What to do if you’ve missed a week? or month?

On twitter, someone asked us if we had any advice. They’ve missed a stretch of posts because they’ve had a…

On twitter, someone asked us if we had any advice. They’ve missed a stretch of posts because they’ve had a rough patch.

My advice is… you’re already back on track. Posting on twitter is still posting something. You can always just write about why you don’t want to write, or about why you think you should write. Writing is sneaky in that you can write about anything, including writing about writers block.

But what do you guys think? Any other advice for BoltClock, or for all the other lurkers out there who aren’t blogging?

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  1. Is the depressive episode something that can be utilised in posting? If not, then that’s okay, it doesn’t need to be used.

    But life is such a useful tool, I find, for anything writing related. If there’s been problems that have made you feel angry, write about it, if it’s made you sad, write about sadness. It doesn’t have to go into detail, it doesn’t have to say very much, but it could be a way to work through what’s going on and get back to the posting regularly.

  2. Abandon perfectionism, all those who blog once a day (or week). It’s better to post “Yalurpty lurp yalurpty lurp yalurpty lurp!” than it is to post nothing because the first expresses and interacts and gets something onto the screen.

    The Daily Post is nothing to feel guilty about. It’s meant to energize and inspire, and the whole feel of it seems to be one of bolstering rather than oppressing–step up and be weird or lousy or smashed down by life, but STEP UP and get ‘er done. Even if all you can write is “OMG BOOGERS!”, that’ll do.

    1. This is a serious issue with me. I am a guy who would never write a post that has no or little depth to it. And the need for content, and the effort requierd to rproduce something of quality is getting too much for me. But yeah, I do write stuff equivalent to OMG BOOGERS!, just so I can maintain the flow. When the ideas strike, I would be up for it. But I really spend more than 2-3 hours daily on my posts, and when I really strike something, like the day before yesterday when I wrote a story, I can work myself to irrational extents, sometimes even 8-9 hours on a stretch.

      1. I’m just the same way. The effort gets to the point where it’s unsustainable–I’m all for putting out a quality product, but not at the expense of creating the habit. It’s all too easy to give up and try something else. I think that what a lot of us need is perseverance and tenacity. We’ll probably become better bloggers as we go, and we need to refuse to succumb to the pressure to be “OMG the greatest EVAR”! We all lie fallow sometimes and we all wax with creativity sometimes. The trick is knowing how to handle it when the words won’t pour out of our fingertips.

    2. I simply adore your blogs and sketchbook art! I have been so far away from my computer, I am just now getting to the emails, and back on track with WP. Matter of fact, my Doctor said that if I felt yucky, and didn’t want to write is when she wants me to write. So “Doctor’s Order’s” are to write especially when I don’t have something nice and cool to say. So I appreciate your “OMG BOOGERS!” more than I could ever express! Thanks MM! ;-D

  3. Even writing one line perhaps on why you are troubled or depressed can actually work in your favor. Writing is a release or a purging–whether positive or negative. Seeing the words in black and white could give one a different perspective.

  4. Great creative!
    With all the DailyPost topics, you can get back to blog writing in no time. Other blogs also provide topic ideas, I’ve even provided a list on my blog by the name of “Standing Up to Writer’s Block with Daily Post.”

    And Twitter can certainly be a fine medium to keep your writing going. As long as you’re giving those Tweets some decent length and put some thought into them.

    Maybe write a story. You don’t have to be the next Horowitz, Colfer, or Dumas to write a fun tale. It can also take your mind off things.

    Using your blog as an emotion vent is also a possibility, as long as you have a filter from your mind to your keyboard.

  5. Blogging about random objects is something truly therapeutic. I signed onto postaday in the New Year in an attempt to get rid of the clutter in my household. One item a day, one post a day, 365 days straight. The great thing is that I can reflect on something completely removed from myself in escape or if I’m feeling something emotional, I can transfer it onto the object in my reflection. Good luck, BoltClock. I encourage you to check out my blog

    1. Oops! My comment was for Daniel @BoltClock … Sorry Miss Peg :-)
      Great point Scott! @BoltClock, go with your heart and post anything you feel prompted to do. Posting Photos or any other quick tips, quotes, or add-ons will be another way to stay connected. :-)
      Best Wishes,
      Mirth and Motivation

  6. If you are not posting because of problems, write about them privately, and then review. Maybe there’s something there that you wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable sharing. We all have problems and I’ve found a great deal of inspiration from the writings on the Internet. It helps to read about the issues others are having, so that you know you are not alone. Plus, it’s very therapeutic to get it out. If you end up helping someone, it can be very healing. Hope things get better!

  7. I’ve been there. Write whatever is on your mind. Even if it is more like a diary entry than a blog. Or something so personal that you don’t even want to admit it to yourself. Save it – don’t publish it right away – and then look at it again a day later. You may be very surprised at what you’ve written and want to share with the world. If not, you can edit it to what makes you comfortable. Best of luck. Sending good vibes to you.

