You’ve now completed 25% of the challenge! Feedback for us?

Congratulations on making it through month three!! At the end of February, you guys told us about how Post a…

Congratulations on making it through month three!!

At the end of February, you guys told us about how Post a Day/Week has strengthened your writing abilities, boosted your blog readership, and given you the chance to meet lots of other great bloggers. This month we want to know how we can continue to help you meet your blogging goals.

So tell us, what’s been the hardest part of the challenge? Is it sitting down and getting started with posts? Choosing what to write about? Finding the courage to stop editing and hit publish? Let us know what you struggle with most, and we’ll do our best to help!

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  1. I try to post every morning by 7:00 or 8:00 at the very latest. Most of the time, I write, tag and schedule my posts the night before but sometimes I get too busy… when I come home from work and realize “I’ve got nothin’” is when the daily posting starts to feel a bit like a chore :(

  2. I’m easily distracted and spend hours reading my buddies blogs and then run out of time! I’ve been writing a post since 17.00 today and 4 hours later a paper draft and nothing else as I am bloghopping like flicking through the daily newspaper.
    Congrats to all the PAD bloggers what a challenge!

  3. I agree with Kat that sometimes it is hard after work to come up with something fresh and new. That being said, sometimes there’s a like spark that just lights up an idea – I suppose you just have to be ready and open for it. Tonight it was my kid’s questions about the Ganesha statue on my mantle.
    I am happy to have stayed with the program up to now despite 15 days where I either couldn’t get on line or was just flat out too busy.
    I can’t say that your daily tips on blog topics have really helped – they have been encouraging but not particularly topically helpful if that makes any sense.
    Anyway, thanks again for the great initiative – only 9 months to go!

  4. It would be great to have suggestions for sites with royalty-free images / folks who don’t mind usage as long as their credited. Even if I whip up a post in 20 minutes, I usually search for an appropriate image for equally as long. It’s a real time sucker.

    It would also be awesome to get some suggestions on style and voice – not only for improving methods, but also as an experiment post. Maybe a list of the different kinds of posts – news stories, photo blog post, 1st person narrative, etc.

    1. I agree about suggestions for image sites, I only use my own images for this reason, unless I happen to find one I know is free to use. And sometimes the link on Google images takes me to a dodgy virus thing rather than what I was expecting, which is scary!

  5. Leaving the blog alone even after I have published it is my big problem.
    Deciding what to write comes next although one I have made that decision the words just come naturally

  6. I love this challenge! I do find it difficult to come up with fresh ideas, but I set up one major rule about my blog when I started it a few days before 2011: DON’T TALK ABOUT WORK. My main reason for starting a blog was to let my family, who lives all over the word, know what I’m up to. The problem is, my life isn’t extremely interesting. This challenge has forced me to look outside of work and talk about my life. A a result, it has made my life more interesting.

    My writing has gotten better too; it is more creative and humorous. Just this past week my readers increased 5x! I’m starting to find my niche and I am happy to see others are starting to follow me!

    Challenging? Yes. This was SUPPOSED to be a challenge. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew my writing wouldn’t always be good, and sometimes it would be just aweful. It is stretching me and make me look further. I am SO happy I have been loyal to this challenge and I have successfully completed everyday!

  7. I was at ORD writing on my blog and my computer slipped to the ground and crashed my hard drive. I was out of my e-life for 10 days until I could get to my external hard drive. T-G I had backed everything up before I left. Thankfully, I pack a Mac and with TimeMachine I got everything restored yesterday as good as new including my 9,000+ photos. Now, I’m back to POW (postaweek).

    1. Congratulations on your success. I am glad you are back, obstacles can be a blessing too. :)

  8. I overanalyze my post to death; tweaking and editing. It took three days to get the last one done between work and classes. Luckily, I’m still going strong on postaweek2011.

  9. Two things would make it easier for me to post. One would be to have the topics up by noon Pacific time or even the night before. They don’t come at specific times which makes it hard to plan. Maybe posting and then re-posting throughout the day would let more of us plan.

