Want a blogging buddy? It will up your morale

Two bloggers, Ashkir at Stars In Silence, and Kate at Spastic Musings decided to team up to help each…

Two bloggers, Ashkir at Stars In Silence, and Kate at Spastic Musings decided to team up to help each other out. They both signed up for Post A Week, with the goal of encouraging and checking in on each other:

Me and Kate are going for the postaweek2011. :) . We decided we’ll help motivate each other and we started up different blogs side/by/side.

The buddy system works on the principle of social connections. If you have someone else you’re doing a project with, odds are good at any moment at least one of you can help motivate the other.

If you’re looking for a blogging buddy, Do the following:

  1. Leave a comment to this post saying “I’d like a buddy”
  2. Briefly (1 or 2 sentences max) describe the kind of blog you have (the theme or topic)
  3. Say whether you’re doing Post A Day or Post A Week
  4. Mention you’d like to try sharing the goal with someone else

Alternatively, if you see a comment for someone that fits your 2 and 3, reply and mention you’re interested. Then follow up by contacting each other on your blogs.

You can help out by:

  • Checking in on each other’s blogs
  • Leaving comments and feedback
  • “liking” posts you see each other publish
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  1. I’d like a buddy. My blog is about food, life and fashion – not necessarily in that order. Trying for a post a day – would love to share the goal with someone!

    1. I’d be glad to be your blog buddy. My blog is about jewelry and fashion too, mainly from my point of view as a jeweler with a direct sales jewelry company. i’m doing the post a day as well. Let me know if you want to join forces and keep each other motivated!!!


      1. Hi Courtney
        Have you got a blog buddy yet? I’d love to join forces if not – I run a small independent jewellers and blog about jewellery, fashion, celeb-style and anything else that I think is interesting! Pls let me know if you’re interested! My blog is

    2. Oh how fun! Both of you have interesting blogs!

      I’m going for the “Post a day” challenge, and my blog’s about pretty much anything that comes to mind.. strange things that happen to me, things I find interesting… would love a blogging buddy to keep me motivated in reading! Let me know if either are interested :)

      1. Hi Babybird.
        Like you, I’m really struggling with the daily discipline of blogging and have almost thrown in the towel a few times already! With each blog taking me hours to prepare, finding the time is another huge challenge and I’m considering changing to ‘postaweek’. However, this would kind of defeat the object of my ’365 days of celebration’!
        I’ve ready your blog and can totally relate to many of your comments, particularly those around having to censor some of things you want write about as they are so personal and this is a public site.

        Keep up the good work. I will supporting you along the way.

    3. Hi folks – I am a professional organizer, and would love to buddy up with someone who is either MESSY or ORGANIZED! I’d love to share tips, or help you figure it out. For the blogging, I’m doing postaweek, and would love a buddy and accountability!

      1. Hi Kim,

        I checked out your blog and found it very interesting. I am pretty anal about organisation myself,and so always on the look out for new and more efficient ideas. My blog is not specifically about organisation -it’s more health, fitness and wellness – although I do share tips with people when it’s relevant to the abovementioned. Anyway, I’ve subscribed…take a look at mine and see if it interests you.


      2. Hello Kim,
        I checked out your site and signed up for your email subscription. I am a messy and one of my goals is to declutter and get organized. I would love to partner with you.
        I would love to post daily but it is more realistic to say I am also a postaweek gal too.

    1. Thank you Heather! I’m glad others like this! We really did this at random. We both were like “Hmm. I really want to blog.” Then we saw the mashable article on the postaweek and thought about it and then made it and got our domains to help motivate us more.

  2. I’d like a buddy!

    I have just started my first ever blog.
    It is about my pictorial photographic journey and private life.
    I would like to blog at least once a week.


  3. Hello! I’d like a buddy, please!

    I am a doctor and blog mostly about medical stuff and the crap that goes on in the life of a recent medical grad from a developing nation, trying to eke out his place in a very competitive world. I know, a very boring combo, but, I’d love a blog bud!

    Someone? Anyone? Hello?

    1. Hi, Dr. Skeptic!

      I just chanced upon your comment; if you find the arrangement agreeable, then I would be more than glad to be your so-termed “blog bud”! Whilst I love most anything related to medicine, I must state, with considerable shame, that I’m not as yet qualified to do anything interesting – I’m but a high school student. I do, though, harbor a particularly strong affinity for all things bio, linguistics, and physics – I primarily blog about concepts to be found within the aforementioned three disciplines. Yes, most people would find that boring; it’s my kind of adventure.

