How did you get your name?

Topic #83 (Brought to you by How did you get your name? Who chose it, and why?

Topic #83 (Brought to you by

How did you get your name?

Who chose it, and why?

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    1. Proof I’m getting senile – which if you like, makes for a fantastic topic: Do you think Scott is senile or not? How would you know, when it’s possible you’re just senile yourself?

      1. In your defense, it’d be a bit difficult to keep track of all the topics we’ve done so far, and the new one had a bit of variation… incorporating voice mail and whatnot.

  1. Ahhh, had me a bit confused there for a moment. Went to my e-mail and found the talk/text topic, then I’m redirected to something else.

    How did I get my name? Interesting new topic – though for me, there wouldn’t be enough information to make a worthwhile blog post about it. I was named by my parents, both my mother and father contributed, after one of the prophets of the Bible, a fairly rare name (often times misspelled).

  2. Well…after I was born I’m pretty sure my mom, dad and grandma all took themselves with yours truly to a temple. Gave the priest the date and time I was born and then he did some calculations, pondered the stars and planets, drew this cool birth chart and told them that my name needed to start with a J and I’m sure other details…

  3. My parents wanted to give me a Russian name to reflect my heritage. While it was not fun during the Cold War, it’s kinda trendy now. People like to welcome me to the U.S.A. for some reason and I get called ma’am in emails.

  4. My mom’s name is Adriana, when I was in the belly, my parents couldn’t decide in what to name me, so they went for the short version. They felt it was very strong, concise, and it means ‘light’ in name language or whatever.
    Ana it is. :)

  5. Well mom and dad wanted a Bill Jr so that happened and that name ended up being trouble in the future. Don’t ever name a kiddy after your name….. TROUBLE

  6. My paternal grandmother’s name was Elizabeth and one of her aunts was Tantie Marie. So my mom named me Lisa (first name) Marie (middle name) (not all as one first name). She DID NOT name me after Lisa Marie Presley.

  7. When I was just born, parents didn’t have any name to give until then they heard another patient in that hospital give a name “Yori” to her new born baby. And then my mother suddenly fell in love with that name and then… yea… you know what’s happening then…

  8. Mt father was Polish – he came New Zealand post-war where he met and married my mother. His mother’s name was Rozalia. My parents would have liked to have given me that name….but…they felt New Zealanders wouldn’t be able to pronounce it (probably true at that time) . So they combined a bit of my mother’s Irish heritage, a bit of the Polish and gave me Rosalene. I’m rarely called that – mostly Ros, or Rossi to people who know me well.

  9. i have blogged about this incessantly ! I love to hear from any friends. I try and remember who likes what. Texts, emails, Facebook, skype, phone, mobile, bumping into, or even dropping in on!


  10. O meu nome foi em homenagem a minha bisavó, felizmente a minha mãe mudou o meu nome, ela a homenageada se chamava MINDÍA, olha que horror, eu gosto do meu nome.
    Abraços a todos!

  11. My mother told me that my father named me after a popular song “Sweet Lorraine.” I haven’t thought about it since before the age of internet so I only listened to the song for the first time today. It originated in 1928, but I was probably named after the King Cole Trio or Erroll Garner versions of 1945. The Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole versions were after I was born. (But I like the Patty Griffin revision the best.)

  12. meu nome originou-se de Oeldinandes uns dos 12 pares da França, meu pai, por ter este primeiro nome optou-se por Hélio Campos . é um nome muito bonito e forte, traz algo de novo, diferente , eu amo ele…

  13. What’s in a name ? Well for me alot of syllables. Full name: Elizabeth Ann Isabella Barrass P. I was named for my two grandmothers and my mothers’ eldest sister. My dad added the Barrass by virtue of well, being my dad. I’m not really sure what input he had in the process. My name came in rather handy though as I always knew how much trouble I was in by how many of the names got called. Elizabeth only was “come help me do something”. Elizabeth Ann was “you did something and I need to yell at you”. Elizabeth Ann Isabella was “you did something really King Kong stupid and now I’m going to let you have it”. I didn’t often come down if I was up to three names. If you want me that badly – come and get me….