    I would like to schedule my posts, but despite lots of suggestions and help nothing seems to work consistently. So this is more for the happiness guys, do a scheduling for dummies post. I have tried every suggestion and nothing works consistently, bah humbug.

    I always try to post on topic as I see it as a challenge. How can I bend the topic to my blog and my thoughts? Makes me think. I also send my regular posts as a post a day. I would like to see all the on-topic posts listed in one place. I like to see what others have done with the topic, although it does seem that few of us post on topic.

    I am also curious as to how many people are trying to post or at least how many posts come through a day. It would help me judge my own effectiveness a bit more accurately.

    I also need some clarification on image posting. We were encouraged to post images which I now do on my blog, for the first six weeks they often showed up on postaday; now they never show. I post some images of my own, and some from free image sites. I give credit and usually a link where I post someone’s image .. It is totally possible I am not picking the right images, but also it might be we are only to post our own or a setting may be interfering. Vain enough to like to see images posted and curious as to the rules.

    Did I tell you I was a blabber blogger?

    Thank you for this experience. It does sometimes get tiring and a few of the topics really sophmorish, otherwise it is great exercise and does have me thinking about posting. Staying strong and hoping for some feedback.

    1. Reply to Katherine G. Levine,

      What kind of images do you need? just curious since I’m a click happy blogger and might be able to help you.

      1. I do find lots of images, and they vary. I do a post a day called Be With Beauty, but other the others depend on the subject. I was curious, however, about the regulations. Thank you for your response.

  10. I’m doing postaweek because my blog is a book review blog and I can’t read a book a day. I am trying to post a bit more than reviews though and that’s the bit I find hard, trying to think up other book related content that isn’t just a meme. Most of the time I an get away with just a review as a weekly post but sometimes I can’t finish a book in one week and that makes things harder

  11. Distraction is definitely my biggest issue. Life is so busy here that it gives me ample to write about but no where near enough time to actually sit down and do it.

    Would be good if you could freeze time. An hour a day should do it.

    1. We are hard at work on the freeze time feature – When you see us post 7000 topics on a single day, you’ll know we have it in beta :)

      1. This whole blogging challenge has made me doubt if it was a good idea to sign up for wp.ORG, and a domain. I’d just done it right before it started.

        The global tags don’t work [of course], I can’t reply to comments by email [only with third party comments].

        My posts will never show up on that page Post A Day 2011 and I can’t make smilies like this :roll: ha ha!

        Honestly, I think I would have thought twice about it now that I know all this, but now that I have it, I’ll just blog along… 8)

  12. Usually my biggest struggle is finding a topic since my blog is topic specific….. although it’s on gratitude…. I still find some days hard to come up with something! The next challenge is remembering! I have learned that by not deleting the reminder from Word Press to blog that it helps me remember as I’m checking my email for one last time before I go to bed….. If I see that email still in my box then I know I need to blog! Thanks for that!

  13. Perhaps there is something wrong with me – I reallly don’t find blogging difficult at all. I post three to four times a week, which is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three months. I have not really changed anything since the Postaday/week campaign started, except recently I started doing the weeklyl photo challenges. If there is any part that is difficult, it’s when I get an inspiration for a blog and am away from my computer. Some of the best blogs I’ve written in my head have been lost because I didn’t have anything with me to write on or get my thoughts down. I have scraps of paper all over my desk with cryptic notes scribbled – “hot dogs” “NPR” and the like.

    1. They make a voice recorder and sell it at your friendly neighborhood discount stores that is the size of a cell phone and records for hours. You could dictate to yourself. It even plays back “slow” so you could transcribe . . .

  14. Being a “newbie” to this computer stuff… I have more trouble with getting things to work on any site I’m on than anything else. I NEVER have trouble thinking of things to write about, I’ve been doing it on paper for years! I am loving WordPress and all it has to offer- thanks!

