Who is the most patient person you know?

Topic 286: Who is the most patient person you know?

Topic 286:

Who is the most patient person you know?

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  1. To me, I am the most tolerant person because I deserve the title. I feel sometimes very exhausted and want to deliver my irritation to everyone who causes it in my heart and mind but then I think, like that Night at Museum movie, who has evolved?! Alas!

  2. Depending on the situation. When it comes to children, I have a lot of patient ( i love children).

  3. The most patient person I know is my brother. No matter how odd questions I ask him regarding with what I should do with my career, he listens to them patiently and explains to me all the angels of the idea – good and bad. Then he leaves it to me on what I should choose.


  4. when i was a kid i was very energetic and jumping around. we were fighting like tom and jerry with my sister. now that i’m older i see i’m really quick tempered. and i can’t be patient. But i believe everyone is patient to their own degrees…

  5. The numbering system on these blogs are irking my nerves. This is topic, #287, I guess this goes to show that you guys “do not” read your responses. Not being mean, but this is driving me crazy lol.

  6. The most patient person I know is myself. I sometimes get restless but maintain my patience. Usually it’s not an issue and pays off, but sometimes I think I should of spoke up, usually if it’s waiting for something and the wait becomes ridiculous. For example…my oil change this weekend!

  7. MY dear MOTHER. She is always patient to us(we are seven siblings in the family, mind you), especially to me even though I am sometimes reckless and hard-headed. ^^ I love her more because of that.

  8. I am the most patient person I know. I actually like waiting. I hate feeling rushed into things, like meetings, interviews, etc.

    Of course, this only applies to my life outside the car. Inside the car, I am an impatient speed demon.

  9. i think its my mother, she raises 10 siblings, how’s that and the age gap is less than 2 years, i can’t think how she handles us and still manage her days

  10. I think my mother as she raised five kids in some difficult conditions. She was never one to raise her voice but was always obeyed. Next to her my olderst daughter has always been a very steady patient person. In a lot of ways she reminds me of my mother

  11. No lo se, aveces creo que es mi hermana mayor tiene cuatro hijos y bueno cuando nos visitan parecen un montón de maquinas de demolición que arrasan con todo a su paso (natural en los niños), creo que es increíble como logra estar tranquila en esos momentos.

  12. The most patient person in the world is God.Inspite of the multiplicity of sins committed by human beings,on a daily basis,he continues to tolerate us,giving us the chance to repent and do what is pleasing to him.If God were to be fastidious,and irascible,he would have destroyed the world decades ago.

  13. As others have said, I would believe it is me. I have an immense amount of patience and when I look back throughout my life, I realize I have always spent time with the underdog, helping them through a portion of their life. What I don’t have patience for is intelligent people being stupid. That I have no time for (i.e. complaining for the sake of complaining, people who don’t hold doors while I maneouver my son and I through doors, gossipy women, old boys network).

  14. My mother is. She was my 24/hr home health aide for me 4 years ago when i was in a roll-over jeep accident at the age of 16 and broke both my femurs and fractured 2 vertebra. She bathed me, toileted me, dressed me; even when i acted like a bratty bitter 16 year old girl. She is the reason i recovered so quickly and well. I LOVE YOU MOMMY <3

  15. well thats obviously my mother, no matter how angry or hurt or irritated i am she is there beside me, as a n idol of paitence

  16. Don’t laughing but I think it is God.
    Why? When you read biblic stories, you are lost in admiration at Him.
    When you read some Jews often disobeyed Him, however God forgave them. For He trusted in His Israelite people.

  17. my self n my paa…I n he always think dat d thing in our luck cant b taken by others…so wtever is lost just let it go. n have patience bcz God s Gr8!!!