If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

Topic #310: If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? Do you feel like…

Topic #310:

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

Do you feel like your name matches your personality? If not, what first name would better match who you are?


  1. I like the monker my parents gave me. It is unique to my families, allowing me to break with the dysfunctional traditions passed down through the generations. On the other hand…since doing family genealogy it might have been nice to have a family name, a connectedness.
    Thus, there are advantages to both a unique and a family name—a chance to make a new start or a family connectedness.
    If I had to choose that way, I would choose Isabelle Victoria, taken from my maternal and paternal grandmothers.
    However, when I needed to use a pen name, I chose Rebecca Victoria. I like the rhythmic sound of that name.
    On October 26 I created a post that told a story using the letters of my name, my entire name: A Story Using The Letters in My Name. Quite a fun exercise.

  2. Years ago I changed my first name for professional reasons. Its a name people remember and for the most part I stick with it and I’m comfortable. Once in a while, during a wave of nostalgia, I try out my legal name which is RoseMarie.

  3. I don’t think I’d ever like to change my name as my name is my true identity but if I really had to I think it would be Debbie…Just really like this name

  4. If I could change it to anything? Just for jokes, considering my surname is Chapman. Which broken down, is chap…and man. I think I’d go for, “I am definitely not a-” as my new first name.

    Just to make it clear :D

  5. Very valid point and I like this question. I wanted to believe my first name matches my personality, so I do not wish to change it. lol…

  6. I wanted a cool name and, sometimes, when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give out my name to a stranger, I’d say my name was “Arianne Siobhan.” When I was about to become a parent, I realized just how much parents agonize over what they will call their child. So I belatedly realized how much thought my Mom and Did put into selecting my birth name. (But I still prefer my nickname of “Judy.”)

  7. When my Mum was pregnant with us (I am an identical twin), my brother, aged 4 at the time, had a girlfriend called Tisha. He asked Mum that if she was having a girl could she be called Tisha and Mum said yes. So, eventually, I was born, along with my twin sister, Christina. Mum introduced me to the midwife, the nurses, her family and friends and my chuffed brother as Tisha and thought that was that. However, my Dad decided he would go and register our birth and much to Mum’s dismay delightedly told her that he had registered me as Patricia as he thought Tisha was not formal enough! Mum was furious and tried to change it but it was too late. Throughout my whole life I had to contend with being called Pat, Patty, Patsy, Trish or Trisha and I hated it. When I divorced six years ago I decided I would change my name by deed poll and after 49 years I officially became Tisha. Guess what? Nearly everyone says “Is that short for Patricia?” Grrrrrrr……!

  8. I would change it from Baris to Bahadir (<- second forename) or I would be called Kamina or Simon =)
    (if someone knows these to names, then you know the anime serie "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann [GER]")

  9. My first name is Rebecca, and I love it! I have not meet very many more Rebeccas in my generation, and I feel like the name fits me perfectly! Its sophisticated, artsy, and beautiful!! I would not change it for the world! :)

  10. Scheherazade!
    But who can spell it correctly! My name IS always spelled incorrectly: ESTA, ESTER, ASTA. “ASTA PASTA” was my nickname as school.
    Anyone else with a typo-prone name??!!!

  11. I have always been interested in this question because…well, because I have a loooooong name. It has been a task for me to write even only my first name, particularly more difficult using the long hand. Now, if I could change my name in an instant, I would use “Knack.” I know this is not really a name but this words sums up what I think I am. I think I am in the world to serve a purpose, and I can maximize my time being here by excellently doing every thing I can with my hands.

  12. My name is Ricki-Lynne. My parents picked it out of a hat with another name in it (other name was Rhandi-Lee and I’m glad they didn’t draw that one.) I have never liked my name. It’s been difficult for others to say and spell and I get called Rick waaay too often. It makes me cringe the way a man might cringe if you called him Joy or Lizzie. I’m a feminine girl and this name makes me chafe every time I have to use it. After 29 years of being uncomfortable in my own name I’m in the process of changing it to Rikaela.

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