    1. I have found the WP support to be very helpful when I can’t get soemthing to work. I look at the FAQ and tips first, then send an email if I can’t figure it out after that. I’ve also posed how to questions to my more tech-savy readers.

  15. Learning how to get the best out of the dashboard and the WP interface has been my biggest hassle, I need really simple hand holding stuff with step by step pictures as I’m technically challenged.

    I still don’t understand what Quick Press is (couldn’t find a tutorial for it either) and the difference between “Subscriptions”, as in people who sign up to my blog every time I make a new post, and “subscriptions” as in the box I click when I leave a comment on another blog to say I’d like to know if they reply to my comment.. it is confusing.

    I’ve love the option to see a reply to my comment question that I maybe left on someone else’s blog but NOT to every “other” reply to that post as all the email notifications start to block up my email inbox.

    I’d like a dedicated simple button to push when a comment on my blog looks like spam but doesn’t get flagged as such by askismet, so that it’s easily routed to someone who can deal with it, delete or let me know if it’s a really ok comment after all.
    The “contact us” route is longer and harder to find than it needs to be…

    I’d love to have a “template” of stuff like a calendar that I could set up in prep for the schedule , it would include all the info I need repeated every post (like my copyright note to add to my photos/ the postaday tag etc).. it would be pre-dated but not published so that I would work on stuff ‘in progress” but still in the calendar (if that makes sense) and if I could work on it in the same WP dashboard format OFF-LINE that would be even more fabulous for when I’m places without internet connection.

    I’d love to learn to make links that look less like computer code and more like pretty words (again couldn’t find tutorial …)

    and I’d like a tutorial on how to add a blog roll but on a “second page” but can’t ind that either.

    I DO fully accept that my techo capabilities ARE limited and that I’m not great when people instantly start talking about technical computer terms, I mean someone in comments else where mentions a “jetpack” and I’m sitting thinking ” um …err a “what”?????”

    … and I know my list is horrendously long but well you did ask what we struggle most with :)

    Yep, I know, now you probably regret asking the question LOL.
    I do hope I didn’t ruin your day :)

    1. “I’ve love the option to see a reply to my comment question that I maybe left on someone else’s blog but NOT to every “other” reply to that post as all the email notifications start to block up my email inbox.” Totally agree!

      Links are easy – you find the site you want to link to, highlight its web address and press copy. Then in your post, write the word you want to make a link, then highlight it and press the button that looks like a chain. Paste the link into the box and click OK. That’s how I do it anyway! :)

  16. The challenge is like someone else wrote here in the comments section. Getting started especially when getting bogged down at work. I wrote a post about how I am going to whip myself into shape and keeping up with things. Maybe finding a time in the day when I can write without interruptions of any kind. We’ll see how that goes…

  17. I don’t try to stick to one sector of life about which to write. I’m all over the subject or topic map, so I never want for area in life to tackle.

    I do find it helpful to use javascript:var%20d=document,w=window,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),f=’’,l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,u=f+’?u=’+e(l.href)+’&t=’+e(d.title)+’&s=’+e(s)+’&v=4′;a=function(){if(!,’t’,’toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=720,height=570′))l.href=u;};if%20(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent))%20setTimeout(a,%200);%20else%20a();void(0) and other markers for possibilitie. I usually use Press This as soon as I see something that looks promising. Of course, using Press This is useful for folks base their blogs on social/political commentary.
    Thanks for the great follow-up from the Gurus … I really appreciate you guys.

  18. My apologies! The above is a shambles and not at all as I intended. I wish there could be an edit function for our comments. Perhaps, I wouldn’t be so inclined to make a fool of myself.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone. I’ve enjoyed the help and the comments.