      I think I should note that I’ve a problem with verbosity, and a very weak sense of humor. I hope that this doesn’t bother you. I’m also attempting to post about thrice weekly this year.

      I’ve read a little on your blog; it seems absolutely intriguing, and I would love to aid you in any way that my lack of ability permits! In brief, then, I’m here for moral support :D

  4. I’d like a buddy. My blog is about cooking and family life, but mostly about cooking all the recipes from the Damn Good Food cookbook. Trying for post a day.

  5. I’d like a buddy. My blog is about stories from life that really happened to me. Usually funny. I’m trying for post a day. Will someone try and be my buddy?

    1. I’m looking for a buddy too…not sure how this is supposed to work. But, I’ll read yours if you read mine. LOL Mine are usually about life and work, or whatever strikes my fancy. I’d like to do one a day, but usually end up catching up on my weekend and post several at once and then there is a gap. Good luck…

      1. Esther lou, when I click on your name I go to your cake site, but I can’t find any blog entries. I’d like to take a look because I think our blogs may be similar. My current blog is Looking forward to finding a buddy (or two!) to encourage me to write good stuff instead of just rambling. :-)

    2. i’d like to be ur buddy :) i also write about stories from my life but so far there’s nothing funny i can remember :) but i do write about my life experience and other stuff like poems and thoughts, am trying for post a day but am not sure to keep up due to my exam season which will end in the 22nd of that month.

      hope that we could do some nice work together :)

      1. Hello :) I’d love to have you as a blog buddy. I like the content and lol we have the same blog theme but that doesn’t matter anyway :P I used to write poems and short stories before but I lost my copies so I can’t put it in my blog :/

        Anyway as a blog buddy I’d subscribe to your page :)

    3. i’d like to be your buddy. Just started out with blogging. and I pretty much prefer writing things that happened to me, or something I witnessed. We can do Post-a day.. m trying that as well..What say?

      1. hey there,
        Checked your blog. :) Interesting write ups. Delighted to find ‘Rajeev’ there ;) I write random stuffs, whatever come to my mind. Will be glad to be your blogging-buddy.
        Chk out mine, see if we can go ahead.
        I try posting daily

      2. AM in :) but as i said here like 2 times b4 :D i still have exams till the 22nd of this month :) so once i finish them am gonna be back on track :)

    1. Hey if you haven’t found a buddy yet-I’m in! I am trying desperately to revamp mine! So many good ideas in my head, not enough discipline to post it! LOL

  6. This was one of the best tips in an “improve your blog” camp I was involved in. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any takers at the time, since my niche is as an RPG blog.

    The other upside not mentioned above is the cross-marketing as the two of you end up posting links to each other’s blogs fairly often, increasing both of your visibility.

    So, yeah, if anyone in the RPG scene wants a blogging buddy, I post daily to my RPG blog that is mostly oriented towards old-school Dungeons & Dragons, and would enjoy sharing the postaday goal with someone else in the scene.

  7. What a great idea! I would love to have a buddy as I write a post a day for the rest of 2011. I’m a Canadian writing about humour/life/food/parenting.

  8. Thanks for your post. I try to do it daily. My blog is and I will write about the words or sentences I am thinking every day. Today I had the word “betroffenheit” it means. how we could live with the knowledge, that a lot of people suffer meanwhile we live our comfort life.
    Greetings Manu

    1. My Blog is in German as well, it’s about the bavarian struggle of living in Switzerland. Ich mache mir so einige Tagesgedanken und vielleicht können wir das ja gemeinsam. Ich schreibe jedoch minimum einmal die Woche, täglich ist mir zu heftig, nachdem ich noch einen weiteren Weblog habe.

  9. Great idea! I’d like a blogging buddy. My blog is somewhat eclectic but most of it revolves around travel (primarily in Japan) and the trials and tribulations of being a Ph.D. student. I’m doing Post a Week, though I hope to post somewhat more than that. If you’re interested, please get in touch! You can check out my blog at

    1. Hello K
      I’d happily be your buddy, your blog is travel based (same as mine) and Japan is very high up on my list of places I’d like to go :) I’m also aiming to do a post a week. Take a look at my blog and see what you think!


    2. I’ll be your buddy :) I have two blogs:

      or my “love for travel” one that I am developing that I’d like to have eventually 3-4 regular contributing writers to:

      I’ll be your buddy from either if one of those interest you.

