there a cure for stupidity? If you had a million dollars to reduce stupidity where you live, how would you spend it?

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  1. Million Dollars????

    Well- First I would pay off the taxes….then all my debts….then buy a Trailer (double-Wide) just for me, put it on a nice piece of land- No pets of any kind (except a good watch dog)!
    invest some of the money- buy what I needed- and live out the rest of my days being content with all my crafts around me……..

  2. What is your notion of stupidity? Is it the level of ones education? Is it the straight A student that has no common sense? Or the person that throws his faith to the wind and picks no direction to fly? Could it be the liars, cheats and drug users? There is a lot of stupid in this world and nothing can fix it not even a million dollars unless the ones acting stupid want to find a different road.

  3. If I was given a million dollars to “reduce stupidity” in my area, I guess I’d divide it up amongst the schools but how the schools handle the money is beyond my control. All I can do is hope they put it to good use.

    I almost thought of adding, “maybe build new schools” but now that I think about it, once the money runs out, the new schools would struggle as well so I guess I’d just stick to existing schools and pray the money helps them hire new teachers to get the kids educated.

  4. Proper investment in education facilities and removing the support structures of interest groups that increase ignorance and stupidity (religious groups wanting creationism in schools or ineffective abstinence programmes).

    Lastly I would create laws to prevent the media from misreporting science stories when the very act of misreporting them damages the public interest (alt therapies, creationism, climate change). If we had done that before we wouldn’t now be facing a measles epidemic and we would be doing something about climate change instead of fighting back against highly organised liars.

    True ignorance is not the lack of knowledge but the refusal to acquire it – Karl Popper

  5. Just look around – There’s clearly no cure for stupidity in sight and the Government frowns upon us opening a can of whoop ass when required…

    Go figure!


  6. oh gosh, that is really hard. i think that if our government woyld spend enough money on schools, the world would be less idiotic. did anyone know that this guy kissed a rattlesnake?
    if i could put a million doallers toward stopping stupidity, i would definitly use it on better educated children. beacause when they grow up, they will be the ones teacbing our children, and soon andso forth.

  7. Yes theres a cure for stupidity. EDUCATION. With a million dollars I would get other millionares to put up there millions (at least 100 of them) and take all of the children who are being kicked out of school because they are so called stupid or dont fit in the box, because they learn differently than what the teacher is teaching and put them in a school where they could shine and become productive citizens. Hopefully they would do the same for other children who will come down that same path.

  8. You don’t need a million dollars to reduce stupidity. All you need to do is stop playing games on your phone all day long, stop making Mark Zuckerberg more arrogant and believe that his con-stunt should earn him being considered a “legend”, stop wasting your time on all other dumb social fuck sites, and walk upright, forward looking again, and voila, you are close to being a human, able to use their own brain, again.

    But for 6,999,999.999% dumb asses, this is, of course, the most irrational solution. So I guess, you have to keep dumb and mix with your same sort.

    1. Yes!!! Thank you so much.I remember when I was a kid, wishing I had Dick Tracy’s watch-phone. Little did I know that, with the creation of personal telephones, society overall would descend into stupidity so quickly. And SMS — what a crock of shit those things are. Actually, what a crock of shit, the way people use them, because the idea is good. Get your nose out of Facebook and look around, people. We’re turning into a stupid society.

  9. I would spend any where in USA to create community gardens and farms where people could grow and raise their own organic, sustainable, chemical-free food. GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides are stupid!

  10. I think just take the million dollars and give yourself a permanent break from the normal life and viola, contact with stupidity has just been solved on the localized level.

  11. I am a member of the Grammar police, so my first act would be required grammar and spelling class in the 8th grade, and a tough test to pass, or they have to take it the next year in place of an elective.

  12. there’s no cure for stupidity even a million dollar cannot fix it. thinking to cure stupidity is already a stupid in itself. but there’s consolation in being stupid, i find humor

  13. reduce stupidity in my area? well I’d start by adding more trash cans around the neighborhood so people can stop using my front garden as their personal garbage dump. I’d create a fund to reward people for reporting litterbugs and those who don’t curb their dogs (not sure if this would work but it’s annoying when people don’t clean up after their dogs). I’d also start community gardens all around the city so folks can get good produce, herbs, etc on the cheap and also start teaching families about eating healthy and preparing good meals so I don’t have to see 5-6 yr old kids going to school eating potato chips and soda for breakfast!

