Why do some people’s dreams get realized, and others don’t?

Topic #175: Why do some people’s dreams get realized, and others don’t? Make a list of the factors you think…

Topic #175:

Why do some people’s dreams get realized, and others don’t? Make a list of the factors you think are involved, including the ones people do and don’t have control over.

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    1. I think some people doesn’t work hard enough for their dreams. Some even lose their hopes and they’re just letting themselves caught up in the situation. How can one possibly dream when their life is nothing but a mess. They haven’t realize their true worth. Would someone out there, care enough for these people, to be able to come out of their shells and someone help them to unleash their true potential.

  1. I think it comes down to how people deal with adversity. No one dreams of things that they can go out and achieve without any sort of opposition. I think people who do eventually realize their dreams are able to do so only after defeating the obstacles before them. It’s a matter of determination, perseverance, and accepting there are things you can’t change, but still trying your hardest to correct what you can.

    Side note, I just found out about the Daily Post a few minutes ago. Label me a fan!

  2. I believe that we are part of a divine plan for our spirits. You may think your dreams are not being answered, but the road you are on now, may be the bridge to other dreams unimaginable!

  3. I think people give too easily on their dreams. Some people think that there’s a miracle pill or some angel dust you can sprinkle on your that will create instant happiness. Dreams rarely magically come true. You have to work to make them happen.

    I’m with mdbogin. I think that God has a plan for each of us that is laid out like a roadmap. What we do with that map determines where life will lead us. We can stay on the straight and narrow, but this is not the norm. And being human and totally fallable, I know I’ve taken some wrong turns. But each time I do, I try to get back on track and head in the right direction. Is it an easy road? No way. There is no spiritual or guru GPS to guide us in life except blind faith and belief in try, try, try again if it didn’t work the first time. As hard as it is, if we want our dreams to be realized, it’s only through learning from the deep ruts we’ve dug ourselves out of and repeatedly doing what needs to be done that we can actually find out where we need to go and how to get there. I’m still learning each and every day of my life!

  4. Dreams change. What I thought I wanted years ago, when it didn’t come into my life, I realized later it was something I didn’t really want. Part of not realizing my dreams was only a process of refining what I did want. Focus helps.

  5. Oh no not another list, I’m only in my 20s on 101 :)
    OK my opinion.
    1. You can put all life as we know it, into two realms, leaders and followers, those that do and those that do more
    2. DNA makes you, who has gone before contributes to who you are, leader or follower
    People who go out grab life by the neck and realise their dreams are in my opinion leaders

    1. Starting all over again and beginning a new life, I think I’d prefer to choose to become a follower first. Then after familiarizing all the things, that will only be the time to become a leader.

  6. The dream must be realistic, and the person must be determined enough to fight for his dream.

    1. Definitely! I agree with you on that. Dreams should be SMART (systematic, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded)

    1. Not at all times. Still, you will be the one to decide, if you’re gonna let it happen or not.

  7. It has to do with many things. All of the above things mentioned plus one’s temperament. Whether one is an introvert, extrovert, intuitive, sensing, perceiving or thinking, judging or accepting … all determines whether one will listen to one’s own voice over another person telling them that their dreams are only dreams and will never happen.

  8. U hv different dreams as u grow from one stage to another. If u work hard & stick to ur goal u can achieve ur dreams. But u must have patience to achieve the dream. I hv tried all my life to search my identity. Now @52yrs I find it happening. Very close to it will inform u guys first.

    1. I can relate somehow to your comment. Seems like we’re both sharing the same story in life. I’ve been also to identity crisis before but now I’m almost about to say that I’m over it. Its better to say that I should be over it.

      All will work well in its proper place and time. Patience, therefore, would be a key factor to success.

  9. Eu cheguei à uma conclusão vejo por mim, luto, luto, mas não consigo conseguir nada!!!! Então vejo pessoas que conseguem tudo sem sequer fazer o menor esforço! Reconheço que existem pessoas que também lutam muito e conseguem seus objetivos!
    Abraços a todos!

    1. Of course not. Everyone has the opportunity to dream. It’s up to us on how are we going to utilize such chance that have been given to us. A chance of a lifetime…

  10. I really do not know. Some of us are brilliant some of us are not. Some try hard all their lives others do not. Look at Paris Hilton. She has it all handed to her on a plate and yet she acts like a Queen. Expecting more.Others who have money share it and help others. We are all different. We all choose differently. There will always be poor people just as there will always be rich. Live life the best way you can. My husband said his friend lives as though he has money and does what he wants to do and still does. With children so do we.