      1. I like your first blog Postcards on My Fridge, especially the Postcards of the Week. What a very cool idea!

        I personally love traveling myself, especially local travel, and I have a blog that matches that with images of cityscapes and transport around San Francisco (plus more!):

        P.S. Can I be a contributor to Vogue Vagabond with focus on cities?

  10. I’d like a buddy, please.

    My blog is about my two sons…the things they say and do, as well as my personal observations.

    I am trying the Post A Week, but actually trying to do 3-4 posts a week.

    1. I am doing Post-A-Week too!! I’ve worked in daycares and with children in after school programs and I know how funny they can be! I would love to be a blog buddy!

      My blog is just about my random thoughts and life. Check it out!

  11. I’d like a buddy.

    I’m a veteran and a student. My blog is just about life and everyday things that inspire me. I love to take pictures. I’m going for postaweek and would love a little push from time to time. Not to mention knowing at least one person will read my post would be great.

    1. Jose,

      What is the name of your blog? I have two blogs and am so far doing the post-a-week – one is about everyday life, the other is about software development.

      If you are interested in buddying up, email me back.


      1. I called my blog Callejasthinks. I post them on posterous and autopost to wordpress. both have the same name Callejas (that’s me) thinks. I realized I don’t really have a central theme other than life. Whatever my day holds for me that inspires me to write.

    2. Had a look at your blog. It looks quite interesting. I started blogging recently too and am doing postaweek. Would love to have someone to offer some encouragement from time to time.

      1. I read your post about the internet being written in ink, i loved it. I happen to think that about the internet and about words in general. I’m a lover of books and language and people shouldn’t say things they can’t ever really take back. I look forward to reading your insights.

    3. Semper Fidelis.
      I’ll be one of your buddies. You don’t have to comment to my journal if it isn’t to your interest, but I’ll be happy to follow yours since your content appeals to me.


  12. I’d like a buddy. I love to write and my blog is a way for me to get back to my first love. I discuss books in a pseudo-book club format and travel. I also write musings about daily life. I’m doing the post a week, but my personal goal is 3x/week.

    1. I’d be interested in linking up – I’m trying to write more and also love reading and attending my book club. I’m aiming for weekly; but hope to do more.

    2. Hey Kioko,
      Are you still looking? I write a travel blog that I post to everyday. I also have a professional where I write about book publicity and publishing, I also run a book club. I’ve been trying to post a week on my professional blog but haven’t been as successful. Anyway, check me out, if you’re still looking for a buddy, let me know.

  13. I’m looking for a blogging buddy to help motivate me blog once a day. My topic/theme is as follows: I’m getting rid of 365 items over the course of 2011. That’s right, one a day. Currently I’m on schedule. Check out my current blog and let me know if you’re interested!


    1. I’ll be your buddy, if you’d like. One of my goals is to get my house decluttered and your blog itself will inspire me in that goal. Not sure how all this will work, but I can try to inspire you to write and stick with your goal.

    2. Hey, I’d be interested in being a blogging buddy! Check out my blog at simplyredfield.word, I’m blogging daily about decluttering, and simple living. Your challenge would fit right in!

    3. can we have a 4 way buddy situation? i write about keeping an art journal, and raising two boys, but wow i could use some inspiration to declutter! i LOVE to get rid of stuff!

    4. Hi Sarah, I just read your blog. Love the concept. Not sure if we’re buddy material, though, but you’ve at least gained a fan! Mimm

    5. Hi Sarah, 20MVP, Paul and phrogmom – this buddy group may already be too full, but I’d love to buddy up with some or all of you! I’m a professsional organizer, and new to the field. Definitely new to blogging!! Let me know if you want to be buddiees! I need motivation and accountability to write!

    6. Wow what a cool idea, i’d be interested being a blogging buddy. You can browse my site or (a daily photo project i’m doing).


  14. I’d like a buddy. My blog is generally about reaching goals, specifically reaching my goal of living at the beach. A combination of trying to encourage others in their goals and a journey of how I am reaching mine. I m trying for a post a day. Would love to share this goal with someone who is interested in reading my blog. Thanks!

      1. If you’re still looking for a buddy, pick me! One of my goals is to live by the beach — it’s been a dream of mine long before we had laptops and telecommuting. I write a travel blog that I post to daily. Check me out here

  15. I’d like a buddy.
    My blog is about Self Motivations and Ways on how someone can make a change. Like sharing things about great people and their contributions to the world, current events, simple heroism, etc.