  19. Some days are definitely harder than others, but once I learned how to schedule posts so that I can write several on the weekends to be posted automatically throughout the week, it became much easier. I also instituted some theme days – Music Monday, Thankful Thursday, Recipe Friday, and Psalm Sunday – that usually help with the daily posting challenge. Except when I can’t think of a recipe for Friday or a song or band to write about on Monday. Anyway, thanks for the challenge. It has been fun! Peace, Linda

  20. This has been great…that hardest for me was before this great idea. Since signing up for the Postaweek deal, I have bought those tiny little notebooks to jot down ideas, have started a weekly feature on my blog called “Mindslam Movie Mondays”, & have found many new friends & great blogs to read. Don’t think you guys need to do anything but keep the topics coming (even though I haven’t used one yet) doesn’t mean I won’t….the topics just make me think more & I end up coming up with some on my own. I love it! Thanks!….Jason

  21. This has been a great challenge – a challenging challenge, that’s for sure. I have posted once per day since we started this and my readership has tripled. Many times I have wanted to wave the white flag, but I just keep going and going and my writing is improving and so I won’t stop now!!
    Continued good fortune to all fellow bloggers….

    1. Andrea, I do notice my readers going up as I write daily…and my job situation is fixing to change so I will be able to blog more. But what are you using to track your hits/readers. I’m using site stats plugin and I’m not so sure it’s accurate. And b/c I don’t have a huge block of time to sit down and figure out where to put the Google analytics code…I still haven’t done it! But I hear it’s the best. Just curious what you use? Thanks!

      1. Hi Jan, I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply… I forgot to come back to check this post…
        Anyway, I use Stat Counter. And I rely on the stats from WordPress, too.
        I am unaware of the capabilities of Google’s analytics…. I’ll definitely check it out.
        I have found that there is little difference between what WordPress stats tell me and what Statcounter tell me. I like statcounter because you can see the part of the country your readers come from, and also it’ll tell you how many are new visitors, or repeat visitors. However, that depends on cookies and not everyone has cookies enabled these days….
        If you find out any more, I’d sure love to know!

  22. The only thing I find difficult is posting when I don’t want to. I can only blame myself for taking the postaday challenge, and it’s too late now. I have no problem talking for 300 words about how I don’t want to write a post, but there’re only so many of those I can do. I write for work, fun and profit, so a blog is extra work that I don’t always want to do. I hope it gets more interesting when I deploy.

  23. Between work, kids and all my many to do’s, I have trouble sitting down just to write a post. Once I sit down I need a few extra minutes to “get going”, then I can write forever…if I just had the time. Another time issue I have is that I love to post pics as I’m writing and they seem to take a very long time uploading. This causes some skip in my thoughts. :)

    1. Jan, I write in Word, first, then copy-paste into wp. When I want to remember to add an illustration, I just type
      then keep on writing, just as you see here. After I’ve pasted it onto the newpost page, then I replace all the x’s with illustrations. Never miss a beat that way.

  24. This has been a blast! The most encouraging thing WordPress does for us is the Freshly Pressed feature. I almost quit before my post was Freshly Pressed! Since then, I have friends and a small daily audience that encourages me to continue! Thanks so much, WordPress!

  25. Haven’t gotten there either and that causes all sorts of questions in my mind about whether I should keep blogging, but I am a stubborn person and also know writing gives me strength whether anyone reads or not and I do get replies from people so at least a few read.

  26. I have found consistency to be my greatest challenge. Life is a bit on the crazy side here, but I love writing so much, that I am committed to this. Posting daily is tough. I don’t lack ideas, and writer’s block is rare. It’s just sitting down EVERY DAY to untangle all my thoughts that is tough at times.

    I’m getting better, though, even though I’ve missed several days in the last two weeks.

  27. I don’t want my writing to sound forced and I think that is my biggest barrier right now. I feel like I am writing thinking that “I want this to get Freshly Pressed” every time instead of writing without worry or expectations. Also, I feel like I am neglecting my family, house, etc. and when I sit down to write, my brain is in a fog. I’m also questioning the relavancy of my writing, as in, does anyone really care what I have to say?

