What’s the most on fire you’ve ever been?

Topic #83: Brought to you by What’s the most on fire you’ve ever been? Figuratively, literally, whatever.

Topic #83:

Brought to you by

What’s the most on fire you’ve ever been? Figuratively, literally, whatever.

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  1. Well, I’m happy to say I’ve never literally been on fire literally, though I’ve certainly been figuratively.

    I grew up in a Christian home and became a Christian myself at four years old. I did the whole church scene, sang all the songs, recited all the verses, and although I did my “best” to be good, I was really just going through the motions. In 10th Grade I caught fire for God, and started to understand what it really was to be a Christian. Since then, I’ve experienced the most “on fire” period of my life.

  2. Once whilst flambéing, I burnt half my eyelashes off… and because that didn’t leave me looking weird enough, the flames decided to take a hefty chunk of my fringe too. D’oh.

  3. na Biblia me concentro , é fogo puro e tenho lembranças dos inesquesiveis inos de Elvis Aron Presley, ´ éra uma familia crente a DEUS, me traz boas recordações …

  4. I cannot answer this one as I cannot ever remember being fired up about anything and at 72 years of age getting fired up now would be useless, pointless and bad for my health

  5. I think it’s when I went over the top and had enough of those little chillies to send a rocket into space. I’m sure the food that I had it with tasted really good, but I couldn’t tell after about a minute!

  6. I saw a movie where someone used hair spray on the ground to spell out a word then set fire to it. I thought that was pretty cool until I tried to copy it in the living room of my first flat, with all the doors and windows shut.

    It was exciting for about half a second until the entire floor burst into flame! I didn’t have time to panic because it blew itself out in a few seconds, after removing the hair from my arms and my eye brows! After that incident I decided to only use deodorant on my body well away from an open flame.

  7. Boa Pergunta, eu vivo me queimando na cozinha, panelas, forno, com tudo.
    Estou sempre com marcas, me queimo passando roupa, enfim sou desastrada! fazer o que? Sou assim mesmo! essa pergunta nem me pegou de surpresa.
    Abraços a todos!

  8. actually I was on fire when I was about 7 or 8 our house caught on fire…my cousin got me out, but my hair was singed so bad, they had to cut a lot of it off.
    It was a long time ago, and I’m grateful to be alive today, needless to say.

  9. My friend set herself on fire once in an Italian restaurant when she forgot to blow out the flame on a glass of Sambuca! The funny thing was that the other five people at the table immediately threw their glasses of wine over her to put her out before she even realised she was on fire – I so wish I had a picture of her face in that moment!

  10. i have never been on fire literally… but just for the heck of it?? i was 20yo at that time and had a steady bf. i was at a birthday party and went home at around 2am. i was kinda drunk so one of my hot male co-workers drove me home. as soon as we went inside my apartment we kissed right away and then went on with the “smashin” thing.. get this: my bf was just in the other room sleeping…

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