    I’m up for a Post a Week.
    Is there anyone who wants to blog with me? :)

    1. Hi.

      Your blog’s “about” sounds interesting but there’s no link to it. Can you please give it so I can decide to blog with you or not? ;)

      1. Hi. I’m sorry if I forgot to put that. I actually just started it. And my first post is about my new year’s resolution. But I’m really much interested on improving it and putting the content I want. And since I’m a newbie in blogging, I think I need some help. :)

  16. Hmm so far none has a talk about the world blog, right?
    Well if somebody would like to discuss hot topics like religion, politics etcetera I am on postaweek (even though I post a little more than that)

    1. I’m a closet armchair activist, so might write about religion and politics sometime, but tend to hold back because I hate confrontation. LOL. It’s easy doing things from the sidelines, but if someone actually read my blog! Gasp! I’d have to stand up for my rantings! LOL Anyway, if you’d like a buddy, I’ll read yours if you’ll read mine. I’d like to do a blog a day, but usually end up catching up and posting several on my weekend, and then there is a gap. I’d like to do more often. Don’t know how this is supposed to work, but let me know. Mine is estherlou/

    2. Salut Justrobins
      Bon, je suis francophone et mon blog est assez politisé. Je “lutte” à ma façon contre la montée du fascisme en Europe et dans tous les pays du monde, pour autant que j’aie les bonnes infos.
      Je publie un papier par jour, mais j’avoue que ce n’est pas toujours facile. Je dois restée l’oreille collée aux actualités. Je te donne mon url du blog:

  17. I’d like a buddy. My blog is a personal one, mostly sharing my observations and thoughts. Take a look at it yourself. I will definitely prove a motivating and a getting motivated buddy. Thanks to WordPress for this!!

      1. Sundeep – I would like to be your blog buddy – my blog is about just things that I am thinking at any moment – or things that have happened to me. I have two kids and I do write about them – but not a parenting blog – if interested – let me know!

        Trying for a blog a day – but weekends are busy – so that is a harder time for me.

      2. I’m participating in both Post a day well and post a day challenge ! That’s my first challenge… My second challenge is to post in English ! Well, I’m French and posting in English is a very good way to improve my English. Plus this is lot of fun too ! :)
        I’m writing about my life, my thoughts, in fact about everything that crossed my mind !
        So if you’re interested, let me know and I will be very glad to be your post buddy as well :)

    1. Hey :) I’d love to be your blog buddy as we have the same kind of blog xD
      I’d subscribe to yours now :)

  18. I would like a buddy. I have a humorous blog with jokes, videos and funny stories. I also have another blog about life and the things that affect it. I’m pretty sure that my weight loss trials and triumphs will also be a part of it. I am doing the post a week but will do more if hit by inspiration.


    1. Hi Moni,
      SoapBird here, I too am looking for a blog buddy. I’m a mom of two and love humor stories that puts a positive spin on life’s challenges. I just started my blog it’s still a work in progress but I’m enjoying the challenge. I could use a buddy to help me along and I’d be happy to be of help, if you are interested in budding up, email me back. Thanks.

      1. Soapbird, have you found a buddy?

        I am a mother of 2, grandmother of 1, I’m 35 in a few weeks, Christian (yet not overly pushy), married, divorced, widowed, I’m into scrapbooking, knitting, making jewelry, I work from home…

        I try to do the blog a day, but sometimes I just can’t. I usually write about whatever is going on…marriage, life, love, religion, recipes, kids, work.

        I’d love a blog buddy!

        My blog is

  19. I personally find the name of Kate’s blog inappropriate and possibly offensive, whilst I am not handicapped myself I do have contacts who are. Having looked at Kate’s profile she makes no mention of being handicapped herself so why use the title she does? and why do you publicise it without question? Doesn’t WordPress have an ethical policy for such things?

    1. Kate toyed with a few different names, but this one seemed to stick. I can guarantee Kate did not mean to offend anyone. She’s a community manager at a gaming company, and a really awesome all around person.

      She used the word as slang, as in terms as Tia stated, “random musings”. She did not mean any harm.

  20. I’d like a buddy. I’m a homeopath based in London, , writing blogs about anything to do with homeopathy. Sometimes my blogs are my take on some research or something in the news (today), mostly they are about my personal experience with remedies (most of last year). I like writing and I try to present information about homeopathy in an entertaining way, rather than ‘blah blah blah’. I’d love someone who could let me know how I’m doing and to tell me immediately if I am boring! I’m going for 1x/week.