  28. It’s going pretty good. My blog isn’t topic specific at all, so I have all the freedom I could ever wish for. I write in the mornings while having my first coffee — now it has become like a habit that I’m looking forward too. If I have any problems with this at all, it would be that I have a tendency to get too personal. After all, it’s not a personal diary … it’s a general chit chat. I use the suggested topics as a ‘crutch’, when I have those days when the mind is blank.



  31. I find myself usually posting more than once a week and I signed up for the post a week. I love writing and don’t think my posts are too awfully bad, but I have not gained readership and wonder if it’s the tags I use or just what. Some feedback would be much appreciated if anyone wants to take a gander.

    1. Sigh, looked at your blog and enjoyed it. Think the problem is there is just a lot of good blogs out there and lots of good ones go un-read. Sort of like the unknown singers discovered on American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve looked at the blogs listed here getting good readership and yours is as good as any.

      I don’t have the readership I want, haven’t gotten on Fresh Press and follow most of the suggestions. Know I am not subject specific. Everyone needs Emotional Fitness and that allows me a wide range of subjects. I would probably do better to stick to parenting issues as I have published two books in that field. Sigh, just can’t rein in my curious mind and need to share broadly.

      For me another problem remains having learning disablity that age has added to and no matter how often or how carefully I use spell check and editing, mistakes always creep through and that is a real no-no. You don’t have that problem.

      Finally, I am in the wrong demongraphic–meaning an old one. Lots of my young friends on Facebooks read and love the blog posts that go there, but capturing new readers is hard.

      My solutioin, I write for me and my grandchildren. My children are sick of my “wisdom” Hoping my grandchildren will read at some point and gain.

      By the way do any of you back up your blog and how?

      Staying strong.

  32. Wahoo! 25% Congrats to all that have made it this far! :)

    I actually find it easier and easier to write every day now… I look forward to it and am constantly thinking about what I can blog about today! :) This daily post challenge may be the best thing for my motivation to blog more!

  33. So much time has passed already, it seems quite surreal. After this is all over, I’ll probably still post each day simply out of habit! PostADay2011 has been a tremendous challenge in some respects, and a cup of tea in others. Occasionally, it’s simply a matter of updating my readers on what I plan on doing next – which I must say, is unsatisfactory in comparison to full-blown reviews and in-depth posts. I rely on movies, video games, TV shows, major book releases, etc. to create posts for my blog. I’d love to make longer posts, as they tend to attract more views, though time seems to be slipping away much to quickly.

    The challenge has been a great asset in developing my writing skills, and getting back up on my feet as a writer. I hope to participate again next year is there’s a PostADay2012, maybe even a PostTwiceADay2012? Now that would require some innovative, creative thinking!

    Thanks for starting this challenge in the first place, it’s been great!

  34. I love the post a day challenge, I love it! I try to post every day, it’s the time zones difference that is a challenge.

  35. I agree with Judith’s comment earlier about not knowing when to stop. I find that after I’ve published more ideas comes, or different ways of saying things and I just can’t help myself. Sometimes I edit several days after publishing. I have found the daily discipline immensely helpful, once the idea comes that is – they don’t always come easily and are very seldom the ones you’ve suggested. I love the challenge!!!

  36. It’s funny cause blogging is one of my favorite things to do but if i put it off too late it i’m racing to finish it within 1/2 hour at 11:30 pm.
    I took on the Post a Day and did fall off the wagon while working on a project for 3 days. I wasn’t sure it would be ok to come back and am glad to know that we can fall and get back up again in good company.
    I’ve been blogging sporadically since 1996 and this is really making me focus and put together ideas and images that people are telling me they enjoy getting in their mailboxes.
    For awhile I was a apprehensive about showing up in subscribers’ inboxes on the daily. A blogger told me to get over it and stop apologizing.
    Since then I’ve enjoyed it again. but tonight was a midnight post and I’m worn out! Congrats to all for your diligence with all the obstacles from kids to jobs to deployment. I’ll try to do it in the morning tomorrow. joyfully!