  11. according to me i think the sole path in getting your dreams realised is through your approach towards life ! you should be able to scrutenize your dream into a goal.
    lay down a path towards it.
    consider the sustainable resources(people) that you would require in order to make your path convenient .
    and the last is to have a never satisfied attitude.

    1. Seems like some factors needs to be consider to make it done. Of course, everything is a learning process. Each day you live, you learn. And once you get the pace and time and you’re comfortable enough, soon you will achieve your goal. Just focus. They say that I’m a working progress.

  12. I think it depends on the dream… if your dream is to get married and have a family then I think some luck is involved in finding the right person to start a family with although you still have to think somewhat with your mind and not just your heart when choosing a mate.

    If your dream is to become successful in your career then hard work and sacrifices will more than likely be necessary.

    1. First things first.
      Its more of giving importance to the things that needs to be done. Might as well consider the things which is urgent and which is important.

  13. Hey that’s simple they are so many reasons here are some.
    Realizing your dream’s is all about endeorance, passistance, determination and most of all FAITH. Many people’s dream’s don’t come true becourse they don’t persist and also lack’s faith to beleive that their dreams can come to reality.

  14. My “dream” just came true :-)

    Only yesterday I signed up here on wordpress. My blog is about creating your own life – how to make your dreams come true. I couldn’t decide on a topic for a first post when I stumbled across your prompt.

    Thank you for getting me started!

    PS: Please give me a couple of days to write the post ;-)

  15. Maybe because the nature of dreams is never to be realised, and those who realise their dreams can no longer have any. Whose the winner then, those who do realise their dream sor those who don’t? I sometime wonder what dreams are left to be dreamt without winners taking them all. My take on it:

  16. Good question. I wrote about this in my blog a few weeks ago:

    I examined it from motivation, birthday and Buddhism’s point of view. Hope you will find it interesting.

    In short, dreams come true when we have the right dreams and did the right things when the opportunities arise, propelling our actions to further positive opportunities.

    But, how the heck do we identify these right dreams and right things to do….I would say: when we do something for quite a while (testing phase) and we don’t get the desired results, try another approach. If it still doesn’t work out, maybe the our timing or skill sets is just not right yet.

    By then, you can choose to:
    A) continue trying, or,
    B) do something else.
    Keep repeating this phase until you find the right deal.

    So, for some people, dreams come true because of their luck, finesse or good gut or judgement.
    For others, it comes out of sheer madness, hard work or massive trial & error. Not fearing failure. But not enjoying failure as well. Maintaining a vision. A flexible vision.

  17. Just the way life works. If we all realized our dreams can you imagine the world we would live in? Too many factors, too many variables, too many dreams. I like what richardbaderinwa says, do not give up. And ok, you may not realize your dreams but you will get somewhere. Make the most of the journey that you can.

  18. The ones whose dreams are realized may have many reasons behind their achievement. The failed ones also have many failing reasons. Somehow it remains a mystery. But then generally it is seen that the successful is molded in a different pattern form the failed. For instance, the patience, perseverance, resolution, doggedness and the likes of the former may be much stronger that those of the latter. The one who succeeded never stopped before attaining success. One who couldn’t, gave in half way through. Again there is a problem determining the way. The achiever may have put in all his might for five years in his pursuit and reached the goal. The non-achiever may have done the same thing or may be more for the same period but failed. So, perhaps the next thing for us to say is, both met with their respective destiny which was determined by each one’s molding.
    According to ancient Indian astrological philosophy, the molding is determined by inheritance factor which in turn is determined by the planetary position at the time of birth of a baby. It was believed that the birth month, day and time determined a newborn’s inheritance of the quantum of positive and negative factors from its parents. That sealed the destiny of the child.
    One step back: it was also very strongly believed, the child’s destiny, partially if not wholly was decided at the moment of fertilization. If the position of the celestial bodies at the time of coitus and conception was in favor of achievements, nothing would stop the child from achieving the things in its journey through life. That’s why the post marriage union of the man and the wife used to be deferred, if required till the arrival of an auspicious moment.
    All these may be the contributing factors for a person’s realizing or non realizing a dream. God knows!