    1. Hello Tracy,
      Did you find anyone yet? I’ve studied reflexology and usually go to a homeopathic first. Would love to read your blog and comment. I write a travel blog where I post everyday. Check me out

  21. I’d like a buddy. My blog is quite varied but what I’d like to focus on in this partnership (for want of a far better word) is music production, which I cover occasionally but not enough. That covers everything from the technical side of the studio to the song writing process.

    If you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.

    I’m doing postaweek.

    1. I’ll be your buddy. My blog is mostly a personal blog but what I end up talking about most is music — particularly digital music and observations about the industry — and technology, with occasional forays into geek culture and web design and food and other random things. I’m also participating in the RPM Challenge next month, so I’ll be talking a lot about that and possibly doing video blog posts for my progress. I’m also doing postaweek, though I’ve been blogging a bit more frequently than that, and I also have a tumblog which I sometimes post to on a more frequent basis.

    2. I’m a music geek and I’ll probably appreciate your blog’s content quite a bit. I’d like to be your buddy but without the expectation that you’ll have to read mine in exchange. If I post something you like, awesome, if not, then no worries. :)

    3. I’d love to join in, if y’all want company! I know you’ve already started… I’m a super-newbie to this, but posting often. Two blogs:

      I’m up for post a week or more… I’m on a mission. Don’t know much about music, but immersing myself in creating digital videos
      and have a lot I want to share about the nature of things.

      The all about enlightenment blog is very focused, the lesleehare blog is random… I love both your and Chris’s blogs.


  22. Hi
    I’d like a buddy. I’m going to try for a post a week and my blog is mainly about travel (in the UK). If I’m going ot post once a week then iit may expand into a bit more of a general lifestyle blog. :)

    1. Hi! I worked in the UK for a year (2009) and traveled a bit. I’m back in South Africa but blog about experiences in my life, my thoughts and my travels. Let me know if you’d like to buddy up!

    2. Hi,

      I’ve done a bit of travelling in the past, and my experiences crop up every so often, and now travel through other people’s experiences (the career has got in the way). Would also like to buddy up – have subscribed to your blog anyway :)

  23. I guess I’d like a buddy. My blog began quite eclectic, but has since become very focused on writing fiction (all sorts, although I personally write urban fantasy) and reviewing books (mostly crime and urban fantasy books, but I will read anything).

    I’m doing the Post A Day challenge and if there’s anyone out there interested in becoming a buddy, let me know!

    1. I’d like a buddy! Saw this and was looking around and Found you comment. I write as well, love reading and would love to see what we could do with post a day challenge!

  24. I’d like a buddy.

    Will you be my blog buddy, Scott? You can link everybody to my wonderful posts once a week and in return I’ll bake you cookies and give other bakery based bribery.

    If not, I’m sure I’ll take what I can get. I write a blog that includes short stories, opinions and philosophical ramblings about the natural world…

    I’m doing the post a week thang.

    Looking for somebody so completely unlike me in every way who will open my mind to their awesomeness.

  25. I would like a buddy. My blog is about my life, journey and the learning’s and observations that come with it. I am doing a post a week (sort of) but would like more encouragement – I feel great after a post and want to keep it going!

    1. Hi, Carol!
      Are you still looking for a blog buddy? I also replied to theboyellis and jazzsequence above, but am open to taking on two commitments if it rolls that way…

      I have two blogs… I’m quite new to this…
      is a bit random and personal
      is more focused and related to exploring the nature of things.

      I’m willing to commit to post-a-day, altho post-a-week may be more realistic…

      I look forward to reading your posts!

  26. I’d like a buddy
    My blog is about my spiritual, physical and psychological journey through life with bipolar disorder. (and ADD. and OCD.)
    I’m trying for a post a day, but would be happy with five posts a week.
    Anyone on board?

    1. i’ll bite! i am bipolar as well, and although it has fallen to a low level on my current crisis-o-meter, i’d love to support someone who is actually thinking about it!

  27. This is a great suggestion indeed, kudos for this! :)

    I’d love to have a blogging buddy as well. I’m new to blogging and I have a Personal Blog so it’s a bit lame, but I can tackle about serious topics if I get enough interest of it. It’s plainly about my daily life, mini rants and stuff that just catch my attention. Anyways, I’ve signed up for the PostADay2011. Anyone interested on helping me out is very much welcome. :)

      1. Your blog looks very interesting so along with being a blog buddy, I actually subscribed to your blog as well :)

    1. My blog tends to be like yours…whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. I usually write about family or work or my needed knee surgery…and I sometimes use plinky for prompts and ideas. Don’t know how this is supposed to work. I’d like to write once a day, but don’t always have the time. I usually catch up on weekends and write several at once. Would like to write more often. Good luck and let me know. I’ll read yours if you read mine. LOL

  28. I’d like a buddy too!
    I have a photo blog and challenging myself to post at least a picture everyday in spite of crazy schedules and hectic school work. Having new friends to support and encourage, or simply to interact, vice versa is always a good option!