  8. I experience writer’s block every single day. I just try to not panic about it and go on a walk and see what I think about. Invariably some little beginning will happen….a question I have, a scenario, a word even. I think the main thing is to not judge it, just write.

  9. Writing is a brilliant way to get those thoughts out of your head and away… I would cheat and write two little blogs a day for a while, or throughout the year, to catch up. Free writing is excellent too. M

  10. I agree with all the above comments. I suffered severe depression and last year was then diagnosed with lung cancer, so decided to write about all that… The Art of Waiting – or Waiting for GOD knOws whaT…. it helped me deal with the issues I was facing. Good luck !

  11. Writing even just one sentence and posting it every day is a post. I find that if I just do a tiny little bit – but do that tiny bit consistently – it’s *much* easier to stay with it than to go in spurts and stops. And if I’m not feeling overly “creative”, I can always just look out my window and write one sentence about what I see. Or write one sentence about what I ate for lunch. It really can be that simple. Good luck!!

  12. Olá Daniel, gostaria de poder ajudar, veja bem, quem não tem depressão? É o grande mal do século, parece que você superou, ou está superando os seus problemas. O importante é que você voltou e quer continuar é isso ai. Eu também queria desistir de postar, a minha família não deixou, e por isso estou aqui, até que valeu a pena. Sabe escever realmente ajuda vá em frente. É muito bom escrever.
    Receba o meu abraço e bom retorno!

  13. If the bad patch is too personal to write about, BoltClock could always write a password protected post or create a separate and locked blog for private matters.

    Even if you write a post a day or week late, you can manipulate the date and time to appear as if they were written on the day it happened.

  14. Just write something, and don’t feel guilty about missing time writing. Just writing about anything may get you going again. Write about writer’s block. Write about the dog; write about how you hate to get up. The point is to write.

  15. I agree with what’s already been said. Use your personal conflict in your writing if you can, if not just get something back on the page and soon you will back to your regular posting. Good luck and hope things start looking up! :o)

  16. I blogg everyday, because it is addictive. And when you own a business it is important to blogg everyday. It is one of the best forms of advertising.

  17. Just blog about what you’ve been through while you were gone from the blogosphere. Or you can just pull from other articles and stories that have got your attention and re-post them.

  18. I agree with Stephen Q above. Use the “press this” feature whenever you find a post or site that stirs something in you. Although you are not technically writing the post, you can certainly respond to it on your own blog.

  19. Hi BlotClock! Don’t be guilty in not blogging. It’s okay, Blogging should not be treated as a “requirement” or ‘obligation”. You blog because, you felt like blogging. Don’t push yourself, if you can’t really blog because of some inevitable circumstances, it’s okay, blog next time or whenever you’re free or you’re in the mood. Though sometimes, it helps when you write/blog something that depresses you or about a “sad/terrible” experience. It helps you ‘get rid of it’ slowly because you let out all your feelings. Treat your blog as a friend, where you can speak to when your happy or sad or just felt the need for someone.

    If you can blog parts of why you haven’t blog, then blog something about it. But if it’s too personal and confidential, then just get back, when you’re okay already and got the right mood for sharing~

    Good Luck!

  20. What I usually do is I mixed things up in my blog.

    If am really out of anything to say, I opt for Journal which means I simply share what I feel at that current moment on what happen within the day or from the past that I suddenly out of nowhere thought about it.

    I love quick pen drawing so I also do that. The writing fun part is making the title and captions :)

    I love aphorisms too. In 1 line, I declare the statement that I believe based from personal experience.

    Do something for the first time, something you’ve never done before, then blog the experience and the result.

    Check out my blog to read my works :)

    Good luck @BoltClock, don’t fuzz that it was 1 month that you didn’t blog at all, enjoy life; don’t pressure yourself.

    If you really L♥VE blogging – you’re in the right track asking help to ease the writer’s blog and for sure you’ll be writing more than 1 post in one sitting. If you’ll follow my suggestion on aphorisms, then even if you’re out and about, bring a mini notebook and write what comes to mind then it will be easier to blog and publish once you’re ready to get going. Honestly, from your depressive episode, why not look at a different vantage point and lean on the positive sides, and hopefully therapeutically write about it.

    Take care!

  21. I usually write about why I didn’t write, even if it’s just a short sentence at the beginning of my most. That way your readers won’t abandon you thinking this is a regular thing. Although, I have blogs I follow that have only been posting once every few months lately, and I’m excited to see posts from them.

  22. I say just write about why you were AWOL. and about any epiphany from it, if there was any. You might help someone. It might make you realize that you are not alone in whatever you are going through. If there was no epiphany, maybe writing about it will help you arrive at one. Writing often times helps us make sense of many things. Good luck and welcome back.

  23. Start again. And start again. And start again. All these starts will add up eventually. And know that you’re not alone. This is me after the first two weeks; http:/

  24. I had a pause of more then two years, but i picked it back up! So try to post even if you don’t feel like it, it might make it easier by time if you do that more and more. Some advice: Don’t give up!

