Poll: Do you want weekly photo topic ideas?

We know some of you are photobloggers, or like to just post a photo to your blog instead of exclusively…

We know some of you are photobloggers, or like to just post a photo to your blog instead of exclusively writing, now and then.

We’re considering offering a photo topic each week. Is this worth it to you? Or would you prefer a bonus writing topic each week?

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  1. It sounds much trickier to come up with broad photo topics that’ll work for so many people, I’d be really curious to see what you’d come up with. :)

  2. What a thoughtful idea, and yes, I could use the assistance during our darker winter months in Alaska. Thanks!

  3. I think that would be a pretty good idea. You could see and compare each persons perspective on the subject which may inspire you to think a different way or view things in a different light.

  4. Hey, not a great poll… I didn’t care for the second option… I love photos and am posting some regularly but I would prefer a bonus writing topic… So while I voted “No” it isn’t because I hate photos….

  5. It’d be great if people post their OWN photos here then to save people like me the headache of wondering which image was copyright infringed today. If there will be photographs posted, people need to make sure that they actually abide by federal copyright laws, fair use, creative commons etc. Just hoping that this topic doesn’t open a can of worms for photographers. Gotta look out for my peeps.

    I blog photographs but not on WordPress, on Blogger. My blog here for the daily post has different subject matter so I don’t think I will be doing the photo topics as a part of the daily post challenge here.

    1. I didn’t think of that but I could definitely see it happening now that you mentioned it. Hopefully there’d be some encouragement to share your own pictures, not just something you find through Google.

      1. Correct. Because you cannot “find” an image in Google. Google indexes anything on the web. However, Google itself does not remove copyright from images.

        I hope people share there own. Besides that is more interesting anyway as it will be relevant to their own lives.

    2. I think copyright is one issue and using your own photos is another. There are public domain photos available and everyone may not be able to go out and take the picture themselves.

      I agree with you that it would be more interesting to see something more relevant to the bloggers life but I also think the idea of the topic is to motivate more people to blog.

      1. Public domain ≠ whatever is on Google search. That’s all I meant. Just trying to keep people out of hairy situations. ;)

        True, the photo can be the source of what jogs the idea of the blog but I think having non-photographers take a picture then blog from it is a pretty dope idea. Easy? No way. But it would be great.

  6. I really hope I get the whole week to work on it so I can put it off to the last minute and rush to get it done. Photographer, know thyself. I was actually looking at doing a 365 of pictures as well as posts earlier today.

  7. I love this idea. I love posting with photos on other sites but never have on WordPress….I think I may need to learn how to upload photos onto WP, so all in all this would widen my horizens even more! Great idea.

  8. If The Daily Post would post a photo as a topic, and let people riff on it, that’d be a great additional way of incorporating those that don’t want to post a photo.

    1. Now that could be great. Post one image and people create a topic from that image. A picture is worth 1000 words we should easily be able to blog 250-500 from one LOL!

  9. I already post my, somewhat artistic, photos on my blog and have a specific page for it and enjoy doing it so much, but I would like more ideas of things so snap! That would be cool :D

  10. I would like to see this. A couple of years ago, I did a short photography course. After every class we could be given a topic for a photo we would take to show at next week’s class (e.g. self portrait, light ect…). Although the topics were simple, they really inspired me to actually go outside and take photos. For me, this was the real value of the course… been given inspiration and knowing that at next weeks class I would be able to share my photos with everyone else. Without it (as was the case before and is the case now), I would not have bothered to take any photos.

    So yes, a good idea.

  11. Yes. I think the photo inspirations would bleed over into writing inpirations. And how fun to see all our creativity manifesting in totally diverse ways, as I imagine it will! Go for it. Great idea.

  12. Is it possible to potentially have a weekly topic that can either be written about, or photographed? Having both would be a great idea!

  13. Sounds like a great idea to me. If a picture is worth a thousand words… well you see where I’m going here? :)

  14. When I write about my knitting, whether finished or in progress, I like to include pictures of the yarn, the needles, and or the project whatever stage of completion. And getting good ideas for a weekly photo would bring a little spice and variety to the knitting blog!

  15. I am a photo blogger, doesn’t mean I don’t like writing, but I am an amateur photographer, just trying to get some good natural pictures, and I am hoping this topic would help me. I would love to receive such posts…

  16. I like this idea of photo blogging. no time to care about laws and needless complicated mess. Should be worried only if we are abusing or making commercial gains else there is no threat.

    As of photo blogging, it gets a BIG thumbs up.

  17. I have an iPhone app free to download called “The Monday Picture”, basically I post a new image to it every Monday morning to help you start the week. So this might provide me with additional inspiration. If you have an iPhone please download it and tell me what you think. All feedback is welcome. I find getting people to express an opinion is actually quite hard to do! If you don’t have an iPhone I also send it out by email. info at themondaypicture dot com. Remove the gaps replace the words and were in business.

  18. Along with a photo once a week, maybe what about once a month doing a vlog? It’s something that i’ve always wanted to do but always been unsure of what to do etc,

  19. I’m a terrible writer, but an average or slightly above average photog. I started blogging to improve my written communication skills and also to share some ongoing photographic projects I have going so this would be perfect for me.

    I’m all in.

  20. Could these daily post topics be published a little bit earlier than at the moment?

    People in different time zones could, more easily, take a part to this daily posting experience. Now, some of us have to wait untill the evening, before the topic of each day is anounced. This way, it is more challenging to be writing each day, when you have to write and post late at night. And it doesn’t feel so inspiring to be using yesterdays topic idea in the next morning…

    And thanks, this Daily Post idea is great! I like the weekly photo topic idea a lot as well! :)

  21. That is just an awesome idea. It will be very interesting to see the different interpretations that people will come up with from just one photo

  22. My understanding of the term ‘photoblogger’ is someone who takes their own photos and posts them to their blog. Posting other peoples photos to a blog risks breaking copyright law and a possible claim for damages. Don’t be mislead by terms such as ‘fair use’ and ‘public domain’. I would urge anyone considering posting other peoples work in any form on their blog to visit the ’10 Big Myths about copyright’ website:

  23. I would love it. But tell us who is participating in it, so we can go see what other people post. I use to do this a few years ago. It was great seeing what people did with the subject.

      1. I think people should try to leave a comment with a link to their post on the topic when they write about it (any topic here, including photo posts). That way we can visit each other’s posts on the topic easily. I know there is the tag feature, but that leaves out those of us that self-host. If everyone left comments with a link to their post, that would include those of us that self-host our blogs using WordPress and not just the ones that blog on At least that would work until someone figures out a better way to track us all. :)