    1. Hey do you want to be buddies? I have a hectic schedule too, but it’d always be nice to have support! My blog is called “Holding the Future Hostage” which is actually the name of my novel that I’ve written and aspiring to publish. So I post about my novel when new things come up but other wise it’s just random but fun things. I would love to support you in your photography! If you’re interested, let me know!


  29. I’d like a buddy, and I’m interested in sharing the goal with someone else. I’m starting a Weekly Post. My topics are beauty tips, cooking tips, self help and sharing funny stories.

  30. I would like a blogging buddy. I signed up for a blog a week. My blogs are personal, usually about home life, or work, or the economy hitting too close to home, or my needed knee surgery…whatever strikes my fancy. I use plinky some, but tend to write really short blogs using those prompts. Anyone game?

    1. Hi estherlou! I’m Leianne! I would like to be your buddy, I blog mostly of my life too, generally anything under the sun. I am posting for blog a day though but maybe we could work it out? :)

      1. Hey leianne, since I do blog just my everyday life as well, wanna be blog buddies? i entered in post a day

  31. i want a buddy, or two or three….i’m kind of kinky that way…harhahaha…seriously, my blog is about food that i eat and make, stuff that i find interesting, pictures of bacon, random musings…come join me and be my buddy…im going for a post a day

    1. Hi Steve,
      I was just reading your blog and I subscribed. How do you feel about being blog buddies. I signed up for post a week but I’m really hoping to post more often than that. I love how random your blog is and food is one of my favorite things.

    2. Hey Steve, I’m a bit technically challenged so I’ll be making this proposition public instead in the privacy of your inbox. I’m not typically one to beet around the bush so lets get down to the nitty gritty. I’d like you to be my blogging buddy. I have a deep passion for food and would love someone to give me a sear in the rump roast once in awhile to ensure I keep writing. I’d love to post once a day but I’m shooting for once a week at the moment.

  32. I would like a buddy! At this moment, myblog is more eclectic than I would like. I use it to share humor, writing, about where I live and a few insights on life from an “older” perspective. My goal, besides postaday2011, is to focus on my work, ie; writing and art while building an audience and following for my writing, photography and artwork. Yes, I am financially motivated, as well.
    Perhaps it is time to start a new blog?
    It would be great fun to share success with a committed buddy!

    1. Would you like to be my buddy? My blog is about me just turning 18 (life, the universe and everything) and my writing. It sort of varies from day to day, but basically I’m using it as a tool to get me motivated to write a little more.

      1. Gina- Yes! Let’s Buddy up! I am 65 – so this could be interesting – You are X- gen and I am… feel like I am 23 most days…. and self discipline is why I’m doing this – If it’s not fun, I don’t do it, and this will be fun.
        I’ll subscribe to you and how would you like to go from here/there?
        LOL! Like the title of your blog, even….

    2. “Older” perspective? I just turned 61. I tend to write about whatever I feel motivated about at the moment. I’ll write several on the weekend, and then there are gaps in writing. I would like to write more often. Let me know. I’ll read yours if you read mine. LOL Not sure how this is supposed to work.

      1. Ah! Now I’ve found your blog. If you still need a buddy, please let me know.
        I’m Pam. Hope to hear from you!

    3. I would love to be your body. I share many of your goals, including the writing goal, the financial goal, and your interest in art. Best of all, though, I love snow!

      Though I have more ready access to the world of social networking and I am working everyday at gaining some facility with it, still, I am approaching sixty and the world moves at a slightly slower pace for me than it used to, and I like that. Thus, I would love to share with someone who has to scoop snow off the satellite to gain internet access.

      Let me know.

      1. Starbear.
        Whoops! I would probably love your body, though I’m married and faithful so would have to be coy.

        But more than that even (well, maybe not more, but certainly more to the point) I’d love to be your buddy!