  37. I joined in about half way through February, so I was a late starter! However, I’m loving the challenge. There are a few days when it’s been a bit of a panic to get the blog done, but on the whole it’s an enjoyable experience. It has helped my other writing no end, and I’ve found out lots of interesting facts while I’ve been trawling around for things to write about. I’ve made some new friends on the way. I’m just so pleased I signed up for the challenge!

  38. Sometimes, I am not in the mood to write eventhough a lot ideas are await to write down.
    Sometimes, when I am writing down the ideas, I am suddenly distracted and then thinking that the post that I currently write is not important, or not interesting.
    Those are the biggest problem for me to write in blog

  39. the best part of the weekly challenge: I am actually writing 2-3 posts a week, i have readers that follow me and are eager to read me, I am defining my writing skills and what i like writing about, I am so busy now (being a full time mom, i miss work, but this is work for me!)
    the difficult part: trying to reach out to more readers, writing something substantial EVERY time, would like more readers to comment and give feedback!
    All is all this is a wonderful and creative project for me; It made me start my novel, which was in my mind for the last 30 years!)

  40. For me the hardest thing is coming up with something to write about. While I know yo provide us with topics for writing it feels like cheating to me to use them. This only concerns me, if I read a post by someone else on one of these topics I think it’s great! I guess I’m just a crazy person…

  41. I couldn’t find the right answer for myself but for me…it’s not that I don’t know what to write, it’s more like it’s so important I convey my message from the right place, whether it’s a blog of an interview, an event, person or EQ related topics….I read a lot and it takes a while for everything to mesh so I know I am writing after I have understood first. That’s tough.

  42. I think the hardest is part is finding time for blogging and my writing, I try to post one article a day but sometimes I get carried away with my writing and run out of time. The big plus for me is that the post a day challenge has shown that I can run and maintain a blog. I’ve been tempted to head over to and get my own blog on a hosted site to use as a showcase for my novel, but I’m concerned with what other people say about the limited interactivity that bloggers have access to.

    I guess the only way to find out is to try it!

  43. Apart from the usual “nailing my ass to the chair” issue that I have with all my writing, the biggest problem with blogging was quite unexpected. As I’ve always written for myself and known that nobody was going to read it, the fact, that other people are reading what I write, suddenly brought about stage fright. Sometimes I stop myself writing about things because I think it sounds pathetic or not exciting enough and I’m going to bore the two people that read my blog to tears. :)

  44. Olá a todos, creio que atingi a minha meta. Mesmo só postando no meio da semana, ou como se diz no Brasil, quando bate a loucura, ou quando vem uma idéia de repente.
    Acontece muito comigo. Mas graças a todos da Word. Press e amigos daqui, estou feliz com os resultados.
    No meu entender nos ajudou a ficarmos bem mais soltos para blogar.
    Dá para notar, todos sentimos isso.
    O meu obrigada e abraços a todos merecidamente!!

  45. I jumped right into blogging, not knowing what on earth I was doing. (I come from where a post is for holding up a fence…) It has been a huge learning curve, although the “help” button does help some if only I know what to look for. What I really need is for someone up there to come sit by my desk and talk me through several issues. My big need is for the “Learn WordPress” page to be about ten pages. Also, it would be totally helpful if each video were also provided in screenshot form, for those of us who live where posts hold up fences, and a 5-minute video takes about 30 minutes to view in snippets.
    Questions: Should blogging take about 3 hours per day? I began with about fifty blogs already written, as a backlog to boost me on those days–you know–those days. I never waste time thinking what to write. Still, each time I post, it takes this huge chunk of the day to complete everything, such as follow-up on comments (which I am totally glad to get!), tag surfing, anlyzing stats, reporting spam referrers (could use a button there), editing typos, that do not show up until after scheduling, correcting format tangles, etc. Is this to be expected? Yesterday afternoon, my hits nearly quadrupled, only about ten spam referrals and five search engine sources for that–can’t figure, but sure no complaints! Any ideas why?
    How do we get the posatday icon? Somehow missed that, and the fact of a postaday page. Someone please correspond on these issues!