  14. I don’t think being Educated equates to not being stupid. It depends on how you define stupid. If you take the definition that stupid is slow to learn or dense (dictionary words not mine) then using a million dollars to give people the chance to learn seems like a good idea but it’s only going to work if they want to learn and some people just don’t which isn’t stupid in the true definition it’s lazy or narrow minded and no amount of opportunity is ever going to solve that. I am also of the opinion that if you really want to learn there’s always a way. Lets face it a huge amount of the ‘stupid’ people in the world have access to the internet and have the time and inclination to spend time on social media, if they can do that they can use the endless resources out there to learn. By the same token there are some incredibly educated people out there that do some monumentally stupid things so education doesn’t always cure stupid.

  15. I blamed my self to cure it, I say to my self Bad boy Jake Your a bad boy,
    After that I arrange everything i said again to my self Good work Jake Good Work He,he )

  16. Personally, I don’t think anybody is stupid it’s just the choices that they make and the interest they posses. If you are doing something you don’t like, or you have difficulty with the quality of your work is going to decrease. It’s all about the effort and motivation people have to complete the task. Unless we paid people to be motivated, “stupidity” is going to always exist.

  17. I’d open a Think Centre – a relaxed coffee shop and library where people are welcome to come for conversation and intellectual self-improvement. It would be marketed at adults who didn’t gain as much from conventional schooling as they could have, and now have the maturity and curiosity to improve their minds. Activities would include courses, mentoring, book groups, life skills, guided conversations.

    I have thought a lot about this – it’s my dream job.

  18. I had that same idea a few weeks ago! I want to open a prestigious coffee shop somewhere in a metropolis where the average person can get an amazing coffee for a low price, and relax in the main room with live jazz music in the background, but also have a lounge for the more wealthy costumers with private rooms for presentations, business meetings, and think tanks. Why not, right?

    1. I quite agree, although I wouldn’t separate the well off into lounges. Mixing with people from all walks of life is another strategy in the battle against stupidity. After all, stupidity transcends all barriers, classes, races and religions.

    2. That’s mad! That’s similar to my idea. I see a gap in the market here. Have you got a million dollars? If we put our money together we could create the ultimate place! :)
      Even franchise!

  19. There are so many kinds of stupidity. Not knowing from a lack of education.
    Being brought up with two morons on drugs. Shooting someone for overtaking on the road. Banks that hand out rifles when you open up a new account. Cheap media TV a brainless way of dying slowly. Toddlers in Tiarres a kind of child abuse glittered and presented as good TV.A Fun Gift Shop

  20. This is a good question and I like what most have to say about it. I do however agree that it is not always about being stupid but the choices that one makes and what the concequences are to those choices. I did see the movie Forrest Gump not that long ago on cable TV… and the statement he makes about stupid is as stupid does… comes to mind. I feel that when we are left with a difficult choice sometimes we make a decision based on the first thing that comes to mind and if it turns out to be a bad choice then we say that was “stupid” and move on and don’t do it again. Where the problem gets out of hand is one the lesson is learned and we continue the same behavior expecting a different result… this is stupidity.

  21. This question is posed to us in a way that somehow assumes that we, the people who are answering this post, are “above” the stupidity…which is a pretty STUPID assumption, if you think about it.

    So, with that in mind – I’d spend the money on myself, since I’d be pretty STUPID to assume that everyone around me, besides myself, is less intelligent than I am.

  22. There is no cure for stupid. Take it from an MD that deals with some real ones every day. Stupid is a person who is too dumb to know they are stupid, so why would they ask for a cure?
    If you knew you were stupid, you would try to do something about it.

  23. Buena la respuesta de “trixie gabriel”.
    Todos lo somos en alguna medida y circunstancias. Reconocerse no es fácil, aceptarlo y tratar de ya no serlo. requiere actitud personal y colaborativa.