    4. Hi! I am pretty new to blogging, I only started last March but have been trying to build a reader base while keeping myself artistically involved. I am in school for Graphic Design at Miami University, Ohio and to escape from classes I like to try to keep up the blog. Aside from the postaday 2011, my goal is accomplish more artwork outside of my class requirements and stay connected to the art world in a non-academic way. You seem like a really interesting person and I’d love to stay motivated with you this year! My blog is http://ariannekrekeler/ Let me know if you’re interested in buddying up!

  33. I’d like a buddy.
    I blog about my children, my oldest daughter has Down syndrome. I also blog about reaching my goals in 2011.
    I’m doing postaday.

  34. I’d like a blogging buddy. I am a writer. I am currently working on a screenplay, a romantic comedy, called Monkabeans, and am blogging about that story and the writing process in general.

  35. Hi all

    I’ve signed up for ‘postaweek’ but hope to post at least once most weeks. My blog is about me trying to find some sense of flow and calm in my life and to make the way I live more sustainable. Most posts are about my climbing and my time spent outdoors as well as appreciating nature and our world. I also blog about many humorous (to me!) life situations that I find myself in from time to time. I love to take photos.

    I’d love a blogging buddy that will help me post once a week. In return I’ll give you loads of encouragement, link to your posts and your site and hopefully we can be a good team this year!

    Please get in touch if you’d like to be my blogging buddy.


      1. Hi Alison

        I’ve just read your first post and yes, I’d say we have some similar ideas! I’ve subscribed to your blog and will put a link to it. Email me if you can see my email address and we’ll get going!!


    1. I think we might make good blog buddies. We’ve got quite similar blogs and interests. Regardless, I’ll be subscribing to your blog as it looks pretty good.

      1. Hi Dan

        Thanks for subscribing and for saying my blog looks pretty good :o) Just from reading a couple of your posts I’m inspired to do a better job on mine! I’ll be subscribing to your blog too – hopefully you’ve get my email address too and we can get going.

        Wow I have two blog buddies, one of each flavour and I’m pretty happy about that!


  36. I’d like a blogging buddy.

    My blog primarily focuses on my goals of losing weight and getting fit, but occasionally focuses on my life as a bigger person in the theatre/opera world.

    I signed up for posting once a week, but try to post once a day Monday through Friday.

    1. Your post caught my eye, because I am “weight challenged” LOL and also, because I used to sing and sang in local operas and with our symphony once. I’d probably enjoy reading your blogs. I tend to write about life and work, hubby and kids, whatever. Let me know.

    2. Opera. I love opera, simply love, love, love it and the classics. I love theater as well. I’d be happy to be a buddy of yours, if you’re okay with a fiction writer whom loves random things and classical music and opera. :P. Drives my family nuts how loud I have it hahaha.

    3. I love your idea about ONEderland. I am/was a WW dropout. And I especially love the fact that you said “KISS MY A__” in response to New Year’s resolution naysayers. Maybe with some support and accountability I can get to ONEderland, too. I’m in.

      I’m doing the post-a-week challenge and I have two blogs. One is about my passions and peeves, and the other (I’ve just started “theWriteProfessor” as a result of this buddy idea) will be about grammar cause I’m such a geek about it.

      1. I’ll admit, sometimes I cuss like a sailor. Hope you don’t mind! Sorry it took me soo long to reply, had to turn off the comment notifications that were FLOODING my inbox.

        Looked for links to your blogs, but can’t find them!!! I’ll search for theWriteProfessor and see what I find.

        Hope to hear more from you!

  37. This is rad. I could use something like this. Blog with me. I don’t care what you’re writing about.

    I’ll try the post a day. I’ll probably write mostly about software and math. There might be more personal stuff like my job and working with others creating software, atheism and skepticism, food, and kittens.

    1. Hey,
      Math, software and random stuff is much in the same vein as my blog. Pretty keen to get in on the buddy system. Trying for postaday…
      So check it out.

  38. I’d like a blogging buddy. I am a writer. I am currently working on a screenplay, a romantic comedy, called Monkabeans, and am blogging about that story and the writing process in general.
    Blogging every day.

    1. Have you found a buddy? I would be interested if you have not :D I have witten a “script”, granted it was in 30 day for Script Frenzy but I did write one. I have also completed a “Novel” again it was for Nanowrimo :D

  39. I am an educator and my blog is specific to inspiring children to read, and strategies that support parents at home with this process.

    1. That sounds really interesting (as were the posts of yours I just read).

      Not sure you’d be as interested in my blog, which is about the books I read and the crafts I do (although there haven’t been as many of those lately).

