The numbers are in…

You guys have collectively published over 46,000 posts since we kicked off the Post a Day/Post a Week challenge at…

You guys have collectively published over 46,000 posts since we kicked off the Post a Day/Post a Week challenge at the beginning of the year.

Keep up the fantastic work!

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    1. 100,000 or 1,000,000 views would be great too! I know some blogs have already experienced those many “hits!” Mine is light years away from those numbers. Don’t think I’ll be seeing anywhere near them either…not in my lifetime. But I’ll take what I can get!

  1. That is fantastic! I’d love to know how that compares to previous months or to the same time last year. I’m a numbers person, like looking at stats. :-)

  2. That is great erica!i will continue to do the best i can,always staying positive in all that i do,thank you for all that you have done to encourage us to participate more often.


  3. Wow! thats impressive… if we keep it up – now multiply that by 12 that means that we will be somewhere at 552,000 end of the year. very cool.

      1. I’d like to think a little of both, though it could be mediocre minds thinking alike as well. You and I were definitely attuned to the same wavelength. I think dePressed was very close to us on the spectrum, though she expressed it a bit more poetically than we did.

      2. I like “loose screws turning in the same direction.” Has a more asymetric sound to it. I prefer things a little off-balance, as opposed to perfectly balanced. Definitely like the “loose screws” metaphor, more in fitting with my personality. Anyway…

    1. If it’s any consolation, we’re all grains of sand relative to 46,000 posts. You’re in great company, so just keep soldiering on with the rest of us, shoulder to shoulder. ha, ha…just a play on words, soldier…shoulder. Okay well, I’ve been blogging too much. I need a break.

  4. Haven’t missed a day! and i have each of my team members doing the same. That makes 120 blogs this month from my office alone! Our SEO is up by 50% by the end of the year we will have over1,400 blogs between the 4 of us! We are hiring new Realtor’s and will ask the to blog every day as well so the amount of blogs coming out of our office could be out of this world! Additionally, we are realizing how much we actually know about our business and are letting the world know it as well. This is the best thing i have done for my company!

  5. That’s amazing! I’m challenging myself on my own blog, but it’s nowhere near the numbers you’re getting, obviously. So it’s great to be a part of the bigger community too. A collective “yeayyy” for all of us at postaday2011.!!!

    hugs all around…hugmamma.

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  7. Not bad – but let’s see if we can’t kick it up a notch. How about two posts a day?
    If that were to be done collectively, the current statistics would more than double. Though it’d be a huge challenge.

  8. Woo! That’s loads! I am really enjoying the challenge of 1 post a week so far! 1 month down 11 to go! Go us! :)

  9. Great work going on. …Have a suggestion, or maybe there’s a way to do it and I just don’t know. I’d like a space to jot down ideas to go back to later when I’m ready to write a post on that idea. A scratchpad kinda thingy.

  10. Muito bom, eu ainda estou longe disso, mas espero chegar +longe com o tempo. Só posso agradecer a vocês da WordPress e a todos os Duendes que nos vigiam e nos levam sempre adiante. Parabéms a quem já alcansou as suas metas.
    Abraços a todos!!!!

  11. ~applause~ That’s awesome! Way to go WordPress members, keep them thoughts and postings flowing and growing… :)

  12. would be great if we can see some analysis: most popular tags; ave post per day; ave words per post; world distrbution of bloggers – the tools are there, someone just need to present it.

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    1. If you put a link to this post in your blog post it will automatically create a Pingback in the comments here. On a related note, if you Tag your post postaday2011 or postaweek2011 it will show up in the list of post with that tag, and a link to posts with that tag is in the sidebar of this blog. Hope that helps.