What’s the longest grudge you’ve ever held?

Topic #168: How long do you stay angry at someone or something? What’s the longest grudge you’ve ever held? Why…

Topic #168:

How long do you stay angry at someone or something? What’s the longest grudge you’ve ever held? Why do you think we hold grudges?

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  1. The longest grudge i have ever held was when my boyfriend took me for granted and commented some thing which was very hurting to me!!! I held this grudge right from my teenage level until i joined campass and realised that comments are nothing if they are not true. The reason we hold grudges some times, it’s because those who have caused that pain are the most dearest and closest friends, so u just can’t stop imagining that the people you treasure are the ones hurting you, however it’s not good to hold grudges for eternity because they do affect our health and emortions.

  2. ..just a couple of months…actually, i don’t actually want to hold a grudge that long ..because everything would be uneasy for me.. i will always find a way to talk to the person involve and try to resolve things..though there are certain matters that can’t be mended easily..but at least we tried :)

  3. I will never forget the decision maker who denied my husband’s visa on purely prejudicial and subjective opinion. She nearly destroyed my life and cost me a fortune financially. I will be angry with her until the day I die and possibly afterwards, depending on what happens when we die!

    Why will I stay angry? Because she had no right to do what she did.

  4. The longest grudge I held was 17 years at an ex who cheated. Now, 17 years later I realized life it too short and we were kids teenagers when it happened. I think most grudges like the person said before, we are hurt by the actions of those closests to us or people who can potentially ruin us. Depending now what is done to me or my family, I could very well hold a grudge, I’d rather not if I can avoid it.

  5. I don’t hold a grudge ever. Everyone is different and we all have different ways of doing things and looking at life. Except those around you for being human… we all make mistakes. I know I have.

  6. I don’t know if it’s considered a grudge, but I had a friend who was prego and barely into her second trimester. One evening when I greeted her, I called her “mommy” in a playful manner. However, she didn’t take it so well and she told never to call her that again, but to address her by her first name. I had no intentions offending her and I felt so bad that I ended up not talking to her until her child was a year and a half. That’s when she apologized for her reaction/behavior.

  7. Communication is difficult. We all bring vastly different backgrounds to a single conversation. We may presume how others will receive our comments, and we may think we know a person very well, but we can’t know their whole history. When you anger a person with a comment that meant no harm, you may have clicked a reminder of something in their past. Holding a grudge serves no purpose, except to heighten our blood pressure and create stress. It’s healthier just to move on.

  8. Held it maybe a little too long now, but turned into somethiing good instead of leting it break me down. I see it as my fuel when i start to lose track – to show those people, and myself that what they said was wrong, and that I can do whatever I want – and most important of all – I was never a mistake!

  9. I don’t think I can hold a grudge for more than 1 week. It requires to much energy to be angry and hurt for so long. Why do we keep grudges? I don’t know for sure. There could be multiple reasons for people to hold a grudge.

  10. I guess when I hold a grudge, it’s can be long-lasting. For example, if I’ve seen someone wrong someone else…. and then when I’ve been wronged by that same person, I usually will keep them at arm’s length. I just have to cut all contact because I don’t want to be part of a cycle that I’ve seen happen to someone else. Then years will pass and I guess it’s not a grudge anymore since I usually wish them the best of luck but am far from interested in getting to know them again.

  11. longest grudge ? most probably a week or even less; though it depends on what my heart and senses tells me(not literally of course). My instincts chooses the people who i hold grudge to(bias or not). And most of the time, my instinct haven’t been wrong about those certain people – i choose to avoid them as much as possible sensing a high chance that it could break into a fight.. So yeah, maybe i do hold a long grudge.

  12. No creo exista personas que celebren EL RENCOR, o ENOJO. Algunas personas si que guardan su enojo o rencor incluso por cosas nímias o sin importancia, otras al menor descuido se las cobran (Ojo por ojo, diente por diente).
    Muchas de estas formas me parece son fruto de la ignorancia y educación, sin embargo no faltan quienes inculcan; “EL FIN JUSTIFICA LOS MEDIOS” sin considerar sea para BIEN o para MAL..

  13. I held a grudge against a pair of shoes for about 8 years. When I tried them on they were wonderful but after a day wearing them in I had blisters the size of Jupiter. So I threw in the corner of my bedroom and shunned them for a year where due to stupid curiosity I wore them again. And the blisters came back. My shoes hated me and I hated them. Rather than throw them away or give to charity I figured they deserved to sit all lonely in the corner of my room and never get to fulfil their destiny!

  14. Some of the worst fucken grudges I’ve seen to date. Some people here are completely pathetic. Grudges against those you once loved because they hurt your little feelings long ago? Bitches, please. Try getting slammed into a wall by someone twice your size to have your tooth chipped, receive a concussion and go into a seizure in front of 30+ high-schooler peers. Then you can start holding grudges. The kind of grudges that make you want vengeance and you wish for pain/death to a person.

  15. A grudge? I guess it started as one but now seems like I just have a strong distaste for my brother who treated me badly during my fathers death and after. Yes, I feel hurt and mistreated by him after being so close. I didn’t expect to be treated this way by him. I don’t carry around a lot of anger or hate! I just found out who he really is and do not want to be associated with a person like that anymore. I don’t feel its worth resolving and have had no contact at all for 4+ years now. I have however excepted invites to family gatherings where he would be present and he refuses to come because I’m there. I feel like I could be fine in a room with him and even say hello!