    2. Ruth, can I be your blogging buddy? I homeschool my son (ok, we just started; he’s a preschooler) and we do read a lot. I just started my blog and plan to update it at least once a week (but hopefully more often than that). I plan on writing about toys we make, games we invent, books we read, and also about joys and challenges of raising a bilingual child.

    3. I am interested in being your buddy. I am a community worker in Australia, supporting parents with parenting skills and early literacy strategies.

    4. Hi Ruth, Hakea, Yelenam, and Kaet!

      I’d like to buddy up ~ my homeschooling blog is

      It’s from my perspective as a grandma of a three-year-old in an extended family situation, with a fair bit of philosophy and opinions thrown in. Yelenam, I looked at your snow day post and this could be a lifesaver as we may get some soon!

      My other blog is
      that one’s been going longer and is about quilting, fibre arts, other crafts, and thoughts on life. There are so many quilters blogging I’m surprised that apparently no one has signed up for post a week. I aim to do more, but I have two blogs.

      Also it just so happens that my given name is Ruth so if we do buddy up we’ll have to think of a way to eliminate confusion. Very minor detail.

      Kaet, what’s your blog?

      1. Assalam o Alaikum

        Ruth from onesizefitsnone…
        we have been conversing on your blog, about higher education

        would love to be your blogging buddy, as well as the others who replied to Ruth the educator – kaet, yelenam.

        i forgot to mention earlier that i am doing a teaching degree

      2. Sorry – I’m hoping it’ll be linked better now, but my blog is at

        I’ve opened tabs to all of the blogs mentioned here, but will have to look at them later, as my DH wants to use this computer, and I have some other things to do right now.

      3. Hi textisle, I just checked out your blog and simply HAD to subscribe to it (and comment on). I’m looking forward to being your blogging buddy and reading more great posts from your blog.

    5. Ruth, I am very interested in being your blogging buddy. I homeschooled my daughter until 9th grade and I love to encourage children to read. My daughter and I recently read the “The Hunger Games” together.

  40. Me to, Me to!
    I would love A blogging buddy – My blog is about life, my pottery making, and my daughter Chloe – It is also a digital sketchbook (I have decided as of now anyway! :))
    I am doing the blog a week task – though would like to try to do more than one post a week!

    1. i would be interested!!! i am doing the art journaling every day challenge on my blog. also, my mom is a ceramacist (is that the word?).

      1. That sounds great!!! Though I cant see your blog – you names not clickable for some reason – whats the link?!

  41. I would like a blogging buddy! My blog is mostly about my life as a Christian college student. Topics that frequently surface are fashion, art and Christianity. There are also some that are just stories about my life, family and friends and of couse, pictures are almost always included.

    I would like to do a PostADay2011 :)

    Anyone want to be my blogging buddy?

    1. Hey Kendra!
      I am also a Christian college student. My blog is mostly about life, my thoughts, and everything in between. I’d love if you checked out my blog to see if you like it!

  42. What a great idea. I’m an upbeat old broad, and my daily blog is mostly about travel. I have lived and traveled in a small RV with my dog, Maggie, for over six years now. I’d love to encourage and be encouraged by someone with similar interests. Writing, nature, birds, books and travel top my list.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Just saw your blog and thought it looked interesting. (Is that the kiss of death) I am doing a poetry blog about travel. I am living in France and England, travelling between the two quite often as we are moving back to England sometime soon. My life has been spent travelling one way or another from very early on. So this has influenced my writing. I’m trying to write as often as possible but am signed up to the post a week. I love the idea of travelling around in a camper, visiting places and spaces and to be able to move on when you are ready. For us, I’m married, we like the fact of living in Europe and being able to drive anywhere from home in France. The travelling is definately more than half the fun. I’m not sure how this works, but I would like a fellow travellor to help out on the journey.


  43. This is looking kind of competitive…anyways, here goes. I would like a buddy, I think it’s a great idea. I started my blog this year just to keep myself writing, so I’m doing a post a day. It’s about whatever I’m feeling inspired to write about, so life, the universe and everything.

    Anyone wanna buddy up with little ol’ me?

    1. Well since I would consider that as ‘random’ thoughts which is what my blog is about lol, i’ve decided i wanna buddy with you :) subscribing now

  44. hi folks,
    i would like to throw my hat in the ring. i am working on keeping an art journal, and keeping myself sane while i raise two boys in a small town. i also love to write, so it gives me an outlet and kind of keeps me accountable. i am trying the post a day challenge and so far 8 days in a row!!