When you go to a movie theater…

Topic #330: When you go to an movie theater, do you prefer it to be empty so can sit anywhere…

Topic #330:

When you go to an movie theater, do you prefer it to be empty so can sit anywhere you like? Or do you prefer a packed house like on opening night? When you can sit anywhere, where do you sit and why?

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  1. Oh an empty theatre is for me because of the retards who CANNOT bare to leave their mobile phones switched off and for the “crunch crunch crunch” of food consumption and the huge geezer who ALWAYS insists in sitting in front of me!!!!

  2. Packed theater on an opening night of a big movie is always the best. Sometimes I feel awkward being in a big empty theater watching a movie in my lonesome.

  3. I enjoy it about half full- that way I can enjoy and laugh with everyone else… and I sit in the back where they have wheel chair sitting…..i now use a walker, so hard to move around, and its a steep climb.. but always have my big barrel of buttered pop-corn (just for me) and a large pop!

  4. I like to sit in the middle of a row about mid-way back. Optimal seating would be an empty seat on either side too. Really hate a packed theater, but definitely worth it if it’s a movie I’m dying to see!

  5. I think i prefer a full one only because when I go into a film i don’t know how good it will be so if it is rubbish then least i’m not the only one watching it and will come away disappointed :-)

  6. I always prefer a half full movie theatre: one too empty is depressing; an overcrowded one is claustrophobic. I’ve always sit on the opposite side that I enter (usually there is one/main entrance that most people enter). People typically file into the closest seats available, so one side fills up faster since most (unlike me) don’t want to walk down and across the entire movie screen length to sit on the other side.

  7. Sparsely populated so you’re not alone and so that you can still move if somebody near you irritates you.

  8. i love it when the movie is just about to leave the theater, and your the only person in the theater, and you just finished the book, so you are only suprised by what they changed. sitting in the back is awesome, especialy if the movie is in 3D. you get to have the full experience, AND see the screen well.i love having choices in my life.

  9. I prefer to sit in a theater that is half way packed providing that there are no screaming children or people getting cell phone calls during the movie :(

  10. I sit wherever there is a big bag of popcorn. Then I complain how hungry I am and say how I wish I had enough money to buy some popcorn. The person sitting next to me usually offers me some of theirs. It cuts about 8 bucks off my bill.

  11. I like an empty theatre so I have my choice of a seat. My husband and I sit far back and in the middle, when possible. We usually go to matinees so we can get the bargain (??5.50??) price.

  12. I like it to be mainly empty so I can have pick of seats (usually mid center either closer or farther from screen doesn’t matter) and also so my love and I can cuddle and not worry about people judging the fact we are gay or whatnot. :-)

  13. Sometimes it’s fun to share the fun. So for fun movies, the more packed the merrier. I prefer to sit somewhere in the middle back so I don’t have to stretch my neck for the screen.

  14. When I go to a theatre, which is not very often at all, I have an auto-response to a big group of people; I get kind of sick to my stomach, and angry, too, which is really weird. I prefer to wait until I can see the movie on cable or on demand, which is not bad in our area. I’m also a multiple reader/watcher, so I often prefer movies I’ve seen to going to a crowded theatre and being uncomfortable. Of course, I am out of the house far more often now, and I have yet to test my new-found sanguine personality in crowds.

  15. I prefer to to sit in the back at the top were the projector behind me i want that place in movie theater i see everything what going on in movie house ,
    Besides my girlfriend love too he,he

    1. I remember one time when I went to the movies….got there early for choice of seating….had already bought my popcorn an pop, movie started- and ended.(it was a good one)…got up—looked around….— I was the only one in there for thatt movie! not one other person was there to see the movie….kinda sad- but never had that happen again….yep- best sit in the middle…….

  16. Center, screen about filling my vision side to side. Any further back, I might as well watch it on big screen telly. Or if it the gradient is steep, I will prefer to sit at eye level where I don’t have to look up.
    I’d prefer it semi empty.

  17. Well, if the house is full I have the feeling it’s a good movie. Otherwise it’s so… empty :)
    My favourite place is in the center and other people have to be quiet. The thing I hate the most is if you hear them eating crisps!

  18. An empty theater is what suits me because:
    i) you can sit anywhere you like.
    ii) you are saved from those nosy and noisy strangers.
    If the house is empty I hop to the topmost row and sit exactly in the center. Why? Because the view from there is best.

  19. The more empty the better. Fewer opportunities for tall people to sit in front of me, and I like to put my feet up on the chair :)!

  20. I guess it depends on the movie. For a lighthearted one, I would prefer a bigger crowd. It’s more fun when everyone laughs together. But for thoughtful movies, I’d prefer the theatre to be relatively empty

  21. I ♥ movies and I ♥ movietheatres. I really don’t care if there are no people or the theather is all full. The most fun is it when there are some people, so you don’t sit alone and you only hear yourself laughing. A little laughing from other peoples is also nice, but just a few.

  22. I don’t like it to be completely alone in the movie theater, however I like it when I’m able to have great seats without having to climb above 20 people when I want to get out. But there should be some for the atmosphere