    My blog is a lot about stationary but it started of as a recipe blog, check it out:

  25. Hi everyone! I just woke up and the first thing I checked was Twitter. I found a mention by @postaday, and followed the link…

    The second thing I’d like to do is to thank Scott for this post and to thank all of you here for your very kind words! I didn’t think Scott would even quote my tweet in the first place, but seeing how doing that has made the post so personal and generated even more personal comments, I’m particularly touched!

    For anyone curious, I celebrated my 19th birthday early this year (it was fantastic!), but a major turnabout in my life just after that put me down all month, causing me to leave my birthday post in the rough. After reading every one of your comments here, my basic plan is to first finish my birthday post and post it backdated to my birthday. Then I’ll put together a new post for today that, as suggested by many of you, explains why I hadn’t posted. Of course, a shout-out to all of you is in order as well!

    I’m considering also filling last month’s gaps by writing about some other matters not related to my troubles, but I guess I’ll do that later; I have a handful of other important tasks to settle yet. Both posts I just mentioned should be up today; I’m spending all day finishing them. I’ll tag them accordingly of course

    Once again, thanks for all your advice! I really, really appreciate it, and I do hope this helps others who are stuck too.

    1. By the way, my blog @ is located at (I was thinking my comment author link would point to that, but it doesn’t, d’oh). I’ve been in a really long blogging hiatus, and following Post a Week 2011 was what I hope would break it at least for the year.

      Thanks everyone!

  26. You can write anything that interests you, even if it is not about that episode in your life. The daily post really gives good topics you can always start from there, even if you write just one line, at least you tried :)

  27. Good to know you’re feeling better because of this. It’s what the community’s for. :)

    I’d say don’t beat yourself up for it. Don’t be sad or disappointed. Blogging isn’t supposed to be a source of stress I don’t think. Start writing again when you feel like it. Switch from PostADay to the easier and more realistic PostAWeek. Take a photo and post just that when you’re not in the mood for writing.

  28. 28 days of consistency forms a habit.

    Chunk you goals. The PostADay is the long view. If you want to catch up make a deal with yourself. “I am going to post twice a day for the next two days.” Then think towards a slightly bigger chunk of days. “That was pretty easy. I am going to do the same thing — post twice a day — for the next three days.” Now you recovered five days towards your catch up, but more importantly, you are five days into forming a habit of posting once a day.

    My own goal is posting at least five times a week as a PostAWeek(er).


    Michael Reynolds

  29. hi boltclock, like you I have gaps when I don’t blog: I like doing it, I like that I’ve done it, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to make me feel able to start.
    I’m better if I’ve got some sort of commitment or deadline to make me, so I signed up to Postaday like you. I haven’t managed it (if you add up all the days I missed in January they add up to a whole week) but I blogged now on a lot more days than I’ve missed, and I’m pleased with that! In fact, talking about this may well be my topic for today! Good luck!

  30. Well it looks as if you’re getting back on track now, which is great. I think you have to live one day at a time. Life is hard enough without self imposed deadlines. Relax, enjoy writing for the pleasure of communicating with other people and do it as and when you can. Good luck

  31. Just begin again, you don’t need to explain why. Pick up where you left off or start a new series because you are not the same person you were before.

  32. What if you miss a few posts, or a lot of them? This is not really a contest. I have missed quite a few posts and my posts have come down to 2-3 a week from one a day. But I still use the postaday2011 tag. At the end of the year, I will count those tags and see how many days I missed.

  33. Look at all these responses! Jee Whiz! So I reckon like this…everyone has something to say…to contribute…because everyone’s been there! Ha!


  34. When stuck for topics, and facing the need to “catch up,” one thing I recommend is writing reviews. Pick some movies, books, music albums, plays, whatever, that you’ve already seen/heard and write a quick review of them.

  35. Daniel Tan,

    Write about your depressive episode.  Many people don’t talk about their depression until someone else leads the way.  Going through a hard is a waste of time unless afterward, we lend a helping hand to others.

  36. Thanks to BoltClock for the question and thank you Scott for your answer. Blogging is new to me but I have been determined to post “something” every day and so far I have done good. I may have missed 2 days since the first of the year. But there have been days that I “wasn’t feeling it” or just got busy but I wrote something and it is good to know that I am on the right track.

  37. Wow, this really hit home since I’m also going through a “depressive episode.” I still try to post every day, even if it’s bitter and angry and depressed, though. Of course, I go look back at it later and cringe, but I think I’d rather still write every day, regardless of how terrible I feel, than miss a day or two or ten because I’m depressed.

  38. I have trouble keeping up because of a busy schedule and I often pressure myself to write something with substance rather than just meaningless post. But I understand that just posting something is better than not at all.

  39. Posting pictures is a good way of sharing. It doesn’t have to be a photograph you’ve taken, it can be something you saw online, artwork. Or posting poetry. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be your written word. Sometimes it’s good to share something from someone else :)