What war is worth fighting?

Topic #164: What war is worth fighting?

Topic #164:

What war is worth fighting?

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  1. Interesting question. So, do you think WW I or WW II was worth fighting? Should the world just sit back and let tyrants rule? Is that your solution? Do nothing, accept the inevitable? Better red than dead?


  2. I think American society tosses around the term “war” too freely, such as the War on Drugs, the War on Illiteracy, War on Immigration or the War on Christmas. War is a strong word and I’m afraid it is used sometimes as propaganda to rally people behind causes.


  3. I believe that Alexy and Gordon each make a valid point. War IS necessary sometimes, yet the term “war” can be overused. Our Lord came to “destroy the works of the devil,” but destruction is not His constant preoccupation. His ultimate purpose is to give life, and war (against His enemy) became necessary in order to do so. Interestingly enough, it is in His life and light that we actually CAN destroy the works of the devil, now that those of us who are born of Him have His Spirit. In other words, our warfare is a spiritual one, and it is won by His life lived through us – mortifying (dealing a death-blow to the enemy’s work! (I John 3:8; John 10:10; Romans 8:13)


  4. Some wars are more necessary than others. WW1 & 2 for example, nations standing against tyranny to protect or save people from harm or death. What I’m seeing in Lebanon at the moment worries me, why are our forces there at all? I see the news and it doesn’t make any sense.

    Is this what we have come to, forcing rulers out of power just because we want to? I guess that means that any other nation can try and force the US or UK government out of power just because they don’t like how they run things.

    Yes, I’m well aware of how that is a very simplistic view and it is clearly more complicated than that but I’m sure others see it as plainly as that too.


  5. La Vida es una eterna Lucha. Incluso ante la propia Naturaleza, pero sin hacerle la Guerra, más bien-utilizando sus regalos, para mejorar nosotros y nuestro entorno, poniendo luz donde haya oscuridad. “Amaos los unos a los otros”.


  6. No war is ever worth fighting – never has been and never will be. I’m sad that God is dragged into any of them for there is no holy war – war is the most unholy, useless activity imaginable.


  7. Wars are going to start when ever you have something precious that someone else wants to have or want to destroy. Protection and rights of the individual over a tyrannical state is a war which will always be worth fighting for. However, not all wars are fought with guns/missiles, information and propaganda play such a key part that the war for the hearts and heads of individuals to join “the cause” is an everyday reality that more people need to wake up too.



  8. Everyone above has a good point and since I couldn’t say it better myself, I won’t repeat what they said in different words. That said, I do believe some wars are necessary. WWII was clearly a “just” war. Nazi Germany was invading sovereign countries and so was Japan. War should never be fought until diplomatic efforts have been exhausted, and even then, we need to be better at analyzing what is worth fighting for. Some people like to say we are fighting for “freedom” but this is another word that is tossed around so frequently and vaguely that it just sounds like an excuse.

    I totally agree with noobcake’s comments about overthrowing tyrants. This is how we have made so many enemies in the world. Our money would be a lot better spent domestically, to protect and fortify the “freedom” we value so much, in the form of jobs, homes, good public education, infrastructure, and community services.


  9. A war that can be a lesson to the later generations that virtues are worth preserving and dying for.

    That being said, when a war has to start, it means everyone has already lost.


  10. War is no solution for any conflict resolution. It leaves one as a looser and the residual acrimony may get louder to rebound and cause war in another form.To solve anything it needs pursuance with poise and patience to let the negative energy to defuse to allow mutual confidence to develop.


  11. Just wanna let you know guyz that’


    For me, I think the war that is worth fighting for is the battle against one’s self. Have you ever imagined fighting or should I say hurting yourself physically. Don’t you ever wanna think about it. It’s really hard to fought if your enemy, or allies, or opponent is yourself. You might as well lose the battle. It’s like living a life where you have an illness of which you are not aware of. It’s too difficult to handle that kind of situation. Probably the one that I’m facing right now. Just kidding. At times, I may be hilarious. Hahaha.