Write about something you used to believe

Topic #111: Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore. Bonus: What changed?  If you had to pick…

Topic #111:

Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore.

Bonus: What changed?  If you had to pick one of your beliefs right now that is most likely to change in the future, what would it be?

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  1. Primeiramente Deus. é a sustentação de nossas sobrevivência .
    No entanto o Estudo é o ponto de partida para a Construção do
    Conhecimento, por meio dele você desenvolve a consciência
    humana, estabelecendo as relações entre entidades individuais,
    Sociais e coletivas construindo as Nações de diferenças inseridas
    no mundo em que você vive.

  2. Funny, I talked about this yesterday and why people believe dumb things. I also wrote about the English teacher that writes romance novels. If anything, my beliefs get stronger with age.

  3. I used to believe that writing one post a day would be a walk in the park, but I guess I forgot two things, called customers and deadlines…

    I am proud, however, to have proved to myself that I can write every day if I want to, and that was really my goal for this project. Going forward, I will just write whenever I have the time. No pressure. Because I know I can.

  4. I used to believe in fairies, then in aliens. Now my feet are firmly on the ground. Before long, though, I don’t think I’ll believe my feet are firmly anywhere.

  5. I used to believe in the the Health sector, in Politicians and in International Organisations who falsely lay claim to acting in our interests, in NGO’s and people who all claim to want a better world – only to find that most of these people when given the chance on a plate to do something positive, rarely will and are more interested in the title rather than the cause.

    I used to believe in people helping you when you were in need, people acting in the interests of right over wrong and in the principals that I remember my Grandparents instilling in me whilst growing up, only now to find that so many people who put themselves in a position whereby they can do something positive usually turn it to their advantage and trample over those who genuinely seek to help, or who could potentially expose their ignorance and incompetence in matters which they themselves should be involving their sorry asses in.

    I used to believe in the security that raising awareness and highlighting problems major problems would be embraced by the public and that through action rather than words people would all help make the world we live in at least tolerable for many, not perfect – just tolerable enough to know that there is some good in the world but this changed…

    I came to Greece, thought a change of scenery would be good and worked for an NGO which I thought was helping society, since I have come across the most vile and blatant malpractice possible, corruption and morally devoid and unethical servants to the cause who manipulate and abuse the Health sector for their own self gratifying needs.

    I was new to this sector and have little interest in Health matters normally other than to try and live and do my little bit where possible whilst I still have time on this Planet, since my hopes have been shattered by the sector, the organisations who all sit back and allow this type of mistreatment of its public all whilst being run by the Government, International Organisations and the so called people we vote in who allow this in the first place…

    Life, you couldn’t make it up if you tried!

    1. I couldnt agree more with your unfortunate, but all too true assesments.
      My post is similar, but I left out everything you’ve listed, that is also on my list.

  6. A Agressão por meio de palavras pode ferir muito mais do que
    a Contundência das mais terríveis das armas,
    Estude e domine o seu idioma para servir com dignidade a Solidariedade
    e a compreensão em relação a seu próximo .

    seu mais humilde hospede .
    Boa sorte.

  7. Eu acreditava que o Mundo mudaria para melhor, o que estamos vendo é terrivel. Só violência !
    Eu acho que está na hora de darmos uma virada, para termos paz!!!
    O que não conseguimos mais, o que é uma pena!
    Jamais pensei que as drogas tomaria conta do Mundo!
    Abraços a todos!

  8. I use to believe the this whole world in front of me was real, everything that I saw from television, people in front of me, the landscape, clouds, the world… and then I drew the curtain. It’s a whole different world out there than what I believed. The only thing that I can believe in, is me.

  9. Used to believe in friendship. But when I was around 15, after another disappointment, I started seeing the real picture. So far, what I see from my life, and those around me, is that every friend betrays you after some time. Some can hang in there for 30-40 years thinking they have a best friend.
    Now, people are lame in even being someone who you see once in a while.

  10. This is intresting! You know, I use to believe I wouldent make any difference in life but I was wrong. My reasons: I couldent go to school after passing out of “secondary” school. And I thoght that was the end of life for me because education – especially in a higer institution – meant for me all I needed to make it in life, but like I said above I WAS WRONG! However that does not mean I dont believe in education, I only had a misconception of its place in ones life. I wantted it for what I could get with the certificate, not what it could do with my personality – that has changed.

  11. Yes, Just be positive in thinking will make you believe what you do willbe success. I once try to think that way and it sometimes work. For example if you try to think why you feel tired. Most of us feel tired everyday right?After we work all day we will feel tired and then one day we will also feel tired even if we do not work hard. It sometimes because of our mind was feeling tired. Try Give your opinion on tired.

  12. I always believed in mere LUCK for everything, be it an exam, a free gift, everything was luck to me in my life. But now, things are starting to change as if i am so unlucky. The reason i had believed in luck this long was because I never believed in my own talent till today. But as i am starting to grow up, things are got to change. I cannot believe in luck anymore, cos now, All that i believe is me.. Once someone starts believing in himself that will be his biggest belief in life which will go with him till the end !

  13. Well I used to believe in god…..yeah him …..when i was little and blind. When my mum would make all the choices for me and tell me that i should always be a good girl cause god is watching me. Then i went to an international school and i learned about other religions and i realized then what religions where. There a creation to answer a questions that we will never have the answered for example “why am i here” or “what my point in life” and my personal favorite “who made me”. I truly envy people who are religious but i am never going back to being one. Cause i feel free now!! :P

  14. I used to believe that people are good in their very nature. How many times have I been proven wrong? Plenty of times and have forgotten to count anymore. Why can’t human being live in peace and unity? Just in 2011, there have been uprisings in the Arab countries which have been marred by gross human rights violations. Laurent Gbagbo’s obssession with power led to his downfall. Barack Obama producing first his birth certificate and then Osama bin Laden’s death certificate in one week.
    We live in interesting times and I have now learnt not to impose my belief systems on anyone else but myself….

  15. Interesting topic. So many of my beliefs have changed over the years. I realized that my perception of reality colored everything around me. I use to believe that men were inheritantly mean, and if pushed far enough, even the nicest one would become violent. I won’t go into detail as to how that belief was formed. I did everything in my power to prove myself right, to the point of antagonizing my husband until he wanted to hit me. He didn’t. I felt as if all the air had gone out of my belief balloon and it had gone spiraling in chaotic circles until it crashed to the floor. I had to face the fact that I was wrong. It was a crushing blow to my self-rationalized view of my world. And with that acknowledgment, my life slowly began to change. If I was wrong about this, maybe I could be wrong about more. My ego began a slow, painful reinvention. Now, in the twelve years from that moment, I have found it necessary to challenge many of my beliefs about the world, people, God, and myself. I can honestly say, I am glad I was wrong. Oh, by the way, my husband and I are celebrating 27 years of marriage this June.
    A friend once asked me “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy.” I am definately happy!

  16. I used to believe that people betray their fall from grace through their actions which portend their tendency to devilishness.People who face severe opposition know that if they continue on the difficult road to success expecting more tribulations over the course of time but still immensely confident in their choice, they will emerge as winners.The rewards of hard labor are always welcomed.It is still a belief I continue to cherish even though being human I have my moments of doubt.Hard work is its own reward.